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Webinar - Emerging Organizational Structures in the Post Covid-19 World for PGDM students.


I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad organized a webinar on “Emerging Organizational Structures in the Post Covid-19 World” by Dr. Feza Tabassum Azmi for PGDM (2020-22) batch on 9th  January, 2021.

Dr. Feza Tabassum Azmi is a renowned Professor at Faculty of Management Studies & Research, Aligarh Muslim University. She is the author of the book on Strategic Human Resource Management published by Cambridge University Press, University of Cambridge (UK).

The guest was welcomed by Director Management, Dr. (Prof) Vidya Sekhri, who enlightened the students with her words of wisdom. In the beginning of the session, Dr. Feza highlighted the tremendous change taking place in the organization and the emerging need for flexible organizational structures. She elaborated the rise of the gig economy and how the focus on flexible project-based work is gaining popularity. Businesses today are looking for agility and responsiveness and for that they have to quickly respond to the challenges posed by the dynamic and turbulent environment. She explained the contemporary organization designs like Hyperarchy which paves way for a fluid, team based, cross functional collaborative work arrangement. She also highlighted the fact that there will be no innovation or free thinking if there will be too much of hierarchy. She also talked about the concept of Velcro organization which is based on easy fastening and unfastening of Velcro hooks by quoting examples of FORD & General Motors. She further discussed about the virtual organization/communities as- HUB & SPOKE design.

It was a very insightful session and students participated enthusiastically as they raised a number of queries which were addressed by Dr. Feza. At the end, a virtual plaque was presented to Dr. Feza as a token of gratitude and remembrance.

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Virtual Summit on the focal theme “Emerging Technologies: Shaping the future of Business with Blockchain and Fintech”


I.T.S School of Management, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad organised a virtual summit on the focal theme “Emerging Technologies:Shaping the uture of Business with Blockchain and Fintech” for management students on Friday,8th January 2021.

The virtual summit was graced by the presence of three guests of honour:

·            Mr. Amanjot Malhotra, Director of Product Management at LCX, Gurgaon

·            Mr. Atul Tripathi, Data Scientist Ex-National Security Council Secretariat (Prime Minister’s Office) Advisor IISER, Mohali, Delhi, India

·            Dr. Sindhu Bhaskar, Chairman and CEO of EST Group EST Global Inc(Cambridge Innovation Center, MIT, USA) (Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States).

The session commenced with the welcome address by Prof.(Dr.) Vidya Sekhri, Director (Management).

The first speaker Mr.Amanjot Malhotra started the session by giving a brief presentation on Introduction of Blockchain and Its Use Cases.He explained how  blockchain has evolved over the years and why blockchain technology is the future.He mentioned that blockchain was introduced after the financial crisis of 2008 and since then,it is experiencing exponential growth.

He then explained the working of blockchain in a simplified way and highlighted that it is basically a network in which a millions of nodes are present to validate the transaction and depends on a decentralised entity making it a safe,transparent and tamper proof  technology.He described some of the services provided by the blockchain like money services,payroll and insurance, and many more, and also explained how the blockchain concept can be implemented for a liquid democracy, what advantages blockchain technology can bring to supply chains,how problems of document manipulation can be fixed with blockchain technology and how the blockchain is related with IoT(The Internet of Things).

The next speaker, Mr. Atul Tripathi (Data Scientist Ex-National Security Council Secretariat (Prime Minister’s Office) Advisor IISER, Mohali) carried forward the blockchain discussion towards the Career Path and Opportunities in Block Chain and Data Analytics for management students.He emphasised the importance of  maths, statistics, programming and communication skills for a data scientist. He motivated the students to get certifications for technical and non-technical courses in Blockchain. Before ending he effectively answered the queries of the students regarding the opportunities in the field of data analytics and Blockchain.

Dr. Sindhu Bhaskar (Chairman and CEO of EST Group , EST Global Inc.( Cambridge Innovation Center , MIT , USA) (Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States)enlightened the students on “Contemporary Issues and Challenges in Fintech Application in India” and also talked about emerging Fintech (Finance + Technology) & different faces of Indian Fintech where he spoke about payment and settlements, lending, supply chain & higher technology. He also talked about trends in Indian fintech where he explained Box Banking, P2P Lending, Financial Inclusion, AI and IOT based Security.

Towards the end of each session, Q/A round was held in which the guest speakers answered all the questions of the students and cleared all their doubts regarding blockchain technologies.

The summit was attended by around 400 management students of I.T.S School of Management,Ghaziabad. It was truly an enlightening session for all the participants.At the end of each session,Dr.Vidya Sekhri, Director (Management) ITS presented a virtual plaque as a token of gratitude and remembrance to the guest speakers and thanked them for sharing such valuable insights on the blockchain technology and fintech.

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International Talk on “Ambient Intelligence for Smart Living” for MCA


Prof. Vincenzo Piuri, Professor of Computer Science, University of Milan, Italy and Visiting Professor of University of Texas, Austin & George Mason University, USA,

Fellow of IEEE, ACM Distinguished Scientist addressed and interacted with our students of Computer Applications at I.T.S Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad.

The topic of his Talk was “Ambient Intelligence for Smart Living”. During his talk, Prof. Piuri spoke about Adaptivity by using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Biometrics in a Worldwide Cloud-based Environment. He also addressed the issues related to Ambient Intelligence including technology for ambient environment, Infrastructure Technology convergence for integrated pervasive support to ambient intelligence. He also talked about various Technologies including AI & ML, Pattern Recognition, Signal Processing, and Data Analytics. Characterizing individuals, AI for Data Fusion. Overall it was a unique, research-based, and very knowledge enriching session which was followed by a Q & A session which lasted for about one and a half hour in which queries of students were addressed.

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Special Session by Professor Lance Chun Che Fung for MCA students


Professor Lance Chun Che Fung, Emeritus Professor, Murdoch University, Australia & Director-Elect, Asia & Pacific - Region 10 (2021-2022) 

addressed the gathering in Online Session on “Writing Research Papers for a Productive Career” on 4.2.2021. Prof Fung told that research process allows individual to gain expertise on a topic of respective choice, and the writing process helps the researcher to remember what individual have learned and understand it on a deeper level. Publication is very important in the academic career as research provides information and knowledge. Research and publications are crucial and essential to grow and prospect in an academic career. Prof Fung suggested how we should take care of citations and indexing to keep it with the trend. He told about publication plan, frequency of publication; worthiness of publishing material, selection of publishing editor; Important measurables after the publication of the paper. The session was very interactive, informative, and knowledge enriching for the faculty and students. Participants have asked the queries during the session with speakers. It was an overall good experience for participated Faculty & Students.

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Virtual Special Session of IIC on" Orientation to National Innovation and Startup Policy"


The Institution Innovation Council (IIC) of the I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad organised a virtual special session on "Orientation to National Innovation and Startup Policy " for PGDM and MBA students (2020-2022) on 31st December, 2020.


The invited Speaker for the occasion was Dr. V. K. Arora , CEO of Indira Gandhi Technical University for women IGDTUW - Anveshan Foundation. He is also a trainer in entrepreneurship, strategic management and the functional areas of management.

In her welcome address, Dr. Vidya Sekhri, Director – Management, and President, IIC ITS, advised the students to stay dedicated and try to make most of the crisis instead of making excuses. She also emphasised that students must be courageous enough to take risks because every failure brings you one step closer to success.

Dr .V.K. Arora greeted the students by describing how a policy towards innovation helps in building a strong path for entrepreneurship and also justifies the role of the government and its support services. Dr Arora spoke about the various aspects of entrepreneurship like unemployment, GDP, VUCA environment etc. He discussed about the improved ranking of India since 2014 with regard to the ease of doing business and also threw some light on the vision of our Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, including the push towards an Atma-Nirbhar Bharat.

He emphasised upon the Triple Helix Model and the role of the incubation centres at different levels in the corporate world. He also advised students to think innovatively and encouraged them to visit the various government portals like those for Startup India etc. He also highlighted that "When there is problem, there is an opportunity"; in other words students need to work on the problem part and try to come up with different innovative ideas.

The session was very interactive and encouraging; students participated with zeal and raised a variety of queries at the end. The session concluded with the presentation of a virtual plaque by the Director (Management) as a token of gratitude to Dr. Arora. Dr Rajeev Johari, Convener, IIC ITS, praised Dr Arora for his insightful ideas and expressed the hope for similar interactions in future.

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Library Club “The Reader’s Cafe” an online activity “IDENTIFY WHO AM I” for MBA 1st year students (Batch 20-22).


Library Club “The Reader’s Cafe” of ITS Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad organized an online activity “IDENTIFY WHO AM I” for MBA 1st year students (Batch 20-22) on 29th December, 2020.

The main objective of this activity was to enhance the knowledge of the students about the famous books, authors and writers like Valmiki, Tulsidas, Shakespeare, Aristotle, Plato etc. who died centuries ago but the books written by them are living and are still guiding us.

There were two rounds in the online activity. The first round of activity scheduled on 24 Dec 2020,was a quiz based on current affairs. Total 10 students were shortlisted for the second round.

The second round of activity, scheduled on 29 Dec 2020 from 3:30 pm, was conducted on a virtual platform-zoom. Each participant was asked four questions related to prominent authors/books/novelists and thirty seconds time was given for a single question.

All the participants performed really well and all the students have gained some knowledge from this enthralling and informative activity.

Winners of this online activity were:-

1.     Shrang Singh (Sec. A) secured 1st position.

2.     Anjali Sharma (Sec. A) secured 2nd position.

3.     Tisha Gupta(Sec. A) secured 3rd position.

Winners and all the participants were felicitated with e-certificates.

This online activity was a great success where students got an opportunity to build up their awareness about the renowned authors/books/novelists.

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Research Convention 2020


The Research Convention 2020 with the theme “Aatma Nirbhar Bharat: Living in the Age of Innovation” was organised by ITS Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad on the 26th December, 2020.

The inaugural session of the convention was graced by luminaries like Mr Satya Gupta, Chairman – India, IPV6 Council, who joined as the Chief Guest; Mr Anil Khaitan, Chairman, Sunil Health Ltd., and Former Chairman, PHDCCI; and Prof. (Dr.) Shailendra Singh, Director, IIM Ranchi. The latter two were participating in the capacity of Guests of Honour.

The session was opened by Director (Management) Prof. (Dr) Vidya Sekhri, who began by saying that during a time of global crisis, it is very significant that our country is emerging as Aatma Nirbhar Bharat. Referring to the fluctuating environment where economies have to encounter a variety of ups and downs, Dr Sekhri quoted Gautam Buddha, noting that becoming comfortable with impermanence is the true sign of an evolved individual. She explained that now more than ever before it was necessary that India takes the lead in the fight against Covid-19 by developing effective vaccines.

Next Dr Rajeev Johari, Convener of the Convention, provided an outline of the event. He pointed out that terms like Atma Nirbhar Bharat and Five Trillion Dollar economy had become commonplace even before the unfortunate onset of the pandemic. While the spread of Covid has definitely put the brakes on these and other initiatives for now, it is only a matter of time before efforts are resumed with new zest and vigour. Therefore it is essential to lay down the route map for the path ahead; that is one of the aims for this convention. Dr Johari went on to provide a snapshot of the participants and deliberations coming up in the rest of the day’s programme.

Mr Khaitan was the first to speak among the guests. He chose to concentrate on the area of healthcare technology. Quoting the examples of typewriters and mobiles, Mr Khaitan highlighted how lack of innovation can spell the death knell for products as well as businesses. He referred to cutting edge concepts like the use of artificial intelligence; blockchains as a means of data verification; advanced  social media; voice search as a means of responding to those needing care; artificial assistants like Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant; uses of virtual  reality; mobile applications; and video marketing as a tool for reaching out to the customer.

 Among the other speakers, Dr Singh spoke about how myriad innovations are helping to deal with newer challenges by a constantly evolving pandemic. The chief guest, Mr Satya Prakash focused on the modalities for innovation in India at the policy level. He drew attention to how digital infrastructure, which is the need of the hour, brings a whole new ball game compared to the traditional physical version. He illustrated his thoughts through his involvement in the efforts at setting up a digital backbone for the country. Coming to the necessity of creative innovation, he distinguished it as something which avoided the disruptive effect. In this connection he also threw some light on the Blue Ocean strategy used in the corporate world.

The main programme of the day consisted of two panel discussions. The first one was chaired by Dr Sudhir Kochhar, Former ADG (IPR) and National Coordinator (NAIP), ICAR and focussed on sectors like agriculture, defence and manufacturing. The other discussants in this session included Mr Durgesh Sharma DG, Fibre Cement Products; Maj. Gen. Ravi Arora, CEO and Chief Editor, Indian Military Review; and Dr Nishikant Ojha, Advisor, Cyber, Aerospace and Counter Terrorism and eminent faculty, Defence and Paramilitary Forces.

After the Director (Management) welcomed the participants in the first panel discussion, Dr Kochar kicked off the session as the Session Chair by drawing on his long experience of work in the field of agriculture. Starting with the fact that agriculture is the bedrock of any economy, he described the major potential for startups in this area. On the one hand there was scope for individual R&D initiatives; on the other it was also possible to go in for public-private initiatives. Certain technologies were at the Proof of Concept stage, which need further scaling up. He also referred to his experiences as National Coordinator for agricultural projects involving 400 partner institutions.

The next speaker in the discussion was Dr Ojha, who brought his experience in counter terrorism along with significant diplomatic capabilities into play. He repeatedly stressed that India could not afford to depend only on foreign acquisitions alone for its military requirements at a time when there were significant security challenges in the neighbourhood. He also emphasised on the need to develop our own R&D capabilities. Continuing on the theme of India’s defensive expertise,  Maj. Gen. Ravi Arora provided a detailed breakdown of different case stories from Indian military experience.

Mr Sharma brought the discussion back to the fold of agriculture with detailed statistical information laying down the markers for the immediate future in this field. He also threw some light on the government and its role in public sector units. The session concluded with Dr Sekhri commending the participants for the in depth knowledge in their respective areas while presenting them individual mementos.

The post-lunch session had Mr Vishal Gandhi, Founder and CEO of BIORx Venture Advisors Pvt. Ltd.  taking over as the Chair with the attention shifting towards banking and technology. Mr Gandhi was joined by Mr Chanchal K. Gautam, AGM-NABARD, DDM Office, Ghaziabad; Mr Rajiv Ratna Shah, Director, MIDAS Lab, IIIT Delhi; Ms. Bhumika Sukhadia, Co-Founder, OPE Innovation Lab, Mumbai; and Mr Niteen Khemka, Co-Founder and CEO, Startup Spine, and mentor at NASSCOM and NITI Aayog.

Prof (Dr) Vidya Sekhri welcomed all the panelists with her thoughts on the future of technology. Mr. Gandhi then shared his view on a variety issues like Covid-19, disruptive challenges, and the opportunities afforded therein. He also spoke about the growth of pharmaceutical industry during the COVID-19 era with the production of Indian vaccines, PPE equipment, sanitisation efforts, need for thermal scanning and repurposing of drugs.

Mr Gautam next emphasised on the need for banking infrastructure with the five pillars of demand, demography, technology, and infrastructure & economy. These were explained through copious data, graphs and charts. Dr. Shah started by sharing a case study on “Suicidal Ideation Detection”. He also added some Research Work on “AI for social Good” empowering towards banking, policing, Bloomberg, Delhi Jal board and many more. He also elaborated about Information Retrieval System, Visual Speech Recognition, password prediction & cybercrimes.

One of the highlights of this discussion was the talk by Ms. Sukhadia, who shared her views on why businesses should “know their local”. She mentioned the significant role of design and innovation in the businesses, using an excellent example on the doodhwalas changing to milk delivery in glass bottles and then to plastic packets. She also talked about the 4 Ds, viz. - Discover, Define, Design, & Deliver. The session was completed by Mr Khemka, who elaborated on the role of MSMEs, government subsidies, tax exemptions, loans facility and incubation with regard to entrepreneurial activities.

Prof. (Dr.) Vidya Sekhri then enlightened the audience with her words of wisdom as she presented the virtual plaques as a token of gratitude and remembrance to all the panelists. Finally the Vote of Thanks was delivered by Dr.Indraneel Mandal as the day’s programme drew to a close. The diverse topics and animated discussions enthralled the students in particular and the audience in general as the Convention concluded fruitfully with much food for thought.

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Guest lecture on "More about GST" by Mr Vishal Sharm (Chartered Accountant), Founding Partner, ECOO Global Advisors for MBA.


I.T.S Mohan Nagar, Department of Management organised a Guest lecture on the topic “More about GST” for MBA 3rd semester

(2019-21) students on 19 December 2020. This lecture was organized under corporate interaction for “Tax Planning and Management” subject.

The Guest speaker of the session was Mr Vishal Sharm (Chartered Accountant), Founding Partner in ECOO Global Advisors. Before this he has served organizations like Luxor pens, Lava International and many more.

The session was started with welcome address of  Prof. (Dr.) Vidya Sekhri,  Director (Management).She suggested all the students to work on their skills with positive attitude and to develop specific areas in finance.

Mr .Vishal Sharma gave a very interactive, inspiring session where he gave important and valuable lessons to the students. He throws some light on the Valuable lessons of GST and the whole concept of GST. He also shared his own experience working on GST. He also shared the whole requirements of GST in economic system and the rates of GST.

He demonstrated how to work on GST Portal of government. He also tells students about the Tax Return filing process of GST on the official website and registration on GST portal.

The key learning of the session was that the overall concepts of GST, the documentation required for GST registration and filing GST.

At the end of the session the virtual plaque was presented to Mr. Vishal Sharma by Director (Management).

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Department of management, I.T.S Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad organized an online Corporate talk on “MANTHAN - Beyond The Uncharted Landscape” for MBA batch 2019-21 & PGDM batch 2020-22 on 18thDecember, 2020.


The speaker for the session was Mr. Achal Rangaswamy , who is the CEO at Achal Rangaswamy the Coach (EVERYBODY MAKES A LIVING. I HELP MAKE LIVES)  has conducted workshops and seminars on various subjects and guiding young and young-at-heart managers to excel. He’s  also a Tedx speaker (IIM RAIPUR).  Other than specialities like Selling Skills, mentoring and coaching. Time Management and Leadership ,Also coaching CEOs and Top Management and providing innovative solutions to companies that may have hit a plateau or are trying to rise above the ordinary.

In the beginning of the session, the speaker Mr. Achal said “Be grateful for what you have now instead of cribbing for what you don’t have”. He also talked about develop a attitude of gratitude, learning with joy is important, he also mention Find your Goal, be grateful & work responsibly. He told a story about his employee Ashok Mathew who joined as an intern and his way to left a great impression every day.

After that Mr. Achal talked about very important seven pillars of personality which include (Assertive, Communication Skills, Intellectual ability, Personal appearance & grooming, Maturity & Responsibility, key starter, Determination to success. He also talked about the ways to crack interview & Different ways to introduce  according to the situation.

After this fruitful discussion Mr. Prashant Pareek  asked for Q&A round where student asked several question and Mr. Achal answered all the question with full of explanation & joy.

At last the complete session is ended by Mr. Prashant Pareek by thanking Mr. Achal Rangaswamy for giving his valuable time & sharing his thought and views.       

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Binary Club organized “DIGITAL GENIUS” (Catch it and Quiz it) for MBA students.


Department of Management at I.T.S Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad organized a Binary Club activity “DIGITAL GENIUS” for MBA (2020-22) students on 18th December, 2020.

The activity was conducted in the presence of Binary Club coordinator Prof. Mansi Singh. The purpose of the activity was to keep the physical and mental alertness of the students with their studies.

The activity consist single round which was organized through zoom application. There was a quiz having 20 questions related to logo identification, tag line identification of the various companies  and questions related to current affair in the technology field.

On the Friday evening Digital Genius activity was conducted by Binary Club at 3:40 pm the participants were highly enthusiastic and passionated to win the activity. The event started at 3:40 pm, with small inaugural session of 20 minutes on zoom meeting in the presence of Prof. Mansi, senior club members, active club members and all the participants enrolled for the event. At 4:00 pm we shared the GOOGLE form link of the quiz in the chat box of the zoom meeting and we asked all the participants to solve the quiz within 15 minutes. These activity required presence of mind alertness and agility. The activity came to an end at 4:20 pm. It was a great experience and much required changed for all the students.

Winner of the activity were Ms. Tanu (M.B.A sec (A) , Ms. Nancy Gupta ( M.B.A. sec(A), Mr.Piyush Pratap Singh ( M.B.A Sec (C) for 1st  2nd  and  3rd  respectively.

The Winner were felicitated with certificates. The activity was a great success where students enjoyed a lot along with fun and learning. All students appreciated the initiative taken by club “BINARY”.

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Corporate Talk Session by Mr. Saurabh Trivedi- Co-Founder & Director - Boudhik Ventures Pvt. Ltd. for MBA students.


Department of Management, I.T.S, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad organized Corporate Talk for MBA 2020-22 & MBA

2019-21 Batch by  Mr. Saurabh Trivedi- Co-Founder & Director - Boudhik Ventures Pvt. Ltd. on the topic “How to start your entrepreneurship journey" on 14th  December, 2020.

Mr. Saurabh Trivedi has mentioned that for any entrepreneur, the route from idea to established business is a long and winding one. He said that every business starts with something. It might be an idea, a thing, a world-changing product or  a smart enhancement to something which already exists.  

Mr Saurabh also added that whether inspired by a compelling dream or mounting exasperation with the products currently available, before departing on the entrepreneurial journey, it is worth being reminded of the sometimes harsh rules of the road that most opportunities are not what they appear to be.

Most of them have at least one fatal flaw that renders them vulnerable to all sorts of difficulties to overcome this Mr . Trivedi has emphasised to have 5 steps process for the entrepreneurial journey-  Having Right mindset- Being honest -Don’t try to be someone else - finding a mentor & partner- putting 100% commitment.

The session was very participative. There were various queries from the student’s side, regarding the entrepreneurship, venture capital, idea generation etc. The Session was concluded by honouring Mr. Saurabh Trivedi with a virtual plaque and a special vote of thanks was given to him.

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Virtual Industry Visit organized for MBA I (2020-22 Batch)


Department of Management I.T.S. Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad organized a virtual industry visit to Yakult, Sonepat, Haryana for the students of MBA (2020-22)

batch on 08th & 11th December, 2020 respectively. The objective of the visit was to provide the newly admitted batch a unique learning exposure by closely observing the functioning of the plant.

The virtual session began with a detailed explanation about the company and its product, followed by a foray into the entire processing of Yakult. The company representative Mr. Tushar described the marketing strategies which Yakult has adopted to increase its customer base during the current pandemic situation. He also explained how Yakult is working to expand its operations in the untapped markets of India. The students found the session highly informative and engaging and raised many queries which were duly answered by the representative from PR Department Mr. Aadish.

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Inaugural session of Virtual Orientation Program “Aarambh-2020” for MBA Batch of 2020-2022.


The Virtual Orientation “Aarambh 2020” for MBA 2020-2022 at I.T.S Mohan Nagar

commenced with inaugural session where experts from industry shared their experience with the students. The Chief Guest of the day was Mr. Ashish Chandra- CEO and Managing Director, Airtel, Sri Lanka; Guests of Honor were Mr. Avneet Gupta- Associate Director - FSS, South ESU, IBM India Private Limited; Dr Srinivas Chanduru- Founder- Vans Group; and Mr Sandeep Dhar- President Hexaware Technologies.

At the beginning of the inaugural programme, Director- Management, Dr. Vidya Sekhri welcomed all the guests and shared her words of inspiration with the students. The session was kickstarted by Dr Srinivas Chanduru- Founder- Vans Group sharing his life journey and challenges with the audience. He enlightened the participants with important lessons of honesty, integrity and commitment in his unique story telling way.Mr. Sandeep Dhar- President Hexaware Technologies, shared his experiences of challenging situations and how he was able to cope with them. He explained to the participants the importance of being humble and polite. Mr. Avneet Gupta- Associate Director - FSS, South ESU, IBM India Private Limited shared his life mantras with the students for their professional journey in the years to come. The Chief guest of the day, Mr. Ashish Chandra- CEO and Managing Director, Airtel, Sri Lanka elaborated upon the essential skills and abilities including resilience, emotional sensitivity, creativity and patience which the students need to be develop to be successful in their personal as well as professional lives.

Another session of the day was an interaction with the alumni where the stalwarts from previous batches of MBA interacted with students, shared their experiences, and answered various queries of the new students. They oriented the new student with the expectations of corporates from new graduates.  The eminent alumni included Mr. Ravi Bhatt, senior project manager, HP- WW studios; Mr. Prayag Tripathi, Business Analyst (Financial Reporting), Ameriprise Financials; Mr. Om Prakash Rai, AGM, Maclieoids Pharmaceutical Ltd; Mr. Tushar Kotnala, Sr. Investment Analyst, Mercer; Ms. Sweety Shukla, Credit Analyst, Acuity Knowledge Partners and Mr. Rahul Bhardwaj. RGM, OPPO mobiles.

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Day two - Virtual Orientation Program “Aarambh-2020” for MBA Batch of 2020-2022


Day 2 of the Virtual Orientation program “Aarambh 2020” for MBA 2020-2022 at I.T.S Mohan Nagar

commenced with a Guest Talk on the focal theme of “Managing Disruptions and Re-designing Lifestyle” by Colonel Anil Kumar Sharma. Mr. Sharma shared vivid experiences from his military career with the students and explained how a leader’s role is transformational and transitional in different situations. Col. Sharma is a renowned motivation speaker who instilled a great deal of enthusiasm in the students for a better tomorrow. The session was highly engaging and his old stories from the battles of Kargil simply made the session interesting. Director- Management Dr.Vidya Sekhri presented him with a virtual plaque as a token of appreciation and gratitude.

The Guest Session was followed by an interaction of the students with Director-Management, Dr. Vidya Sekhri. Dr. Vidya Sekhri in her address shared several success stories with the students. Every story had a brilliant life altering message for the students. The session was highly interactive, as the students got a chance to express themselves. Many students shared their dreams and their career goals.

The post lunch session introduced to the new students, functional clubs which are run at by the Management department with the objective of all- round development of the students. The students of 2019-2021 batch gave a brief presentation of their respective clubs highlighting the guidelines and norms to the new students.

Day 2 of the Orientation session came to an end with a small session wherein the students expressed their expectations from the MBA Program. Their queries were duly answered by Prof. Parul Gupta (Coordinator- MBA First Year) and Dr. Surendra Tiwari (Chairperson- MBA Program)

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Virtual Orientation Program “Aarambh-2020” for MBA Batch of 2020-2022


I.T.S Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad is organizing a Virtual Orientation Program “Aarambh-2020” to welcome the new MBA Batch of 2020-2022.

The first day of the session commenced with a familiarisation session for the students where they were introduced to the MBA Program and its various tenets. Dr Vidya Sekhri, Director Management addressed the new batch and encouraged the students to be more enthusiastic so as to be prepared to meet the challenges of the Corporate Life. This session gave then brief inputs about the curriculum and the program structure. All the faculties were briefly introduced by the Area Chairpersons. Students were given information about Library, Computer labs,CRC and APO. The students were made familiar to the various resources present in I.T.S which will facilitate their journey for the next two years.

The familiarisation session was followed by a Guest Talk. The Speaker for the session was Mr. Rajeev Bhadauria, Managing Partner, Ebullient Consultancy LLP&Ex-Board of Director Jindal Steel and Power Limited. Mr. Rajeev took a very stimulating session and provided the students with a clear understanding of how they can cope with the challenging times which lies before them.The focal them of the session was “Tackling disruptions and Implementing change”. Mr. Rajeev explained the entire process of Change Management in a very lucid manner and at the same he gave the guru mantra of celebrating failures. Director-Management presented him with a virtual plaque as a token of gratitude.

The post lunch session was the Ice Breaking Session. This session gave the new students achance to introduce themselves and become familiar with each other. The self-introduction was followed by a set of activities organised so as to make them more comfortable with each other.

All the sessions were interactive and were thoroughly enjoyed by the students.

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