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‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme celebrated “World Environment Day”.


5th June, 2016 activity of ‘Parivartan’- the Slum Education Programme, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad was a grand celebration of the World Environment Day in which the concerns for the deteriorating environment were shared through a presentation and expressed through a drawing competition organized exclusively for the slum children.

Volunteers of the day – Sonakshi Mittal, Satyapal Yadav, Vikas Babu and Satender Rana (Dev) started the class with the regular check of the hygiene and personal grooming of the slum children. The class started with the chorus ‘Hum honge kaamyaab ek din’ which was effectively conducted by Ms. Sonakshi Mittal of PGDM.
This was followed by a presentation and brief on World Environment Day. The volunteers started right from the basics. They asked the children ‘What Environment is, what Earth is, what pollution is’ and then through the marker and the board it was elaborated how the Earth was formed and how it got polluted over the years. The consequences of ignoring the environment were explained to slum children with examples.
The brief was followed by a drawing competition in which the children were asked to draw and paint the pictures of the degrading environment. The children were given colourful drawing sheets, crayons coloursets, pencils, sharpeners and the erasers. The good efforts were appreciated with pencil kits given as prizes. At the end of the competition, suggestions for protecting the environment were shared with the children. They were advised to develop right habits for conserving the environment.
The activity ended with the distribution of Tiger cream biscuits and chocolates among all the children. Dr. Gopal Krishna Dwivedi accompanied the volunteers as the faculty coordinator of Parivartan Club.

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5-Days Faculty Development Programme on “Emerging IT Technologies & Research Directions in the field of IT” from 3rd June to 7th June, 2016


Department of I.T organized 5-days Faculty Development Programme on “Emerging IT Technologies & Research Directions in the field of IT” from 3rd June to 7th June, 2016. The objective of this Faculty Development Programme was to make faculties aware about the latest developments in the field of databases, telecommunication, IOT, convergence of different streams including biosciences, Quantum mechanics, electronics, medicinal sciences with computer science like 

Day 1: 
A FDP was inaugurated by Director-IT, Dr. Sunil Kr. Pandey, Speaker of the session Dr. T.V. Vijay Kumar, JNU and FDP & MCA Coordinator, Prof. Puja Dhar.
After Inaugural Session there were different sessions as mentioned below:
Topic “ Research Directions in Databases”
Speaker: Dr. T.V.Vijay Kumar, School of Computer Systems Science, JNU, Delhi 
While addressing the participants Dr. T.V.Vijay Kumar discussed about Dimensions of distributed Database. He said that tradional database management system is having three level architecture while as Distributed Database have Five Level architecture. He also discussed about the Federated Database Management System [SL90]. He said that any system will have three aspects including interface, application logic and data bank. He also discussed about his research work COJO and also compared its concept with SOJO. Dr Vijay also explained about issues in the materialized view like view selection, view maintenance and view resolution. 
Topic 2: “Mobile Computing”
Speaker :  Prof. K.P.Singh, I.T.S, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad
Prof. K.P.Singh discussed about the current trends of mobile computing like 3G, Global Positioning System, Long Term Evolution, WiMax and Near Field Communication. He also said that using mobile computing, people can work from the comfort of any location they wish to as long as the connection and the security concerns are properly factored. In the same light, the presence of high speed connections has also promoted the use of mobile computing.

Topic 3: Internet of Things
Speaker: Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey, Director-IT, I.T.S, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad
In his address he spoke about the historical perspectives of Internet of Things, connectivity mechanism of things, protocol stack used in connecting things/ objects and various related dimensions fueling the growth & development of IoT including: 
a.    Ubiquitous Connectivity—Low–cost, high–speed, pervasive network connectivity, especially through licensed and unlicensed wireless services and technology, makes almost everything “connectable’’.
b.    Widespread adoption of IP–based networking— IP has become the dominant global standard for networking, providing a well–defined and widely implemented platform of software and tools that can be incorporated into a broad range of devices easily and inexpensively.
c.    Computing Economics— Driven by industry investment in research, development, and manufacturing, Moore’s law continues to deliver greater computing power at lower price points and lower power consumption.
d.    Miniaturization— Manufacturing advances allow cutting-edge computing and communications technology to be incorporated into very small objects. Coupled with greater computing economics, this has fueled the advancement of small and inexpensive sensor devices, which drive many IoT applications.
e.    Advances in Data Analytics— New algorithms and rapid increases in computing power, data storage, and cloud services enable the aggregation, correlation, and analysis of vast quantities of data; these large and dynamic datasets provide new opportunities for extracting information and knowledge.
f.    Rise of Cloud Computing– Cloud computing, which leverages remote, networked computing resources to process, manage, and store data, allows small and distributed devices to interact with powerful back-end analytic and control capabilities.
He also spoke on various potential wide range of industry sectors – including automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, home and consumer electronics, and well beyond -- considering the potential for incorporating IoT technology into their products, services, and operations. During the discussion describing IoT as a system where items in the physical world, and sensors within or attached to these items, are connected to the Internet via wireless and wired Internet connections. These sensors can use various types of local area connections such as RFID, NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee and can also have wide area connectivity such as GSM, GPRS, 3G, and LTE.
Day 2
Topic : “Emerging Data Warehousing Technologies in special reference to SAP HANA & SAP IQ”
Speakers: Mr. Pankaj Gupta, BI Consultant, PSE, Washington, USA
Mr. Pankaj Gupta talked about Data Warehousing, SAP-Business warehousing and Info Q which stores the multidimensional data. He said that fashion and retail market is growing very fast and business analytics is also a new opportunity for the new comers. While addressing the participants he discussed about the drawbacks of the separation. He also explained the difference between OLAP & OLTP. He also covered In-Memory Database for Oracle Server. He also said that SAP HANA hardware costs about 2-3 million with 8-10 Tera Bytes memory. Mr. Pankaj also discussed about Hot data, warm Data, Cold Data and frozen data which is used for auditing the data. He very nicely discussed about that nowadays laptops are coming with no mechanical pars due to crashing of disks and other issues. 
Topic : “Mobile Identity, 5G and M2M”
Speakers: Mr. Gautam Hazari, Technical Director, GSMA & Chief Architect - Vodafone, London, UK
Mr. Hazari while addressing the participants he discussed about the Network 20-20, M2M, IOT, 5th Generation and Digital Commerce. He said that whole web is based on trust. He also discussed about the Rainbow tables, data security reports, data breaches and internet minutes. He also shared that in every 3 seconds every password is compromised or hacked. He also throw some light on the topic Face Identification Online (FIDO). Mr Hazari also discussed 2G,2.9G, 3G,3.5G, 4G and 5G. He said that by 2020 world will have 5G and by 2022 India will also have 5G. At the end of his session he also explained the working of Smart Homes of UK and connected humans. 

Topic : “Wireless & ADHOC Networks
Speakers: Dr. Vinay Rishiwal, MJP, Rohilkhand University, Bareilly

While addressing the faculty members Dr Vinay Rishiwal he discussed about the sensor technology which is available nowadays in every four wheeler. He also explained that how technology is changing our life. He said that use cases should be used in the teaching system. He also discussed about the ABS system of four wheelers. He emphasized on that we should have Project based teaching system in every course. At the end of his talk he suggested all the faculty members to write algorithmatic and solution oriented research papers.

Day 3
On this day Dr. Sunil Kr. Pandey, Prof. Puja Dhar and Prof. Sauresh Mehrotra took sessions on Data mining Algorithms , advancements in database technologies with its applications , Network and infrastructure management.

Day 4
Topic : “Teaching Pedagogy, Challenges & improving Employability Skills of Students”

Speakers: Prof. M.M.Pant, Former Pro-Vice Chancellor & Founder & Chairman- PlanetEDU

Dr. M.M.Pant while addressing the faculty members discussed about the shaping minds for the new millennium. He said that success happens when preparation meets opportunities. He also discussed about the Top 10 skills of year 20-20 and technology mega trends in the 4th Industrial revolution. He also explained about the BlockChains, Machine Intelligence, Computational Thinking and augmented reality. 

Speaker : Prof. Saurabh Saxena
Topic L Software Testing Methodologies
Prof. Saurabh Saxena discussed about various methodologies used in software testing. He also explained some common testing methodologies including unit testing, acceptance testing, functional testing, performance testing and security testing.

Day 5
Speaker :Mr. Kamal Dodeja, Oracle Corp. 
Topic : Clouds & Virtualization
The objective of the session was to expose the faculty members with the implementation aspects of cloud with hands-on of concepts of virtualization. 

Topic: “Future trends of Education in Computer Science”
Speakers: Dr. Xia-Zhi Gao, University of Alto

While addressing he spoke on motor and cognitive function of human body and correlated it with the research areas and algorithm development for better and optimized solutions for automating to solve the real world problems.
At the end of the Five days faculty development programme, certificates were distributed among participants.
The event concluded with experience sharing of learning.

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‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme


29th May, 2016 activity of ‘Parivartan’- the Slum Education Programme, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad was an A to Z class during which the children learnt writing letters from A to Z. Revision of previous lessons completed the schedule of the day.

Volunteers of the day – Komal Goyal, Shweta, Vikas Babu and Satender Rana (Dev) started the class with the regular check of the hygiene and personal grooming of the slum children. Those who came bathed, neat and clean were appreciated with the Lifebuoy Plus Soap Cakes.
The class started with the chorus ‘Hum honge kaamyaab ek din’. This was followed by the session of writing English alphabets. The volunteers helped the children whenever and wherever assistance was required. The children practiced writing from A to Z. Then they revised the previous lessons of counting too. 
The class ended with the distribution of Tiger cream biscuits and chocolates among all the children.

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Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey along with Faculty IT on attended Digital Outreach & Convergence Summit 2016


Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey-Director IT, Prof. A.N. Tripathi , Prof. Gaurav Midha, Prof. K. P Singh, Mr. Bal Mukund Singh and Dr. Vidushi Singh attended “Digital Outreach & Convergence Summit 2016” organized by Knowledge Resource Development & Welfare Group on 28th May 2016.

The objective of summit was to contextualize the digital landscape, exploring the challenges and opportunities, and effective strategies for digital outreach & convergence. The summit was divided into different sessions and on this occasion various people were awarded for their significant contribution in the various fields of IT. The details of the event are as follows:
Session I: Kick Off 
The session I was having lectures on the topics “Towards an Inclusive Digital Society: from digital divide to digital roadmap”, “Digital Economy: the new economy world order” along with paper presentations. 
Session II: The Indian Story
In this part three lectures were delivered on the topics:” National Digital Literacy Mission-in the making of a digitally empowered knowledge economy”, B-Governance: empowering people-challenges and the opportunities”, “Business digital ecosystem-the Indian experience: from startups to big business”. Paper presentation took part at the end.
Session III: Digital Technology
In the session III, four lectures were delivered on “Internet of Things: the future connection”, Emerging, Converging and Disruptive Technologies: the drivers of digital lifestyle of tomorrow”, Manufacturing of the future: Mobile technology and the post digital experience” and “Reimaging the future: Mobile technology and the post digital experience”.
Session IV: Digital Landscape
In this part one lectures was scheduled on the topic:” From tradition to change in digital age: the changing face of Education, Entertainment, Healthcare, Commerce, Media”.
Session V: Social Media
Session V was having two lectures on the topics:” The good, the bad and the ugly of social media”, Cyber space: catching the Tiger by the tail” preceded by Quiz.
Session VI: Presentations
Paper presentations were held in session VI of the summit.
Session VI: Award Ceremony
Award were distributed in the different categories like :
A. The People Award :
1. Hall of the fame Award,
2. Corporate Social Media leader of the Year
3. Digital Entrepreneur of the Year,
4. Digital professional of the Year,
5. Social Media Activist of the Year,
6. Student Award 
B. Organization Award
1. Citizen Empowerment Initiative of the Year,
2. Digital Innovation of the Year,
3. E-Solution initiative of the Year,
4. Corporate Social Media Excellence of the Year.
C. Social Media Campaign
1. Integrated Social Media Campaign of the Year,
2. Social good Campaign of the Year,
3. Women’s Right Campaign of the Year.

On this occasion Honorable Vice Chairman Shri Sohil Chadha Sir was awarded for “Corporate Social Media Leader of the Year Award 2016” in the Digital Outreach & Convergence Summit 2016.

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‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme


 22nd May, 2016 activity of ‘Parivartan’- the Slum Education Programme, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad was a revision class that resounded the surroundings in spite of the scorching heat and suffocating humidity.

Volunteers of the day – Animesh Saraswat, Aanchal Grover and Satender Rana (Dev) started the class with the regular check of the hygiene and personal grooming of the slum children. Those who came bathed, neat and clean were appreciated with the Chips packets.
The class started with the chorus ‘Hum honge kaamyaab ek din’. Then they were told that this was an exclusive revision class in which they revised the tables from 2 to 10 in Hindi and English both.
The temperature and humidity were intolerable. The teachers and the taught both were sweating but the class went on with full interest and zeal. The little voices were so loud that even the Fire Station officers and staff members got curious to come out and see the teaching, learning and the obvious progress of the slum children.
The class ended with the distribution of Tiger cream biscuits, chocolates and tattoos among all the children.

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Dr. Anusha & Prof. Neetu attended CII 5th Summit on Banking and Finance


Dr. Anusha Agarwal and Prof. Neetu Purohit attended the 5th CII Banking and Finance Summit 2016 on ‘Building India through a Stronger Financial Sector’ on 20th May 2016 at Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi. The Summit witnessed a participation of around 225 delegates comprising of corporates, infrastructure companies, banks, insurance companies, financial intermediaries and merchant banks, AMCs, technology players in BFSI space, PEs & VCs, multilateral agencies, policy makers & regulators, finance professionals, debt syndicators, economists and academia.

The Chief Guest for the Summit was Mr. Vinod Rai, Chairman, Banks Board Bureau, Government of India. He highlighted that the banks stressed assets are due to high leveraging by the borrowing companies. He also highlighted that the Banks Board Bureau is analysing these stress assets and will put forward an intermediary mechanism to settle them. RBI is also preparing guidelines on the issues faced in case of joint lending by banks. Mr. Rai was hopeful that all these will facilitate in cleaning the balance sheet of the banks. In this regard, a roadmap will be ready by 15th June so that a certain degree of comfort can be provided in the decision making process. Then there were four Panel Discussions with Panel Discussion I on ‘Linking the Unbanked Population to the Formal Banking System’.

The speakers for the panel were Mr. Rakesh Sethi, Executive Director, Union Bank of India; Ms. Ratna Vishwanathan, Chief Executive Officer, Microfinance Institutions Network; and Mr. Anuj Pandey, EVP & Regional Business Head-North, Religare Finvest Ltd. The session chair was Dr. Harsh Kumar Bhanwala, Chairman, NABARD. The Panel Discussion II was on ‘Enhanced Role of Technology & Applications in Banking and Financial Sector’. The panelists were Mr. Kiran Karnik, Former President, NASSCOM; Mr. Murli Mahalingam, Industry Director-Banking, SAP India Subcontinent; and Mr. Trilok Chandra, Director, Department of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India; and Mr. Rajesh Dhuddu, Senior VP-Market Development, Quatrro Processing Service. The session moderator was Mr. Ravi Nawal, Country Head, Kapronasia in India. The Panel Discussion III was on ‘Financing the Infrastructure Gap: Role of Banks, Financial Institutions & Specialist Institutions’. The panelists were Mr. S.B. Nayar, Chairman and Managing Director, India Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd.; Mr. K. Mukundan, CEO UTI Capital Ltd.; and Mr. Sidharath Kapur, President and CFO-Airports, GMR Group. The Moderator for the panel was Mr. Tamal Bandyopadhyay, Consulting Editor, The Mint. The last Panel Discussion IV was on ‘Structural Reforms in the Indian Financial Sector’. The expert speakers for the session were Mr. Deepak Chatterjee, Managing Director & CEO, IIFCL Projects Ltd.; Mr. Nikhil Sahni, Secior President and Country Head, Government Banking & Strategic Government Advisory, YES Bank; Mr. A.K. Choudhary, Chief General Manager, Department of Banking Regulation, Reserve Bank of India; Mr. Naresh Makhijani, Partner and Head-Financial Services, KPMG India; and Mr. Krishnan Sitaraman, Senior Director, CRISIL Ratings.

The session was chaired by Mr. Rajesh Srivastava, Chairman & Managing Director, Rabo Equity Advisors Pvt. Ltd. The speakers deliberated on the various aspects of financial institutions and how their functioning can be made more effective at a fair cost with benefits to all sectors of the society. The speakers also stressed upon the need for a greater role of Micro Finance Institutions and NBFCs as they work at the grassroot level so that they compliment the formal banking channels in reaching out to the bottom of the pyramid. There was also a release of the CII - CRISIL Paper on ‘Building India through a Stronger Financial System’ was released during the Summit. The faculty members found the Summit very informative and insightful.

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Prof. Parul Gupta attended ASSOCHAM’s 2nd ICI summit at New Delhi


Prof. Parul Gupta attended ASSOCHAM’s 2nd ICI summit““India: Entrepreneurial, Creative &Innovative’at Hotel Le-Meridien, New Delhi on 19 May, 2016. The summit was organized byASSOCHAM India. This one day conclave was divided into 2 sessions which covered different dimensions related to the idea of making India an innovative, creative, and inclusive superpower.

Session 1
1. Mr. S. Ramakrishna- Co Chairman National Manufacturing Council of ASSOCHAM and President- Group Public Affairs Mahindra and Mahindra
2. Mr. Ashutosh Chadha- VP and Head Corporate Affairs WIPRO
3. Ms. Sudakshina Ghosh- Discreet manufacturing Industry Value Engineering lead SAP India
4. Mr. Y.S. Chowdary- Honorable Minister of State for Ministry of Science and Technology and Earth Sciences, Govt. of India.
5. Mr. D.S. Rawat- Secretary General ASSOCHAM
The discussion in the session focused on enhancing innovation and creativity and the policy requirement for the same. It also discussed the importance of focusing on funding the innovation to convert idea to investment. The value of building digital infrastructure and promoting low cost technology to realize the desired objectives of inclusive growth.
Session 2 on Enhancing Innovation and Creativity
1.Dr. Praveen Arora- Head CHORD, Department of Science and Technology
2. Mr. Raja Krishnamurthy- Head R&D India region 3M India Ltd.
3. Dr. W Selvamurthy- President Amity Science and Technology and innovation foundation, Amity University
4. Mr. SumantSood- Head Innovation Titan Company
5. Dr.PrabahtRanjan, Executive Director TIFAC
6. Ms. Neeru Sharma- Director of Platform Business Services, Infibeam Incorporation Ltd.
7. Mr. NaveneMathur- Deputy Controller of Patents and Design from Delhi Patent office
8. Ms. AnshikaJha- Senior Intellectual Property Adivsor, UK Intellectual Property Office, British High Commission.
This session focused on developing entrepreneurship, innovation and growth, strengthening skills and changes required in the education system from industry perspective. The session also shed light on the importance of IPRs in achieving the desired outcomes related to making India Entrepreneurial, Creative & Innovative.

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Dr. Vijesh Jain conducted One day workshop at J.K. Papers Ltd. Head Office, New Delhi


Dr. Vijesh Jain, Professor of International Business at I.T.S, Ghaziabad, conducted a one day workshop cum in-house training program at J.K. Papers Ltd., New Delhi at the head office of J.K. Organization, on the topic 'Letter of Credit and Incoterms 2010' on 17th May, 2016. 

Around 18 middle to senior executives of various J.K. Group companies including J.K. Papers, J.K. Tyres, Umang Dairies and others attended this highly interactive full day training program. With the help of an academic discourse and practical feedback of the practicing international trade executives who attended this workshop, it was a very enriching full day discussion on the topic.
I.T.S thanks J.K. Organization and J.K. Group for providing this opportunity to conduct this training program for their selected and seasoned company executives. A number of I.T.S faculty members provided inputs and advise to make this prestigious training program successful.

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Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme


15th May, 2016 activity of ‘Parivartan’, the Slum Education Programme, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad was a regular class that ended with the interesting lessons and delicious goodies. PGDM student volunteer Ayushi Nigam brought special cookies for the children.

Volunteers of the day – Swati, Monika Gupta, Ayushi Nigam, Versha Nehra, Ankit Tomar, Rohit Thakur, Himanshu Saini, Vikas Babu and Satender Rana (Dev) started the class with the regular check of the hygiene and personal grooming of the slum children. Those who came bathed, neat and clean were appreciated with cream biscuits.
The class started with the chorus ‘HUM HONGE KAAMYAAB EK DIN’. Then the children were told about the session on writing numbers scheduled for the day. The children were all ready with the slates and the chalks. During the previous class, the children were taught writing numbers from 1 to 10. On this day, the practiced further from 11 to 20. The volunteers helped them write.
This was followed by the routine practice of counting from 1 to 100 that took place in Hindi and English followed by English alphabet.
The class ended with the distribution of biscuits, chocolates and Crax among all the children.

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Guest talk on “Cyber Security


Department of I.T organized one day guest talk on “Cyber Security” for MCA-IV Semester students on 14th May, 2016. Mr. Yusuf A.Hashmi,Vice President, ISACA, Mr. Rajendra, Mr. G.L.Manchanda and Mr. Jagmohan Singh from ISACA were the key note speakers of the session.

In the beginning of the session Director(IT), Dr. Sunil Kr. Pandey welcomed and introduced the guests and he said that Cyber security is an important factor to be considered if one is to be able to protect oneself from malicious people and software from the internet. He said that our students are fortunate to have the eminent speakers to guide our students regarding the career opportunities in Cyber Security domain.
Mr. Yusuf A. Hashmi beautifully explained that cyber security involves various steps to secure the personal data on the social networking sites. He explained various threats and solutions by discussing many live cases. He cautioned students that they should be more aware about the threats which are available on the net and should take more care while posting their personal data like photographs, videos and other personal information on the facebook or any other social media sites.

While addressing the students, Mr. Rajendra, ISACA said that students should know the various career options in cyber security and should work hard to make themselves update regarding the happenings in IT field so that they will become industry ready products.

Mr. Jagmohan Singh also cleared the doubts of students regarding the recruitment process in cyber threats and solution for various problems. He advised students who are not good at programming should try their hands in security domain.

At the end of workshop Director (IT), Dr. Sunil Kr. Pandey advised students to work hard by emphasizing on understanding the basic fundamentals of all the subjects which they have studied or are studying in the current semester. He also suggested students to start preparing themselves for the university examination and also placement process too.

Workshop concluded by giving vote of thanks by Prof. Puja Dhar.

Overall it was an interactive and an eye opening session for the students of MCA-IV Semester.

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Farewell Party “ATISARGA-2016” – MBA 14-16 Batch.


Students of MBA 1st year bid a farewell party, “ATISARGA-2016” for their seniors MBA (2014-16) batch on 13th May,2016 at I.T.S, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad.

Event was formally inaugurated with the lamp lightning by MBA Coordinator Prof. Nitin Saxena, Dr. D.K Pandey, Prof. Ankur Ahuja, Prof. Rashi, and Dr. Anusha Agarwal. After lamp lightning students of MBA I year recited a Saraswati Vandana. Prof. Nitin Saxena, Coordinator- MBA Program addressed students with their motivational thoughts. In his address he asks students to memorize when they joined the institute and after two years long time they have achieved for what they have joined this institute.

Students enjoyed an immaculate party-“ ATISARGA-2016”. Students of MBA I and II year presented several performances including Solo dance, Singing, Group Dance, and Poems. All the performances left audience gawking.

Shubham Vashishtha was declared as Mr. Famous, while Saurabh Tyagi and Pragaya Verma was declared as Mr. and Ms Farewell. At the end of party all students enjoyed dinner and click photographs for their memories..

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Expert Talk on “Smart Cities & Smart Villages”


A Special Session on “SMART CITIES” was organized at the institute on on Wednesday, 11th May, 2016. Following were the Guests addressed the delegates & students in the sessions:

1. Mr. Renato de Castro
Executive Director, Baumann Consultancy Network, Padova Area, Italy
Internationally renowned Smart Cities Expert

2. Mr Bhagwan Kommadi
Group CTO, Voyzon Technologies, Hyderabad & Smart Cities Expert
Founder - Architect Corner
The Session formally started with the lamp lighting by Shri Arpit Chadha, Honorable Vice Chairman, I.T.S – The Education Group, Guests, Dr. Sunil Kr Pandey – Director (IT) and Dr. Umang Singh - Event Coordinator.

In his opening remark, Vice-chairman- I.T.S-The Education Group, Shri Arpit Chadha welcomed the guests and said that in present context when Government has strong emphasis on the creation of Smart Cities for improving quality of life and facilities, it is very important, as a citizen to understand and contribute at our own individual level to make it haapen and sustain. 

Dr. Sunil Kr Pandey, The Director (IT) of the institute, said that with the Smart Cities in making, the load of villages and rural part of the country is increasing everyday and virtually every day about 42,000 people are migrating in search of newer opportunities. There is strong need to think about increasing facilities, improving infrastructure, working towards improving quality of life in villages with facilities and resources so that this migration can be reduced to ensure a sustainable development. Dr Umang delivered vote of thanks. 
In this session, Expert of Smart Cities Mr Renato de Castro spoke on “Smart Cities & Smart Villages”. In his address, he discussed how natural resources management, environment conditions, policies and economic power have shaped the cities and directly influenced the modern urban style. Mr. Renato de Castro enlightened on the concept of Smart Cities and Smart Villages. He provided a detailed insight about global cities. Mr. Renato also interacted with students and faculty members of the Institute and addressed the queries. 

Mr Bhagwan Kommadi, CTO Voyzon Technologies and Founder Architect Corner talked about the directions in which County is heading and how the technology can help in meeting the aspirations of people. He emphasized about the need of innovation which can ensure the reach of technology and its benefits to the common man. 
This event was in the series of Invited talks by national and international speakers of repute by Dept of IT of the institute with an objective to provide the detailed insight of the theme to the students & faculty members. During these sessions, practicing professionals of various domains share and discuss the pertinent issues related to technology, research & allied dimensions and experience sharing by leading experts and professionals.
Mr. Renato de Castro is credited for creating and promoting the concept of Smart Cities and become a benchmark for others to work upon. Indeed it was a great day of learning for all the delegate participants, Faculties and Students. It was a wonderful learning experience for students of MCA and faculty members to listen Mr. Castro.

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‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme


 8th May, 2016 activity of ‘Parivartan’, the Slum Education Programme, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad was a special activity with the special appearance of the passing out MBA Volunteer Mr. Sher Singh Chouhan who has recently been placed in Kent RO. He was the chief instructor of this activity.

Volunteers of the day – Sher Singh Chouhan, Vikas Babu, Shivani Bhatt, Radhika Solanki, Rahul Kamboj, Prayag Tripathi, Biswaroop Roy and Satender Rana (Dev) started the class with the regular check of the hygiene and personal grooming of the slum children. Those who came bathed, neat and clean were appreciated with Natkhat salty snacks.
The class started with the chorus ‘Hum honge kaamyaab ek din’ which was effectively conducted by the volunteer Rahul Kamboj. Then the children were told about the session on writing numbers scheduled for the day. The children were all ready with the slates and the chalks. Senior volunteer Sher Singh Chouhan was the instructor for this session which was translated into real success by other volunteers who assisted the children in writing numbers.
This was followed by the routine practice of counting from 1 to 100 that took place in Hindi and English followed by English alphabet.
The class ended with the distribution of tattoos, biscuits and chocolates among all the children. Dr. Gopal Krishna Dwivedi accompanied and guided the volunteers as the faculty coordinator of the Parivartan Club.

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PARAMARSH-2016 conducted on Saturday, 7th May 2016


Towards the admission process for Academic Year 2016-2017 was started with career-cum counseling & guidance Session “PARAMARSH-2016” with our MCA Alumni on Saturday, 7th May, 2016 in the New Board Room at the institute for our BCA 6th Semester Students.

The objective of this session was to provide an opportunity to our existing BCA 6th Semester Students of UG Campus, to meet & interact with the MCA alumni serving in leading organizations and get their queries resolved. Our six I.T.S-MCA alumni Mr. Amit Chaudhary, SDG, Mr. Amit Sharma, Ms. Indirani Vishwas, Nivio, Ms. Yukti Chopra, Mercer and Mr. Gautam Bagga, Wipro Technologies were the expert panelists in this session. 
The session started with the introduction & briefing about the objective of the session by Prof. Priyanka Sadhna. Prof. Puja Dhar briefed about the purpose, benefits of the session and explained the purpose. She also encouraged students to come up with their questions, doubts and other issues that they would be having regarding their future & career options.
Dr. Umang, The MCA Alumni Coordinator, introduced the Alumni and thanked them for their support and active involvement in institutional activities. During the session many of the BCA VI Semester students interacted and asked lots of queries which were addressed by the Alumni. Alumni present, shared their own experiences and advised the students to stick on core fundamentals of the subjects, understand their strengths & interest and accordingly plan for their future. Students were very happy with the session. 
Earlier, in the beginning of session Dr. Sunil Kr. Pandey, Director (IT) welcomed all the alumni & BCA students and explained the agenda of the session. He also cleared many doubts of undergraduate students. Dr. Vidushi Singh, Prof. Solanki and other faculties from UG-Campus had also attended the session. The main highlights of the session were as follows:
• The experts from industry enlightened the students regarding various career myths while choosing a career option. They emphasized on perusing the higher education in regular mode and other similar questions.
• The Experts from industry advised all the BCA students to prepare their road-maps of their career so that they can act accordingly.
• The session was interactive and UG students raised their queries and these were properly addressed by the Alumni Experts. 
• At conclusion of the session, feedback of the participating BCA-VI semester students was collected.
• The session was followed by the delicious lunch.
Overall the session was enjoyed and appreciated by all the participants.

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Guest lecture on “ERP Development


A Guest Lecture on “ERP Development ” was organised by CRC-IT in association with Dot Net club of Department of IT. Mr. Rajeev Agarwal , CEO and Mr. Sushil Kumar Das, Senior Manager from Cogniscient Business Solution ,Noida were the speaker for this session. Mr. Rajeev started the session with motivating the students for ERP development, followed by the facts about required skill set for the ERP Development and also how they can develop skills to make their career in the ERP systems.

He suggested the students that, what the industry looks into the students & where the students are lacking and how they can overcome from this problem. Mr. Das also took a session on Introduction to different modules like HR, Purchase, Account, Operations etc of SAP and RAMCO. It was really a great interactive session & I hope that the students would have enjoyed & benefited by this session.More than 58 students from MCA IVth Semester (All sections) batch 2015-2017 and 2014-2017 attended the guest lecture.

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