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IB Club – GLOCAL organized ‘Puzzle Mania’ for MBA Students


IB club “GLOCAL”of Department of Management at I.T.S Ghaziabad organized a competition for MBA students. The activity was designed to stimulate the inquisitive approach of the students. 60 students took active participation in the activity with excitement.

The first round was based on Crossword puzzle and it witnessed excited participation of 30 teams comprising of two members each. Top 8 teams reached the second round and were asked to solve intriguing riddles based on IB and Economics related concepts.  The audience round designed to involve the non- participants as well, garnered huge enthusiasm and participation from the students.  An electrifying final round made the event all the more exciting. In this round the teams were given picture puzzles of IB and Economics related entities which they had to solve in given time limit. The team comprising of Mr. Vaibhav and Mr. Abdul secured first position. Second position was claimed by the team of Ms. Vidhi and Ms. Mansi Gupta.

As it was the last activity of the club in the session 2018-19, the final year office bearers of the club were also felicitated during the ceremony. They were presented with an appreciation letter and trophy for their contributions.

All the winners were awarded with a certificate, trophy and attractive prizes by the honourable Director- Management Dr. Ajay Kumar.


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Department of Management organized Webinar


Department of Management at I.T.S Ghaziabad organized webinar in the area of Human Resource Management .It was Episode 3 of the SHRM Inspiration Series on “Future Ready Workforce Engagement Series.”

The main speaker was Ms. Pooja Atal Singh, Sr. Director - People Strategy at Publicis Sapient. The topic for this episode was R&R Strategies for Manager and Leadership: Recognition Matters at All Levels- An Overview.

Ms. Pooja gave a microscopic view on the importance of having customised R&R strategies for leadership and managers with the millennials climbing up the ladder to become managers. The speaker also discussed about key rules i.e. decoding the future of leadership and manager engagement with regard to R&R strategies, the involvement of leadership and managers in driving engagement at the workplace and the key drivers for leadership and manager engagement. Ms. Pooja concluded the session with a summary about how to retrofit minor changes in the overall R&R strategies to make it relevant for managers and leadership.

The webinar was highly interactive and informative and appreciated by faculty members and students present.

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Merit & Improvement Award Ceremony organized for MBA Students


Department of Management at I.T.S Ghaziabad organized a Merit and Performance award ceremony for MBA 2018-20 and MBA 2017-19 batches on 15th April, 2019. The ceremony began with a brief introduction by Dr. Anusha Agarwal-Chairperson MBA Program about the inspiration behind the idea of the Awards given by the Institute.

A motivating speech by Director Management-Dr. Ajay Kumar highlighted the importance of small achievements and efforts of life which cumulatively become big for future. He congratulated all awardees and their parents for the success of their wards.

Honorable Vice Chairman- I.T.S The Education Group Shri Arpit Chadha addressed the students & revealed the importance of competition amongst the students. He motivated students to have the spirit of continuous improvement & how success changes itself with passage of time. Parents of the award winners also joined their wards during the ceremony for receiving the award.

The Students were presented with awards in three categories. These categories were:

•             Top 10 position holders in MBA I Semester University exams.

•             Top 10 improvements in MBA III semester over MBA II semester University exams.

•             Top 10 position holders in MBA III semester University exams.

Total 30 students were presented with certificates by the dignitaries under the above categories.

The vote of thanks was delivered by the MOC who congratulated all the awardees and thanked the dignitaries, faculty members, parents and students for their presence.

The event culminated with a Hi-Tea for Parents & Awardees.

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‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme


Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme of Department of Management at I.T.S Ghaziabad

conducted the activity, with the thought that, In times of continuous flux, cherishing and valuing cultural assets gains precedence. This is specially so when countries across the globe have showed a renewed interest in indigenous cultures. Hence it was apt to take cognizance of World Heritage Day at Parivartan. Alongside this, a brushing up of basic science concepts is always in order.

Astha opened the day’s classes with a discourse on heritage and the importance of the World Heritage Day. In order to convince the children about the significance of heritage in the growth of a nation, she held up instances of some of the major cultural landmarks of the country like the Red Fort and the Taj Mahal.

Then it was the turn of Sachin to continue with a short reminder about Ambedkar Jayanti. He referred to the life of Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar and his role in the enactment of the Constitution of India. He then proceeded to the main topic regarding the basic elements of science. He explained how science can be classified into physical, chemical and biological components. He also inspired the kids with anecdotes from the lives of great scientists like Albert Einstein. Shudhanshu joined in occasionally to help him in this endeavor.

The regulation quiz was employed to round off the day’s learning, those giving correct answers being rewarded with toffees. Finally it was time to close for the day with the distribution of ‘Britannia Good Day’ and ‘Parle Orange Bite’.

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In today’s competitive environment, there is need to provide a platform to the students which is easily accessible and can help them to improve their Interpersonal and social skills

as IT Companies  are looking for young minds who have excel in  Technical Skills as well as business communication skill essentially English  in addition to the sound aptitude and attitude with suitable leading IT degree.By keeping this view, 9th series of SAMVADIX(Group Discussion Series) was planned during January – April 2019. The Grand Finale round held on 12th April 2019. 

Following students won the prizes in group discussion competition ;

1. Mayank-----First position


3. Rahul Kumar Banti----Third position

At the outset of the event, Director –IT, Dr Sunil Kumar Pandey concluded the session and motivated the participants of final round. He elaborated the need and importance of the communication skill not only for their holistic development but also will pave the way for their placement. During his talk, he pointed out the necessity of the debating skill to grow in the corporate  ladder. At this occasion faculty members and students were present to be the witness of this high level debate on the very burning agenda.

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Faculty of Department of Management attended AIMA Leadership Conclave


Faculty of Department of Management, Dr. V N Bajpai and Dr. Ashish Kumar Jha attended 5th National Leadership Conclave of AIMA on “Now or Never: India’s Mission for the New Decade” on 8th -9th April, 2019 at hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi.

 AIMA's flagship annual event, The National Leadership Conclave is a thought leadership platform that brings together various stakeholders for constructive dialogue on the way forward for the Indian economy and the well-rounded growth of the nation.  The Conclave witnessed India's top leadership together from politics, business and intelligentsia to answer the key questions about India's capabilities and challenges and to chart a map for the country to move towards its aspirations quickly and strongly. The fifth edition of conclave was co-chaired by Mr Sanjiv Goenka, Chairman, RP - Sanjiv Goenka and Mr Sunil Kant Munjal, Chairman, The Hero Enterprise.

The time for celebrating India's potential is running out. The world is in a churn and the ongoing disruption in the global economy and politics will create a new world order. It is now or never for India to settle its claim as a super economy and an influential global leader. What India does in the next decade will determine whether it fulfils its undoubted potential or it ends up regretting missed opportunities.

The second day of conclave was addressed by Mr Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder & CEO , Paytm, Mr Aditya Ghosh, CEO- India & South Asia, Oyo Hotels & Homes, Ms Nayantara Rai, Chief of Bureau, ET Now, Mr Sanjay Kirloskar, CMD of Kirloskar Group of Companies, Mr Kewal Handa from Union Bank of India Mr Akshay Bhalla, Partner, COO- Markets & Styrategy, KPMG in India, Mr Rajdeep Sardesai, Consulting Editor, India Today Group and many more. It was a great learning experience.

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‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme


‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme of Department of Management at I.T.S Ghaziabad organized activity on 7th April, 2019.

Ashish started the proceedings with a unique lesson on movement, locomotion, and how to distinguish between them. In this context he referred to the movements found in small creatures like earthworms and snails. He, along with other volunteers like Anand, demonstrated how movement can be different from locomotion.

Pragati then took over for the next section, where she discussed an important issue – the difference between good touch and bad touch. Children need to be protected from such uncomfortable situations, and so figures and demos were used to explain what is acceptable and what is not.

The last part was dedicated to the importance of a major natural resource – water. Ashish & Anand returned to explain the different sources of water and why it has become imperative to protect a fast depleting resource like water. He also discussed rainwater harvesting, and how it can be used to combat the wastage of the precious resource.

As usual, a quiz was used to revise the day’s learning, with those giving correct answers being rewarded with "Crax curls". The day’s classes came to an end with the distribution of ‘Britannia Good Day’ biscuits and ‘Parle Orange Bite’ toffees.

Dr. Indraneel Mandal accompanied and motivated the student volunteers. Prof. Lokesh Upreti planned and guided the volunteers in the conduct of the programme as the faculty coordinator of CSR Club - Parivartan.

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Workshop on Angular JS


Web Club @ Department of IT organized a workshop for students of MCA IV Semester on Angular JS on 6th April, 2019 in Lab-1 of the institute.

Senior Architect, Erricson Mr. Yogendra Kumar Kaushik was the resource person of the workshop. Total 30 students attended the workshop. The workshop began with the overview of Angular JS.  Following points were addressed in the workshop:

  1. What is Angular JS? Why do we use Angular JS?
  2. What are the dependencies for Angular JS?
  3. What is Thick Line application and Thin Line Application?
  4. How to install NodeJS and Angular JS?
  5. How to write the program of Angular JS?

Mr. Kaushik also demonstrated an application developed using Angular JS. Students were also instructed to develop an application. Session was interactive and students enjoyed the session a lot.

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I.T.S PG Management organized student interaction with Dr. Mahua Dutta Banerjee


Department of Management at I.T.S Ghaziabad organized student interaction with Dr. Mahua Dutta Banerjee

 who is  currently working with a NGO in USA – Lead in heels which funds NGOs working for women and children in South Asia. She is also an advisory board member of the NGO-Saambhavi (Delhi) working for differently abled. She had a wonderful experience as an instructor for management graduates for 14 years in various management institution /University  in Delhi, NCR and Punjab. She interacted with the students on broad parameters of growth, career advancements, necessary personality traits required to succeed in the ever changing business scenario, various opportunities at national and international level. Students came up with many queries, which were taken up well in the session.

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Student Interaction with Delegate of IDRAC Business Center


Department of Management at I.T.S Ghaziabad organized Faculty Student interaction with the delegates of IDRAC business School France - PAN India Pune center.

The session was taken by the Academic Director, Mr. Charudatta Bodhankar, The main objective of this session was to appraise the students about Socio –Political – legal environment in European Union continent in general. Specifically, about the business opportunities in France and its neighboring countries. Students were briefed that France shares borders with six different countries, namely Spain, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland. As a leader among its European neighbours, France is also among the most advanced countries in the world. The prominent companies such as Renault, Air France, France Telecom and Thales are among the world’s best among others. The government’s strong hold however is predominantly found in the power, defence and public transport industries. Students’ fruitful interaction with the delegate was very well appreciated. IDRAC business school offers learning opportunities in the area of International Business management, Wine Management, Hospitality Management, Luxury management among along with internship provision for the same.

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Department of Management organized International Conference ICCSIDTB-2019



Department of Management at I.T.S Ghaziabad organized two days International Conference on the emerging focal theme Convergence of Social Innovation and Digital Transformation in Business

The Inaugural Session commenced with the welcome Address of Director Management – Dr. Ajay Kumar and during his address he  stated that today digital technology has radically influenced our life and some organizations are already using it in a manner that were never anticipated earlier. Thereafter, Dr. Manoj Kumar Jha presented a Conference Overview to the audience. Director PR – Shri Surinder Sood emphasized on the urgency of determining the extent to which digitalization should be induced in our lives so that the human – human relationship is not taken away from the society.

The Special Guest of the Inaugural Session, Mr. Charudutta Bodhankar, Academic Director of IDRAC, India focused on the role of digital transformation in Entrepreneurship and how students can convert their great business ideas into start-up venture. The Guest of Honour for the Day, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Joshi, Professor and Chairperson – Research, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi, deliberated that growing population of the country should be supplemented with innovative technology so as to leverage the strength of the nation. He also stated examples of various countries where digital revolution had a significant role in the growth of agriculture and thereby increasing the productivity. The Chief Guest Mr. Ashish Goyal, Managing Director Accenture Technologies Ltd. stated the relevance of speed, persuasiveness, entirety, hyper personalization and constant sense of connectivity among students in this era of rapid digitalization.

Theme of Track 1 was Contribution of HRM in Social Innovations and Business Transformation.

Dr. Amita Srivastava, Director, BRENCIS Group chaired this session with opening remark on the need of Social innovations and Business Transformation. Dr. M. K. Jha emphasized on the need of social innovation and differentiated it with traditional approach of resolving societal problems and challenges in isolation and at the same time emphasized on the role of Human Resource Department  in this endeavor. Dr. Urmila Yadav, from Sharda University, Gautam Budh Nagar and Ms. Tarushi & Ms. Simran from Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies, new Delhi presented their research papers on Role of Value Based Education in Social Innovation and Green HRM respectively. Prof. Shikha Arora coordinated this session with welcoming and introducing the guests and words of gratitude.

Theme of Track 2 was role of Financial sector in Social Innovations & Business Transformation

Dr. Anusha Agarwal set the ball rolling by introducing the topic of the session to the audience. Dr. Ajay Chauhan (Senior Professor, IMT Ghaziabad) emphasised the importance of research for both the students and faculty. He apprised the audience by giving an example of block chain technology and its impact on the finance industry in the future. Second speaker was Dr. Sunil Gupta, Senior Professor (direct taxation and tax planning) IGNOU. He spoke on the topic of various Aspects of taxation individual & corporate. Session concluded with the address of Dr.Uchit Kapoor (Senior Manager ACRC,AIMS New Delhi Chapter& AVP-CLAG, Veritas financial Services New Delhi). He addressed the audience on topic of social innovation for using business & corporate finance, corporate credit, credit management ,syndicate finance, banking and insurance, Behavioural research ,taxation on digital goods, E-auctions.

Theme of Track 3 was Marketing Innovations in Business & Social transformation

The first session of the day was addressed by Dr. Mahua Dutta from NGO-Leeds in Heels, California, USA she apprised the audience with the importance of incorporating social innovation in business practices. The presenters presented their research work on the theme of the session “Marketing Innovations in Business and Social Transformation”. Prof.C. K Aggarwal delivered presentation on role of digitalization on rural development and agricultural innovation, Dr. Lalit Kumar Sharma discussed theme of the track and coordinated the session.

Theme of Track 4 was Role of Digital Transformation in Social Innovations 

Session Chair of this session was Dr. Abhishek Singh, Birla Institute of Technology, Mera. Keynote speaker was Shri Deepak Chaudhary, CEO, Audi Motor

The speaker initiated the discussion on the topic by talking about the digital transformation in automobile industry. He also shared that how enquiry management system and software like emax, facilitates in collecting accurate details about customers   for better service. He shared some very specific examples of various luxurious 4-wheelers.

The session Chair initiated the discussion on the topic by talking about digitalization in the field of finance and highlighted “financial technology” with its applications. He also discussed the advantages of new technologies and how it will help students to gain knowledge about them. Seven papers were presented in this session.

Best Paper Awards in each area were given in valedictory session.

Dr. Vivek Pachauri Co- Convener delivered Vote of thanks to all the guests, management authorities, speakers, presenters, delegates, faculty, staff and students.

The students could have an exclusive opportunity to interact with foreign speakers, resource persons from various institutions and organizations.

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Experience Sharing by MBA Alumni in Pharmaceutical Industry organized


Department of Management of Institute of Technology & Science, Mohan Nagar organized Alumni session “How to pitch for Job in Pharmaceutical Industry” for MBA 18-20 Batch.

This session was organized under Alumni activity “Samanvay”. The session was addressed by Mr. Nilesh Srivastava , Area Business Manager, Astra Zeneca and Mr. Om Prakash Rai, Senior Business Manager, Abott of MBA 2005-07  Batch. The session was started with the address of Dr. Ajay Kumar, Director- Management. In his address he emphasized on the selection of right combination of subjects for specialization. He told students that this selection of subjects will decide their career path. Mr. Om Prakash Rai shared his job profile which is not known and common in pharmaceutical industry. He told students he is working for cracking big tenders for Abott. His main role is to bring bulk business for the company. He also cleared the doubts that now pharma companies are ready to take students who are even not having science background.

Mr. Nilesh Srivastava discussed with students that he is dealing only in one product for last 5 years and because of this he has pioneered that product line. This helps him in getting good job proposal from international companies. He concluded that students have to work hard in initial phase of 3 years and must pioneered themselves for getting standing in industry.

At the end all the alumni’s motivated the students for targeting pharmaceutical industry and also guided them how to prepare for available profiles in industry. The session was coordinated by Dr. Nitin Saxena.

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Department of Management organized Webinar


Department of Management at I.T.S Ghaziabad, organized a webinar in the area of Human Resource Management on 2nd April, 2019. This activity was under the SHRM Inspiration Series on “Future Ready Workforce Engagement Series.”

The main speaker was Mr. Indrajeet Sengupta, the Executive Director of Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages (HCCB).

The main topic was “Changing Faace of Recognition and Award and Future Ready Workforce Engagement Strategies.” During the course of the seminar Mr. Sengupta touched on topics like the system of feedback followed in India compared to those in other countries; careers, priority and engagement; value capabilities of tomorrow; linking engagement to rewards and recognition; finding inspiration and taking action; and encouraging peer to peer relations.

The webinar was highly interactive and informative. Faculty members attended the webinar along with 28 students from MBA First Year. The students felt highly motivated and enthusiastic after attending the webinar.

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Faculty IT and MCA student attending “Taal Thok Ke”


In view of coming Lok Sabha election in the country, Faculty of Department of I.T including Dr. Vidushi Singh

and Prof. Saurabh Saxena along with the students of MCA had attended the “Taal Thok Ke” organized by ZEE NEWS at Noida Stadium, Noida on 2ndApril,2019. Eight renowned leaders and political analyst of the country including Ms. Shazia Ilmi, Political Leader (BJP), Mr. Bishamber Dayal, Retired ArmyOfficer, Mr. Lalit Ambardar, Mr. Shubhransh Rai, Political Analyst, Mr. Chetan Singh, Political Analyst, Mr. Inderjeet Singh,Mr. Amir Haider Jaidi, Leader CPIand Chaudhary Pushpendra Singh, President, Kisaan Shakti Sangh were present in this show    

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Samanvay- 19 organized Experience Sharing Session by MBA Alumni Mr. Navdeep Singh & Mr. Rahul Bhardwaj.


Department of Management at I.T.S Ghaziabad organized an experience sharing session under SAMANVAY 2019.  The session was organized for MBA 18-20 Batch on 1st April 2019.

Alumni for the session were Mr. Navdeep Singh, Entrepreneur & Social Worker (MBA 2012-14 Batch) and Mr. Rahul Bhardwaj, Territory Sales Manager, OPPO Mobiles (MBA 14-16 Batch). The theme for the session was “Role of SIP in Final Placement”. Interaction was started with the welcome address of Director Management- Dr. Ajay Kumar. In his address sir explained the importance of session by Alumni. He asked the students to take maximum benefits of such sessions.

Mr. Rahul discuss that the first ladder of placement starts with the selection of specialization in second semester. He told students that students must go for summer internship with the intension of learning not just for certificate. He shared his experience of hard work he did during his SIP in Sharekhan.

Mr. Navdeep discussed that presence in class is importance for achieving expert knowledge in any field. He motivates students to become entrepreneur and to work for society. He shared that he started with very small venture of printing visiting cards and now he is into printing many products like flex, marriage cards, promotional items etc.

The session ends with healthy interaction and lots of learning for the students.

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