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Dr. Rajeev Johari attended IARNIW conference at Jaipur.


Dr. Rajeev Johari attended a two day illuminating annual conference of the Indian Association of Research on National Income and Wealth, IARNIW a registered society funded by the Ministry of Statistics & Program Implementation, Govt. of India & RBI at The Theme Hotel, Jaipur during 16-17 March, 2017.  
The conference was based on the following themes
· National Accounts
· Indian economy & Data Base
· Regional Accounts
· Social Sector

Each theme had eminent discussants engaged in observation, commentary, evaluation and suggestion. Each session was chaired by distinguished subject and area experts from Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation, Reserve Bank of India and senior academia from various universities. Each paper was discussed for about 40- 60 minutes. Most of the paper presenters were specialists and macroeconomic research analysts in CSO, NSSO, RBI, NCAER, IHD, IIPA based in every corner of India. The main purpose of the conference was to compile and collate information regarding National Income and Wealth for government record as in economic surveys and dissemination of the same. The topic of research paper was “Social Sector Accounting – A SWOT Analysis”. It was a learning experience for him as very senior experts present for the session threw tremendous light on new concepts pertaining to the subject deepening his understanding of the topic and his paper was reviewed to the fullest unlike previous conference presentations which are restricted to simple and brief question answer session.

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Workshop of IoT


Two days workshop on “IoT :Design, Application & Implementation ” for the IT students of Institute of Technology & Science, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad during 16/03/2017 to 17/03/2017 has conducted successfully. Prof. Abhay Kumar Ray , Prof. Rakesh Roshan and Prof. Smita Kansal from Department of IT were the key resource person for this workshop.
Objective of the workshop :
• This workshop must help the students to understand and take better use of the Arduino Uno, components of Arduino Uno, Application of different sensors , Integration of sensors to the Ardunio chip, Program writing ,development and implementation of application using Arduino Chip and different sensors. 
• After this workshop students can develop Arduino chip and sensor based aplications.
Pre-requisite: Knowledge of C, C++ .

• Session based on Introduction and application of Arduino chip and sensors is conducted in Lecture cum Discussion mode.
• Rest of the session conducted in Computer Lab by live demonstration of each of the topic.
Content of the workshop:
• Fundamentals of Internet of Things , Introduction of different IoT supporting hardware including Microcontrollers chips, Different kinds of sensors like light sensors , Ultrasonic Sensors etc.
• Introduction to Arduino UNO chip, Programming in c/c++ 
• Programming in C++ for LED , Ultrasonic Sensor, Push Buttons ,Light sensors , Temperature and humidity sensors etc
• Demonstration and Hands on based on Ardunio IDE and application of Adrunio chip and sensors based sketch
Total 36 students were participated in this workshop. Students showed their interest to learn this technology 

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‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme


12th March, 2017 activity of ‘Parivartan’- the Slum Education Programme, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad was a really grand and colourful Holi celebration at the Sahibabad slum. The pleasing presence of Ms. Rekha Sundriyal from the Admission Cell of ITS, Ghaziabad made the slum children feel really special and important.
Volunteers of the day Soumya, Soumya Sapra, Anupriya Pathak, Parag Agarwal, Avinash Kumar, Kapil Verma, Aman Jaiswal and Arif Hussain started the class with the prayer ‘Itni shakti dena humein data’.
The high energy Holi Celebration started with the decoration of the spot with the stickers, colours and Gulal. The volunteers put gulaal dots on the cheeks of the children along with a red teeka on their forehead. Each child was gifted with a colourful Holi Topi.

The talk of the day included ‘Hiranyakashyap-Holika-Prahlad’ story, the Narsingh incarnation of the Almighty. The negative sides of Hiranyakashyap and Holika, and the goodness of Prahlad was explained to the children with the present day relevance.
The children also enjoyed Holi special poems. The best of them was – ‘Tumko rang lagaana hai, Holi aaj manaana hai. Pratikaar karo, inkaar karo; par rango ko sweekar karo; rango se tumhe nehlana hai, Holi aaj manaana hai’. The celebration concluded with the distribution of Motichoor Laddoos and eclairs among all the children. Dr. Gopal Krishna Dwivedi accompanied and guided the volunteers as the faculty coordinator of the CSR Club.

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Java Workshop Report


A workshop on advanced Java technologies, JSP, Servlets with MVC was conducted for MCA IV semester students on 10th March, 2017. The workshop was aimed to provide concepts of project development using JSP, Servlets on MVS followed by hands on by the students. The workshop was conducted by Prof. KP Singh and Prof. Gaurav Midha as resource person. Most of the interested students attended this workshop.

The workshop was started with brief overview of MVC architecture. In this part the MVC concept along with its evolution, types and frameworks were discussed with students. The workshop was further continued with demonstration cum detailed discussion of a module developed in JSP, Servlets, JDBC, JSTL based on MVC architecture. The logic of source codes of all the required programs in JSP, Servlet and JSTL was explained and integration of all the programs was demonstrated to the students.  In later part of the workshop, the students made hands on practice for development of the same module by their own. The students learned configuration of development environment like, Tomcat, MySQL on Eclipse IDE.

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Dr. Vijesh Jain presented paper in International Conference at Amity University.


Dr. Vijesh Jain, Professor, ITS, Ghaziabad presented a paper titled - "Investigating the Real Benefits in terms of Work Life balance of Self Initiated Expatriation by Skilled Expatriates from India", at International Conference “Impact of Emerging Trends in Entrepreneurship: Focus on Digital India, Start up India Stand up India Initiative” on 7-8 March, 2017, at Amity University, Noida. The paper was well received by the session chair and audience. Apart from the paper presentation, Dr. Vijesh Jain also chaired one technical session at the conference and was one of the panel members of the panel discussion on the main theme of the conference.

A number of academics and scholars from national and international universities and educational institutes attended this 2 day conference. A number of students from other universities also presented their stories about their entrepreneurial ventures and discussed the success and failures of their projects. Some of these projects were very promising projects and got the attention of banks and other investors at the conference itself.

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HR club organized COGNIZANCE for MBA students.


The MBA - HR club organized its activity, COGNIZANCE on March 7th , 2017 for MBA 1st and 2nd year. This team activity was designed to apprise the participants about importance of co-ordination and trust amongst the members when working in a team. The activity was organized in old auditorium from 3:30 PM to 5.30 PM. The participating students and audience were very excited and full of enthusiasm throughout the event.

The event comprised of two rounds, following are the details:
This round included team of two people. As the name suggests, one of the participant was supposed to draw the HR related term on the board and other person had to identify it within the given period of time i.e. 2mins. 22 teams participated in all in this round from which only 8 got selected for the final round.

v Round II – “COGNIZANCE”:
This was the final round which actually measured the awareness of the participants about the current affairs of India and the world. This round also included team of two participants. The participants were given clues in the form of the image and they had to speak upon the related issue for 3 mins. Their performance was measured on the basis of their communication skills , the way of presentation and their knowledge about the topic.

For the final results, 3 teams were selected for 1st 2nd and 3rd positions. Throughout the event excitement and the exhilaration in the audience and amongst the participants was evident through their response…. 

The winners of the event were:
1st – Priyanka and Ritu (2nd year), 2nd – Prayag and Ruchika (2nd year),3rd - Sweety and Prachi (1st year)

The winners were awarded with prizes and certificates by the honourable guest of the event Prof. Neetu purohit and Prof. Bhavna Bhardwaj. The presence of the faculty members boosted the morale of the organising team and the participants.

The event concluded with huge round of applause and was appreciated by one and all...

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Parivartan’- the Slum Education Programme


5th March, 2017 activity of ‘Parivartan’- the Slum Education Programme, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad was a chocolaty class of Science. Actually it was a Science class during which the big chocolate bars were gifted to the slum children by the PGDM volunteer Ms. Sonakshi Mittal. Volunteer Souradipa Ghosh had also brought two packets of éclairs for them which made their Sunday really yummy.
Volunteers of the day Rajesh Borar, Shubham Mendiratta, Navdeep Chawla, Shrishti Garg, Versha Nehra, Souradipa Ghosh, Sonakshi Mittal, Amaan Siddiqui, Rohit Thakur, Arif Hussain and Satendar Rana (Dev) started the class with the prayer ‘Itni shakti dena humein data’.

The talk of the day was on the theme ‘Padaartho Ka Prithak-karan’ (Separation of Substances). The children were told about the purpose and the importance of separating various substances in day to day life. Relevant and interesting examples were used for the elaborations. Separation of salt from the sea-water, separation of petrol, diesel and kerosene from crude oil and separation of impurities from rice and pulses before cooking were explained to simplify the theme.
Tables of 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 were also practiced during the session on Maths.
The attraction of the day was the big boxes and packets of chocolates brought by the volunteers Ms. Sonakshi Mittal and Ms. Souradipa Ghosh. The children were overjoyed to have received the delicious delicacies.
The class and the competition for the day concluded with the distribution of Crax and eclairs among all the children. Dr. Gopal Krishna Dwivedi accompanied and guided the volunteers as the faculty coordinator of the CSR Club.

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Department of I.T, I.T.S, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad organized “SAMAGRA-2017”, an inter-institutional Techno-Cultural Fest on 04th March, 2017. The event received registration from 70 plus institutes in various activities and witnessed huge participation from institutes of NCR and far off places like Indore, Gaya, Lucknow, Moradabad, Kanpur, Saharapanur Meerut etc with about 600 participants. The event comprised of 13 activities under four categories including Technical, Cultural, Literary and Fine Arts The event was full of fun, great display of talent, commitment, high class performances in all the categories. 
SAMAGRA-2017 was inaugurated by lamp lightening by Honorable Vice Chairman, I.T.S The Education Group, Shri. Arpit Chadha, Chief Guest, Mr. Shubhankar Nandy CIO Jindal Stainless, Gurgaon, Guest of Honor Dr. R. K. Bhadauria, Rtrd. Sale Tax Commissioner Well Known Poet and Musician, Director-IT, Dr. Sunil Kr. Pandey & SAMAGRA Coordinators Prof. Saurabh Saxena, Prof. Puja Dhar & Prof. Varun Arora. While addressing the gathering Vice Chairman, I.T.S The Education Group appreciated the efforts of Department of IT and expressed his happiness for the huge participation in both Technical and Cultural events. He wished best luck to all the participants and welcome them at I.T.S. Director-IT, Dr. Sunil Pandey welcomed the guest, while addressing the students said that such events cannot be conducted overnight and requires lots of planning, committed efforts. He also congratulated the Team SAMAGRA and said these events give platform to all the students to show their technical and non-technical skills. Prof. Saurabh Saxena coordinator-SAMAGRA also briefed about the event. 
Chief Guest of the event, Mr. Shubankar Nandy shared his thought provoking address which inspired everyone present. He emphasized on the regular updation of an individual in this fast changing world to stay relevant & competent.

Guest of Honor, Dr. Bhadauria blessed the participants with his words of wisdom. He motivated participants to showcase their natural talent without mimcking anyone else. 
After that the students of MCA IV Semester welcomed all the dignitaries and participants by their foot-strapping Cultural activities including a beautiful Ganesh Vandhana ,song on guitar, Group dance of the bollywood songs from 1980 to 2017 & very special performance by the students on save girls child. The inaugural session was appreciated and enjoyed by everyone present in the hall.
The events were categorized into four heads and comprised of different activities

Under Technical category, there were 4 activities as C-Twister for C- Programming contest , Java Junkies for on spot java programming , Abhivyakti for Technical Poster Presentation, Aavishkar for Mobile Application Demonstration & Brain Booster for IT quiz .

Under Cultural category, there were 3 activities as Aalap for Solo Singing, Aja Nach Le for Solo Dance and Taal se Taal Mila for group dance

Under Fine Arts category, there were 4 activities as Rangavali for Rangoli, Heena for Mehandi, Mukhota for Face Painting,and Art Attack for tattoo Making.

Under Literature category a very interesting activity Charcha for extempore.
Many colleges from NCR and outside NCR participated in SAMAGRA-2017. Some of the colleges include Gaya College Gaya, Theerthanker Mahaveer University Moradabad, National PG College Lucknow, JNU Delhi, Delhi University, IIMT Meerut, ABES, RKGIT, Sunder Deep, Mewar,IMS, LPU, Dronacharya Group of Institutes, Amity University, Satyawati College, New Delhi, BBDIT, IDEAL, PIET Panipat, Monad University, Galgotia, IIMT, Gr. Noida, KIET, Institute of Management & Technology Tech., Faridabad, IP University etc.

At the end of the event, I, II and III winners for all the activities were awarded with cash prize, Medal & Certificate and these awards were distributed to all the winners of this event by Director-IT, Dr. Sunil Kr. Pandey & Internal & external Judges. On this occasion, Coordinators of SAMAGRA-2017, Prof. Saurabh Saxena, Prof. Puja Dhar, Prof. Varun Arora and Faculty Members of Dept of IT were also present.

The whole event was full of learning, fun and enjoyment.

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Dr. S.K. Pandey invited to Chair a Technical Session at BVICAM


Dr. Sunil Kr Pandey, Director (IT) was invited to Chair a Technical Session in 11th International Conference in IndiaCom-2017 on Thursday, 02nd March, 2017 at BVICAM, New Delhi. Sr. Professor of JMI, New Delhi was present as Co-Chair in this Session.

Total 17 papers were presented by the respective authors, Scientists, and Scholars from the areas of Soft Computing, IoT and Data Analytics.

Overall it was a great learning to interact with the researchers and understand their perspectives. Great learning experience to interact with, and listen young and experienced researchers about cross discipline researches and works. It was a happy moment to meet Ms Monika Arora the student of first Batch (1999), I taught at ITS.

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Dr Umang, Asstt Professor, Department of IT chaired a session in International Conference


Dr Umang, Asstt Professor, Department of IT was invited to chair a technical session on on “Track 4.5: Software Engineering and Emerging Technologies” in Third day of International Conference INDIACom 2017 during 1st – 3rd March 2017 Technically sponsored by IEEE Delhi Section and Technical supported by GGSIP University, New Delhi, ISTE Delhi Section, CSI Region-I, CSI Divisions- I,II,III,IV & V, IETE Delhi Center and IET(UK) Delhi Local Networks at BVICAM, New Delhi.

INDIACom 2017 was aimed at providing an effective platform to the researchers from all over the world to show-case their original research work, have effective exchange of ideas and develop a strategic plan for balanced and inclusive growth of economy through IT in critical areas like E-Governance, E-Commerce, Disaster Management, GIS, Geo-spatial Technologies, Nano-Technology, Intellectual Property Rights, AI and Expert Systems, Networking, Software Engineering, High Performance Computing and other Emerging Technologies. 
This session “Software Engineering and Emerging Technologies” was presided by Dr. Sachin Sharma, MRIU, Faridabad. Original contributions were solicited for this track on the third day of INDIACom 2017.

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‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme


26th February, 2017 activity of ‘Parivartan’- the Slum Education Programme, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad was a combo of Singing Competition and a class on Geography.
Volunteers of the day – Richa Sharma, Konika Tyagi, Soma Roy, Mayank Chaturvedi, Nainsi Yadav, Lokesh Kumar, Arif Hussain and Satendar Rana (Dev) started the class with the prayer ‘Itni shakti dena humein data’.
The talk of the day was on the theme ‘States and Capitals in India’. The children were told about the important states of India, their location in the map and their capitals. Many children did not know what a state is and what a capital is. The same and their importance and purpose were explained with examples and elaborations. The purpose was to help the children understand the geography of their country better.

The attraction of the day was the Singing Competition in which the confident participants tried their throats on the musical notes. The best singers were appreciated with on the spot prizes.
The detailed revision of previous lessons also took place as routine.
The class and the competition for the day concluded with the distribution of Namkeen and eclairs among all the children. Mr. Arif conducted the activity effectively as the President of the Parivartan Club.

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Educational Visit to Narora Atomic Power Plant, Narora, Bulandshahar for Students & Faculty members


Department of IT organized an Educational visit for a group of 40 students accompanied by Director-IT, Dr. Sunil Kr. Pandey, Prof. Smita Kansal, Prof. Saurabh Saxena, Prof. Varun Arora, Dr. Vidushi Singh, Prof. Nancy Sharma, Prof. Yogita Chauhan and Prof. Shreyta Raj to Narora Atomic Power Station (NAPS), a public sector undertaking under the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India which is located at about 176 kms from Ghaziabad on 25th February, 2017. 
The trip started from I.T.S, Mohan Nagar campus at about 6.30 AM. A small briefing was made by Dr. Sunil Kr. Pandey, Director-IT related to the visit. The journey lasted about 3 and half hour. As soon as the bus entered the outskirts of NAPS, a scenic view was everywhere with blissful greenery. 

Students were taken to a stack block by a bus. A guest lecture was delivered by Mr. Mukesh Sharma, Training Officer, NAPS. He gave a brief description about the power plant through an interactive presentation. He explain about the growing need of nuclear energy in the near future. Narora Power plant has two units which produce 220MW units of power. Later, the group was taken to Nuclear Energy Information Centre, where the process of nuclear power generation was clearly explained through a schematic flow diagram. Nuclear applications in various fields were visually explained for a better understanding. 
Later, students were divided into two groups headed by Mr. K. Singh, visit coordinator from NAPS and Mr. Mukesh Sharma & taken to Turbine building. Safety measures were taken before witnessing the functioning of turbine. Students keenly observed the entire process and raise their queries which were resolved by the instructors accompanying them. Control room, the much awaited place for all as many devices that were controlling overall system were witnessed. An internal view of the reactor (Calandria) was shown through cameras. A working view of twin units with many functioning devices created a sense of inquisitiveness amongst the students. 
It was indeed an unique experience to visit the entirely automated Control Room and see how IT is helping in such a critical system and to see and experience of having Uranium Channels, operations of Turbine, Environmental Science Lab. It was a wonderful learning experience for everyone.

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Prof. Anuja Roy presented a paper at 2nd Global Leadership Research Conference organized by Amity Business School , Greater Noida.


Prof. Anuja Roy of ITS Mohan Nagar presented a paper titled “Healthcare Services At The Doorstep: A Conceptual Insight To The Indian Home Healthcare Market” at the 2nd Global Leadership Research Conference organized by Amity Business School , Greater Noida on 23rd -24th February 2017.

The conference theme addressed the issues and solutions surrounding Innovation, Sustainability and Change in marketing of goods & services.

The Inaugural session commenced with lamp lighting, followed by a welcome address by Mr. Vivek Singh Tomar, the conference co-chairperson. Dr. Thomas Mathew, IAS, Additional Secretary to the President of India was the guest of honor for the inaugural. Other eminent speakers from the industry were also present for the inaugural.

The speakers emphasised the need for innovation in an ever changing marketing environment.

The Inaugural Session ended with a vote of thanks by the session co-chair. The next course of the conference was divided into three technical sessions. During the first session, distinguished speakers from the Industry discussed on the “Contemporary Issues Challenges in Marketing”. The session was chaired by: DR. Hemendra Dangi, Faculty of Management Studies University of Delhi.

The technical session II was on “Innovations in Health Care and Services Marketing” which was chaired by DR. Sanjay Dhir , ‎Professor, Strategic Management Area, DMS, IIT Delhi. The technical session III was on “Sustainability in Social Media and Online Marketing”. This session was chaired by Dr. Rakesh Singh, Professor IMT Ghaziabad. Delegates across Industry and Academia presented their research during the two day Conference. The seminar attempted to arrive at a course of actionable points that accurately described the path to follow and how to meet the challenges.The conference was well received by the participants.

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