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‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme


12th February, 2017 activity of ‘Parivartan’- the Slum Education Programme, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad was special in many ways. It was special because the Library Club members of PGDM had brought 80 colourful storybooks for the slum children, and it was special because the faculty coordinator of the club Prof. Shikha Arora had also came along with her cute little daughter and interacted with the slum children.
Volunteers of the day – Shivi Gautam, Abhijita Sinha, Vaibhav Pandey, Novika Chadha, Monika Gupta, Prateek Jain, Rajat Verma, Trithankar Mandal, Arif Hussain, Vikas Babu and Satendar Rana (Dev) started the class with the prayer ‘Itni shakti dena humein data’.

The Library Club members had brought 80 big and good quality story books for the slum children. All books had different stories with lovely pictures and a good moral for life. The theme of the day was ‘Story Reading’ from the same books. Three stories from three different books were read by the volunteers for slum children. The paralinguistics, gestures, voice modulations, description and elaboration of difficult words filled this session with the real fun, loud clappings and lasting lessons learnt with great interest. A revision of the previous exercises was also done as routine.
At the end of the activity, active participants were appreciated with prizes by honourable Prof. Shikha Arora who visibly enjoyed the activity as the faculty coordinator of the Library Club. The class for the day ended with the distribution of these story books, éclairs and creamy wafers among all the children. Dr. Gopal Krishna Dwivedi accompanied and guided the volunteers as the faculty coordinator of Parivartan Club.

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Workshop on Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning.


On 10th February, 2017(11:am-1:10pm) C Club of Department of IT in association with CSI Student Branch @ I.T.S Ghaziabad conducted a workshop on Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning for MCA 4th Semester students. The resource person for the workshop was Prof. C M Sharma. Total 62 students of MCA 4th Semester participated in the workshop. 
The objective of this workshop was to prepare students for upcoming placements on Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning. The recruiters coming for recruiting MCA students have the questions on the topics in their written round.
Prof. Sharma started the workshop with the importance of Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning in placement process. He then discussed problems and important formulas on Ages, Average, Boats & Streams, Time & Distance, Mixture, Proportions, Pipers & Cisterns, Series etc. 

Prof. Sharma also told the students various shortcut methods to solve problems and gave many useful tips to improve accuracy and speed. The workshop was a helpful exercise for the students. 

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Marketing Club Organized “Build your own Campaign Competition” for MBA Students.


On 08th February 2017, Marketing Club organized “Build Your Own Campaign Competition” for MBA (2016-18) Batch students. The event provided a platform for students to showcase their marketing skills and creative thoughts under one roof. Students presented their campaign in the form of power point presentations. The main aim of the campaign was to highlight the various promotional tools required to market products & services in present day scenario. Total 10 groups participated. Time given to each group was around 10 mins. Each group presented their ideas in the most creative manner thereby making use of relevant promotional tools.

The activity was well received by students. They were highly enthusiastic with regards to the presentations. 
To engage the audience, fillers in the form of marketing quiz was also used. Winners of the quiz questions were applauded. The event was judged by Prof Anuja Roy.
Winners of the “Build Your Own Campaign Competition” were
· Amandeep & Sailesh – Ist position
· DishaDobriyal & Vikram Sehgal – 2nd position
· Himanshu & Lavi Gupta – 3rd position
The winners were awarded with certificates.
The Club looks forward to organize more such creative, informative and learning oriented programs in the near future.

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‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme


5th February, 2017 activity of ‘Parivartan’- the Slum Education Programme, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad was the beginning of an all new series on Science that started unit wise with the content of a book of Class 6.
Volunteers of the day – Sanjana Singh, Justin Raj, Rohit Chaudhary, Rohit Kumar, Prayag Tripathi, Priyanka Gupta and Arif Hussain started the class with the prayer ‘Itni shakti dena humein data’.
On this important day the volunteers started a new series on science titled ‘Aao Samjhein Vijnan (Let Us Understand Science) through the Science text book of class 6. The talk of the day was on ‘Science in Daily Life’. The children were first told – what science is. The importance of continuous observation, experiments and deriving conclusions from it was explained with the examples like pressure cooker, falling of apple and why a bird flies in the sky but stones fall back on the earth.

A quiz was conducted on natural and artificial items. The correct responses were appreciated with prizes. The harms caused due to misuse or excessive usage of science were also explained with examples of pollution due to cars, factories and loud sounds. A revision of tables and counting also took place.
The class for the day ended with the distribution of éclairs and Crax among all the children. Dr. Gopal Krishna Dwivedi accompanied and guided the volunteers as the faculty coordinator of Parivartan Club.

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IB Club – GLOCAL organized Oratory Marathon for MBA Students.


On 2nd February, 2017 the IB club, popularly known as “GLOCAL”, organized an activity for MBAstudents. The activity was designed to encourage in the students a spirit of seeking and developing an analytical approach. Theactivity was organized in the New Seminar Hall from 3:30 PM onwards. The students took active participation in the activity and their excitement during the various rounds reverberated through the auditorium. 

The first round was a debate competition where in the 15 teams (2 students in each team) participated and expressed their opinion on the topic- ‘‘New political regime in USA will impact India- USA business relations negatively” Top 6 teams reached the second round where both the members of the team were given separate topics for extempore. This round tested their quick thinking and awareness with the latest happenings across the globe as the topics of second round were based on current affairs and general awareness in the field of International Business and Economics. 

The team comprising of Ms. Umama and Mr. Mukul became the champions. Team represented by Ms. Akanksha and Mr. Himanshu stood in second place closely followed by Ms. Akanksha Goyal and Ms. Surabhi third position.

All the winners were awarded with attractive prizes. The activity,under the guidance of IB Club Mentor, Prof. Parul Gupta,was conducted by members of team GLOCAL comprising of Ms. Sakshi, Mr. Prayag, Ms. Ruchika, Mr. Shailesh, Ms. Shefali, Ms. Richa, Mr. Razi and Ms. Anjali.

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“Cyber Security”


Department of I.T. organized an Expert Talk on “Cyber Security” in association with CSI Student Branch @ ITS, Ghaziabad on Tuesday, 31st January 2017 for MCA-IV Semester Students. Mr. Balaji Venketshwar, Consultant PWC, Former Vice President, Bank of America was the resource person for this session. The objective of this Talk was to make students aware about many cyber threats and solutions available.

While delivering his welcome address, Director-IT, Dr. Sunil Kr. Pandey said that Department of IT always provide many opportunities to their students where they can update their knowledge and bridge the gap between industry and academia.

Chairperson-MCA, Prof. Puja Dhar said that cyber security is a top concern in the IT industry today and students are privileged to listen to Sh. Balaji where they can know the various career opportunities available in the market

While addressing the students, Sh. Bala ji discussed about many cyber security threats to information system like 
• Vulnerable web applications
• Being overall security “aware”
• Failure to encrypt PCs and sensitive data
• Hacking of systems

He also advised students to do more coding and improve coding skills, start writing your own codes and don’t be dependent on tools, so that it will help you to find your own bugs in the code. He also advised students to prepare themselves for ethical hacking and also try their hands in cyber security. He also mentioned various career opportunities in cyber security area. Students also asked many queries related to the cyber security and cleared their doubts regarding to the ethical hacking.

Sh. Balaji Venketshewar also had an interactive session with faculties, where he advised faculty members to allow students to work on new and real life problem based projects and give emphasis on the project development done by students.

The session was followed by the lunch with all faculty members. Overall it was an interactive and new learning session for students.

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An open House career counseling & guidance Session “PARAMARSH” with our MCA Alumni was scheduled on Saturday, 28th January, 2017 in the new Board Room at the institute for our BCA Final year Students.

The objective of this session was to provide with an opportunity to our existing BCA 6th Semester Students of UG Campus, to meet & interact with the MCA alumni serving in leading organizations and get their queries resolved. Mr. Manish Sharma, Technical Lead, Syscom MCA (2005) passout , Mr. Rahul Srivastav, Sr. Software Engineer, NIIT MCA (2010) paasout and Mr. Nitish Bhardwaj,Software Engineer, Paytm MCA (2015) passout were the expert panelists in this session. 
The session started with the introduction & briefing about the objective of the session by Prof. Puja Dhar. Dr. Vidya Sekhri, Director UG briefed about the benefits of the session and explained the purpose. She also encouraged students to come up with their questions, doubts and other issues that they would be having regarding their future & career options. 
Prof. Puja Dhar, introduced the Alumni and thanked them for their support and active involvement in institutional activities. Thereafter the session opened for the discussion & interaction between the BCA VI semester students and MCA Alumni. During the session many of the BCA VI Semester students interacted and asked lots of queries which were addressed by the Alumni. Alumni present, shared their own experiences and advised the students to stick on core fundamentals of the subjects, understand their strengths & interest and accordingly plan for their future. Students were very happy with the session. 
Dr. Umang, Alumni Coordinator, Dr. Vidushi Singh, Prof. Chandra Mani Sharma, Prof. Nancy Sharma, Prof. Richa Singh, Chairperson BCA and Prof. Yogita Chauhan, Coordinator BCA Final year, were also present in the session. The main highlights of the session were as follows:

• The experts from industry enlightened the students regarding various career myths while choosing a career option. They emphasized on perusing the higher education in regular mode and other similar questions.
• The Experts from industry advised all the BCA students to prepare their road-maps of their career so that they can act accordingly.
• The session was interactive and UG students raised their queries and these were properly addressed by the Alumni Experts. 
• At conclusion of the session, feedback of the participating BCA-VI semester students were collected.

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Management Department organized FDP on Entrepreneurship Development.


The success of an education institution is dependent on its ability to transform student’s life. The key element in this process is the faculty. Understanding faculty’s role as a catalyst within a structured academic system is one of the most important pre- requisite for creating a great learning organization. Keeping this in focus Institute of Technology & Science, Ghaziabad organised a Faculty Development Programmes on “Entrepreneurship” from 16th to 27th January, 2017. Twenty three Participants from ITS & other institutes of Delhi NCR participated in FDP. 

The program was inaugurated by Shri Venugopal Gupta, Head- incubation & venture accelerator centre. In his inaugural address Shri Venugopal Gupta highlighted the importance of entrepreneurial culture in an education institute, he talked about various aspects of entrepreneurship & several hardships which are associated with entrepreneurship. Dr. A.K. Puri, Director General, I.T.S Mohan Nagar presented overview of the program. Dr. S.P. Mishra, Advisor, I.T.S- The Education Group, with sensitization of participants towards Entrepreneurship FDP & its importance in today’s Scenario. Post Lunch Session was addressed by Dr. Rita Sen Gupta Ex-Director (B/S) - NIESBUD, she gave an overview of Entrepreneurial Qualities & Motivation Development.

Second & Third day was chaired by Dr. Rita Sen Gupta continued the session with exercise on entrepreneurial qualities, continuous exercises were done to collect data of participants on entrepreneurial qualities, so that participants can be motivated to become entrepreneur. Post lunch was on motivation development, to motivate faculty for promoting entrepreneurship in students.

Dr. Govind Sharma, an IPR expert from New Delhi was the keynote speaker for first session of Day Four. He discussed the relevance of IPR for entrepreneurs, especially technical entrepreneurs. How in present day scenario IPR plays an important role in building brand & he also shared various examples where copying of technology & patents were penalized in international courts. Post Lunch session was chaired by Mr. C.K. Sabharwal, MD Crop Health products Ltd. discussed how to sense business opportunity & identify a product & market for new product. New innovations & ways to identify new product was discussed.

Friday, 20th January, 2017 Day -5 was dedicated to financing options for entrepreneurs; First Session was addressed by Mr. Sunil Joshi, Expert & Prof. Sharda University, shared his expertise on different financing options for entrepreneurs. Traditional approach to seed funding & present day ease in getting seed funds, which made entrepreneurship a comparatively easy option. Role of different institutions & what are Do’s & Don’t for project report, from the point of view of financial institutes was discussed. Second session was chaired by Mr. Sanjay Kumar, Expert incubation- MSME, session was enlightening, various government incentives were disused, several new government schemes information was shared, Incubation centre requirements & how to set up incubation centre was shared, information about incubation in nearby areas. How MSME is helping in promoting entrepreneurship was discussed & in what ways we can help budding entrepreneurs in taking advantage of these schemes of government. 

Saturday, 21st January, 2017 was dedicated for entrepreneurial competencies tools, techniques & Guidance, session was chaired by Dr. V.N. Bajpai, Associate Professor, I.T.S Mohan Nagar. Session begin with different innovations & new business ventures. Participants undertook a small exercise on Refrigeration industry; small groups were formed & analyzed various features in refrigerators, then groups were required to design a new product for refrigeration industry. Groups presented their products, marketing strategies were developed. Small competition took place. A unique type of refrigerator ‘Chotu Cool’ example of shared with audience.

Day-7 i.e. 23rd January, 2017, Group visited Mother Dairy Plant, Parparganj, Delhi. Participants interacted with concerned person & facilities were visited. Complete process from procurement to processing till final delivery was elaborated. Several quality checks implemented at different stages during the process were told. Visit gave a holistic view of enterprise management to participants.

Day-8 i.e. 24th January, 2017, Key note speaker for first session was Dr. A.K.Puri, Directr General, I.T.S, Mohan Nagar, session focuses on ‘Critical issues in Entrepreneurship development & growth’ Dr. Puri shared his expertise on creating entrepreneurial culture & what are the major challenges faced during this & how we as faculty can promote this culture in our organization & promote more students to take entrepreneurship as a career option. He explained the importance of entrepreneurial growth & role of a mentor. Second Session of the day was chaired by Mr. C.K. Sabharwal, MD, Crop- Health Product, addressed the need & importance of financial management in managing an enterprise, session was interactive & participants learned that not only raising of funds is important but how to effectively manage long term & day to day finances of venture.

On Day -9, i.e. 25th January, 2017, Mr. Girish Shivani, Director at yournest Angel Fund, a renowned name in Venture capital Industry of INDIA, enlightened the members about how do venture capitalist evaluates & appraises entrepreneurial venture. Role of Venture capitalist in promoting & how new entrepreneurs can leverage venture capital. Second session was chaired by Dr. Lokendra Tyagi, Expert, Personal management in Entrepreneurial Venture, explained the Need & importance of personnel management in managing an enterprise, during the session various interpersonal aspects were illustrated, that an entrepreneur shall take care. How to identify a right employee, what is expected from entrepreneur & employees especially in startups was discussed followed by a role play. 

On Day -10 first session was addressed by Dr. S.P. Mishra on ‘Curriculum Planning and its presentation’, as the faculties are well equipped with knowledge this session explained different ways through which they can transfer their learning of FDP to their students & promote more entrepreneurs. Chief guest for valedictory session was Dr. Usha Dixit, Scientist "C", National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), addressed the gathering & shared various live examples which flourished under the aegis of NSTEDB, followed by certificate distribution.

22 faculty members from ITS Ghaziabad and Various other institutes took part in FDP. Fun filled knowledge rich and self exploring journey left faculty members with a new orientation about themselves & Entrepreneurship.

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‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme : 68th Republic Day Celebration


6th January, 2017 activity of ‘Parivartan’- the Slum Education Programme, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad was the celebration of the Republic Day that concluded with the distribution of Laddoos, balloons and the replicas of Indian National Flag.  Volunteers of the day – Shalvika Singh, Dwiti Lal, Madhu Sahoo, Priyanka Gupta, Arif Hussain, Vikas Babu and Satender Rana (Dev) started the class with the regular checkup of the hygiene and personal grooming of the slum children. Those who had come bathed, neat and clean were appreciated. The activity started with the prayer ‘Itni shakti dena humein data’.
The Republic Day celebration started with the decoration of the spot with the balloons, tricolor flags and other decorative materials. The first half of the celebration included the introduction of the freedom fighters. Their contribution in the freedom struggle was elaborated. The Meaning and significance of the day was explained in detail.

The second half of the celebration was the chorus ‘Sare jahaan se achchha hindostan hamara’ which was followed by the popular patriotic slogans.
The grand celebration ended with the distribution of Motichoor Laddoos, Indian Flag replicas, tri-colour balloons and éclairs among all the children. Dr. Gopal Krishna Dwivedi accompanied and guided the volunteers as the faculty coordinator of Parivartan Club

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Utthan Lab Activity : 68th Republic day Celebration


25th January, 2017 activity of Utthan Lab, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad was a an advance celebration of the 68th Republic Day of India which included a Speech Competition ‘Hum Bharat Ke Log’ and a Drawing Competition on MS Paint. The celebration got special with the encouraging presence of honourable Director General, ITS, Ghaziabad Dr. A. K. Puri and Dr. Anita Mathew, Professor, HR.

Volunteers of the day – Konika Tyagi, Lavi Gupta, Pulkit Varshney, Rajat Gupta, Shruti Khandelwal, Abhishek Chaudhary, Bikram Parajuli, Lokesh Kumar, Rashmi Yadav, Sumit Kumar, Tanu Verma, Abhishek Kumar, Monika Gupta, Aanchal Grover, Manoj Kumar Sharma and Arpit Jaikant started the day with the brief on the day’s importance, activities and the competitions.

The first session of the day was on ‘Our Republic Day’ during which the key terms – republic, democracy, constitution were elaborated with examples. The Utthan children were also told about the process of formation of our Constitution, the drafting committee of Constitution and the date when it came into force. The preamble of the constitution of India was read and repeated in Hindi and English with sufficient elaboration of the significance of important words in it.

The Second session of the day was on Computer Skills. The children were taken to Computer Lab 1 and Lab 2 where the task for them was to prepare a painting on Republic Day 2017 on MS Paint. 22 Children did it perfectly who were felicitated with the attractive prizes.

The third and the last session of the day was a Speech Competition with the theme of ‘Hum Bharat Ke Log’ in which the children had to speak on the uniqueness, strengths, and weaknesses of Indian people. The little children came out with thought-provoking ideas and expressions.

First, Second and Third Prize winners in Speech Competition were felicitate with the huge wall clocks by hon’ble Director General Dr. A.K. Puri while the First, Second and Third Prize winners of the Painting Competition were appreciated with the Milton water bottles by Dr. Anita Mathew. 24 other participants were also given attractive prizes for their best efforts. Dr. Puri blessed and motivated the Utthan Children with his short and informal address. He also shared with them the mantras for developing confidence and overall personality. Dr. Anita Mathew made the day special for the children by bringing two delicious cakes for them which were cut and relished by the children.

Replica of the national flag and the packets of cream biscuits were given to all the children. Dr. Gopal Krishna Dwivedi guided and accompanied the volunteers as the faculty coordinator of Utthan Lab.

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2-days Workshop on “Web Application Development using PHP”


Department of I.T.has planned a series of workshops for BCA students on different current technologies for making them aware about the new trends which will help them in their higher studies. In continuation of this, first two days workshop on “Web Application Development using PHP” has been conducted on 24th -25th January 2017. The objective of the workshop was to familiarize the students with Web based technology and to make them understand the Application area of PHP. Prof. K.P.Singh, Prof. Varun Arora and Prof. Smita Kansal, faculty members of the Department IT,were the resource person for these 2 days session. Total 33 students participated in the workshop.

Workshop was formally inaugurated on 24th January 2017 in the presence of Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey, Director-IT, Prof. Puja Dhar, Chairperson-MCA, Prof. Smita Kansal, Coordinator-MCA, Prof. Richa SinghChairperson-BCA, Prof. Yogita Chauhan, Coordinator-BCAIIIrd year, Prof. Nancy Sharma, Prof. K.P. Singh, Prof Varun Arora and Dr. Vidushi Singh.

While in his address Director IT discussed how market demand is changing day by day and how a student can prepare him/her as per the changing environment. Prof. Richa Singh, Chairperson-BCA briefed about the need of the workshops on new technologies to BCA III year students.Prof. Puja Dhar, Chairperson-MCA discussed how Department IT will going to schedule workshops on the current and new technologies which will be beneficial to them in their future. Prof. Yogita Chauhan, Coordinator-BCA IIIrd year informed students that if they want workshops on any other technologies which we have not planned yet, can also be communicated by them to their Chairperson or the Coordinator.

While two days’ workshop following contents were discussed including hands on Practice:
• Introduction to Web based application
• Introduction to Web Site
• Static Pages
• Structure of HTML
• Basic Tags of HTML(Heading, Font, Title, Bold, Italic, Break Line, Underline)
• Form Tags in HTML(Textbox, Password, Submit and Reset Button)
• Dynamic Pages
• Introduction to PHP
• Introduction to WAMP server
• Writing PHP Code
• Component to PHP page
• Variable
• Handling HTML data

Overall it was an interactive and new learning sessions for students

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Inaugural of Four weeks Entrepreneurship Development Programme


With the objective of creating awareness among the participants about entrepreneurship an Entrepreneurship Development Programme is being organized by Department of IT @ Institute of Technology & Science, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad. The duration of this programme will be from 23rd January, 2017 to 17 February, 2017. This programme is sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. The inaugural ceremony of the programme was held in New Seminar Hall, AB-IV of the institute. The programme was inaugurated by the gracious presence of Director-General, Dr. A.K. Puri, Dr. S.P. Mishra, Director-IT, Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey and Mr. Rakesh Malik (MD & Founder - Combine Ways, New Delhi ).
Director General Dr. A.K. Puri , while addressing the gathering touched the various dimension of entrepreneurship from raw to the actual product. He very well said when a time poses challenge is when the real entrepreneur emerges. He shared with student that in each of us an entrepreneur exists which inspire us to experiment, fail, retry & succeed in our professional & personal life.

Dr. S. P. Mishra who is always the source of inspirations & motivating us for promoting & getting engaged with entrepreneurial activities blessed the student with an informative & motivational talk by taking various live examples.

Mr. Rakesh Malik emphasized the need for entrepreneurship and highlighted how the entrepreneurial eco-system has changed in recent times. He told the students about various challenges that an entrepreneur has to face in his life.  Prof. Saurabh Saxena Coordinator-E-cell briefed the participants about the structure, design of the programme and spelt out the expectations of the organizers from the participants.  At the end of the session vote of thanks was proposed by Director-IT, Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey. He wished the participants for their bright future.

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‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme


22nd Janurary, 2017 activity of ‘Parivartan’- the Slum Education Programme, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad was a gift-packed class in which all the children received notebooks, pencils, erasers and sharpeners along with useful lessons on ‘Precautions’.
Volunteers of the day – Ruchi Singh, Jitendra Singh, Ayushi Verma, Arti Gupta, Shalu Gupta, Arpit Jaikant, Abhishek Kumar, Aman Jaiswal, Vikas Babu, Arif Hussain, Bikram Parajuli and Satender Rana (Dev) started the activity with the prayer – ‘Itni shakti humein dena data, mann ka vishwas kamjor ho na’.

The talk of the day started with the theme of ‘Precautions’ in which the slum children were made aware and familiar with certain precautions that would save them from various risks and dangers. The children were told about precautions while crossing a road, while handling a fire erupted out of an electric short circuit and giving first aid to the wounded person. Through interesting simulation, the children were told not to run while crossing a road. They were also told to stand still in case of sudden confusion on road. When the precautions related to electric fire were being discussed, the children were told not use water for putting off the electric fire, rather to shout for help from adults. The little ones were also briefed about first aid for minor cuts or wounds and the associated dos and don’ts. Second session of the day was a routine revision session.
This day the slum children also experienced a shower of gifts. The father of MBA volunteers Arti Gupta and Shalu Gupta had sent 75 pencils, sharpeners, erasers and notebooks for the slum children which were distributed to them resulting in wide smiles on their faces.
The class of the day ended with the distribution of Kurkure and chocolates among all the children. Dr. Gopal Krishna Dwivedi accompanied and guided the volunteers as the faculty coordinator of the CSR Club

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Summary report of “SAMVAD-VI” (Group Debate)


In the present scenario of the recruitment drive of the IT companies of any size, they are looking their workforce on the board well equipped with the business communication skill essentially English in addition to the sound aptitude and attitude with suitable leading IT degree.
Our MCA students are from different walk of life, family background, hailing from far flung areas with vernacular languages. There is need to sharpen the communication and articulation skills for the holistic development of a student and eventually ready to move industry.

Conceptualized by: Deptt of IT
Targeted participants: MCA-IV sem students

Snapshot of first round, as on 21.01.17

Date                            No of participants                       Faculty moderators                           Agenda

21.01.17                        17                                             Prof Abhay N Tripathi            Post demonetization,
                                                                                         Prof Varun Arora                     Govt has achieved the
                                                                                                                                              set objective?

21.01.17                         14                                           Prof Gaurav Midha                 Post demonetization,
                                                                                         Prof C M Sharma                    Govt has achieved the
                                                                                                                                            set objective?

21.01.17                         12                                          Prof K P Singh                          Post demonetization,
                                                                                        Prof Rakesh Roshon              Govt has achieved the 
                                                                                                                                            set objective

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Management Faculty attended 27th National Annual Convention of GMA.


27th National Annual Convention of GMA was held at Radisson blu, Kaushambi, Delhi NCR, on 21st January,2017. Theme of this event was Digital India for Growth & Empowerment- Power to empower. Event started in the presence of dignitaries with the lamp lighting before Goddess Saraswati. Welcome address was delivered by Dr. R.K Agarwal, President GMA & Director AKG Engineering College, who briefed the audience about the achievements of GMA for the past academic year. Dr. Agarwal also sensitized the need of the hour, which is Digital India.

Keynote address was delivered by Sh. Anurag Batra, Chairman & Editor in Chief, BW Businessworld Media Group, who raised the very valid question of, whether India is ready for the Digital Era. Sh. Batra also recommended to watch the video “The Last Lecture” and introduced his book “8 days a week”.

Sh. Sameer Gupta, Chairman & MD, Jakson Group & Immediate Past Chairman, CII, U.P State, emphasized on nine pillars of Digital India. e-governance, e-Kranti, Cyber Security and e-justice were the key terms explained by him.

Inaugural session was followed by the high tea. First technical session was coordinated by Dr. A.K Puri, Director General, I.T.S Ghaziabad. This session focused on e-education & healthcare. Prof. Premvrat, pro-Chancellor, professor of Eminence and Chief Mentor, The NorthCap University, Gurgaon. Prof. Premvrat emphasized on e- enabled distance education and teahcer’s role as access facilitator for the learners.

Prof. S K Kak, Ex. Vice Chancellor, Mahamaya Technical University emphasized on the connectivity to all, by going beyond and knowing what is not known. Continuous education, teacher’s need sensitize students, identify and utilize “Dark Fiber” was highlighted by Dr. Kak.

Dr. Rajat Agarwal, HOD, Deptt. Of Critical Care Medicine, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi, explained “Hub and Spoke” model of e learning, which was followed by the informative talk of Dr. Asit Khanna, Sr. Consultant, Cardiology, MAX Hospital, Vaishali, who informed aboutWhatsapp Doctors, NeHA, e- Mamta, National Health Portal (NHP) and HON (Health on Net) etc.

This session was followed by lunch. Second technical session was equally informative, which was coordinated by CA Mr. Anil Agarwal, CEO, Anil K & A Associates, Chartered Accountant. Mr. Vivek Madhukar, founder proper X Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Sandeep Kalia, Deputy Executive Director, Shriram Pistons & Rings Ltd., Mr. Chandrashekhar Tiwari, Senior MAanger, Siemens Ltd. Gurgaon were the eminent speakers of this session. Theme of this session was e- commerce and manufacturing.

Valedictory session on e-governance & Cyber Security was taken by distinguished guest, Mr. Pavan Duggal, Advocate, Cyber Security & Cyber Laws and Mr. Sanjay Bahl, DG, CERT, NIC, Min. of IT, New Delhi.

Mementos to sponsors and significant contributors were given as a token of remembrance. The thrill was added by announcement of winning chance of LENOVO laptop at the end of both the sessions. At the end of the program, vote of thanks was extended by Mr. Vinay gupta, Executive Director, GMA.

Prof. Anil Kalra, Dr. Abhinav P. Tripathi, Prof. Parul Gupta and Dr. Shuchita Singh from I.T.S, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad attended the convention.

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