Online Seminar on “National Education Policy – 2020: A Vision for Future India” on 12th March 2021.

I.T.S Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad organized a special Online Seminar on “National Education Policy – 2020: A Vision for Future India” on Friday, 12th March 2021.


In this event, leading experts of the country addressed and shared their perspective on National Education Policy-2020, its provisions, proposed revamping & restructuring of Education System in India and how these provisions could be implemented. All the guests in their address emphasized on the need of faculty training and about crucial role of faculty members & Teachers in its implementation at School Level as well as Higher Education.

Mr. Arpit Chadha, Vice Chairman, I.T.S-The Education Group welcomed all the guests and talked about the challenges which may be encountered during implementation of NEP-2020 provisions along with different ways to counter them. He said that NEP-2020 is an ambitious Policy with provisioning to create an Educational Framework with global competitiveness. It is very important that all the stakeholders are aware and especially faculty, who would carry crucial responsibility for its successful implementation, has clarity on different aspects of it.

Dr. Sunil Kr Pandey, Director (IT & UG) in his opening remark spoke about the need of a country-wide Education Policy and discussed about provisions, objectives and aims of different education policies (1968, 1986 and NEP-2020) and how NEP-2020 is aimed at globalization and deMaclization of Indian education by introducing Indian ethos, values and promoting Regional and Mother tongue.

Below mentioned Eminent guests addressed the participants in the event and shared their valuable & insightful deliberations on the broader theme:

1. Dr. K.K. Aggarwal, Chairman, NBA (National Board of Accreditation)

2. Prof. M. Jagadesh Kumar, Vice Chancellor, JNU, New Delhi

3. Prof. M.M. Pant, Former Pro Vice Chancellor - IGNOU & Chairman – PlanetEdu

4. Prof.VineetKansal, Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow

5. Prof.Ranjana Arora, Head, Dept. of Teacher Education and Curriculum Group, NCERT


Earlier, Prof. Nancy Sharma, Vice Principal-UG Campus briefed the audience about the objective of this Seminar and mentioned the need to have more understanding on the different aspects of NEP 2020, seeking out growing opportunities & related challenges for the successful implementation of the Educational reforms. She emphasized on the need of adaption with the journey of change so that better and high-quality educational opportunities can be brought out for our Youth who is the future of our Country.

More than 500 Participants from various Colleges/Universities/ Schools from all across the country and different other countries attended the event in the online mode.

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Virtual Business Summit 2021.

Department of Management at I.T.S Ghaziabad organized a Virtual Business Summit on the focal theme of “Enterprising Skills & Growth Strategies in the Post Pandemic Period” on 20 February, 2021.


The program commenced with the enriching address by Shri Arpit Chadha, Vice Chairman, I.T.S - The Education Group and welcome address by Prof. (Dr.) Vidya Sekhri, Director- Management. The overview of the summit was delivered by Convener, Dr. Anusha  Agarwal. The inaugural session was graced by the presence of Mr. Ashish Patel, Managing Director- Morgan Franklin (U.S), as the Guest of Honor; Mr. Rajendra Shrivastav, President, AES India, Chairman & MD of JV, as distinguished Guest of the day and Mr. Phoram Mehta, Senior Director, APAC CISO PayPal, President ISACA, (Singapore) as the chief Guest of the ceremony.


Followed by the Inaugural Ceremony, the summit highlighted very prominent points via Panel Discussion- 1with the subtheme – New Frontiers of Environment, Sustainability & Governance deliberated by eminent speakers from Industry. Mr. S.K. Sethi, Founder &CEO, Insurance Foundation of India discussed how environment is changing rapidly and how each one of us should contribute towards it. He talked about three pillars, primarily, Government, Industry and Society whose combined contribution play a major role towards environment sustainability.

Next speaker of the session, Mr. Saurabh Jain, Vice President PAYTM discussed about how the environment changed during lockdown. He emphasized that “future belongs to entrepreneurs” and quoted the example of Elon Musk, how his idea Tesla and SpaceX contributed towards sustainability and made him a success.

Mr Sahil Nayar , Senior Associate Director, KPMG (Mumbai) talked about how Covid become best example of VUCA. He redefined the term NEW NORMAL as NEO NORMAL. Mr Nayar gave a wonderful insight to audience about work life balance, work life harmony, gratitude, multi-tasking and switch task.

Then session was carried on by Mr Sulabh Goel, VP, Ernst & Young. He focused on sustainability and talked about before-covid era and after-covid era. He also talked about how people are adjusting and adapting to the new normal, private financing for infrastructural development and work from home culture.

 Last Speaker of the session was Ms Ritika Mathur, Director, Grant Thorton. She discussed how our policy makers needs to think differently and quoted the point that equity and environment go hand in hand together.  She discussed about the importance of investment in clean technology, the new area of health care technology, drivers of sustainable environment& new transformation that can be helpful. The Moderator of this panel discussion was Prof Yachhna Malhotra.

Panel Discussion 2 followed the Inaugural Session and Panel Discussion 1.The theme for this session was “Direction and Pace of Post Pandemic Period”. The Moderator of this panel discussion was Prof Shikha Arora. The eminent speakers joining the session were Mr. Peter Dorrington, Founder Director, XMplify Consulting Ltd.; Mr. Ankush Gadi, Director, CRISIL (Mumbai); Mr. Atul Shukla, Vice-President, JPMorgan Chase; Mr. P Kannan, Senior Regional Manager, Bajaj Finserv; Mr. Manigandan Ramesh, Head- Sales Automation Business Excellence, Haldiram Foods International Ltd.; and Ms. Neha Shukla, Associate Vice-President, NatWest Bank.

Mr. Peter Dorrington flagged off the session by discussing about human behaviour, digital transformation, hybrid working and different ecosystems. During his discussion he quoted Warren Buffett while focusing on customer satisfaction.

Next Mr. Ankush Gadi started on a positive note by stressing that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. He mentioned 23.9% fall in GDP during April to June period followed by the V- shaped recovery now. He also spoke about the three major challenges facing India,viz.,labour intensive manufacturing, climate change and human capital.

Mr. Atul Shukla briefed about decreasing consumer confidence index, household GDP, rural base growth and government contribution to the GDP.  He also referred to the three pillars of any economy, i.e., government, corporate and the consumers.

Mr. Kannan spoke of many sectors that are still improving, not improving and/or struggling. He provided an example by pointing out how two million loan applications in June had now increased to twenty million.

Mr. Manigandan Ramesh offered that the storm may have gone but it was time to perform. He was very positive & optimistic throughout and talked about the 5Rs (Resolve, Return, Reform, Resilience & Re-imagination). He spoke about how automation helps us in increasing productivity.

Finally Ms. Neha Shukla held forth on four major points, viz., - rebranding of portfolios, cost structures, work place changes, and digitalisation. She referred to digitalisationas the biggest gift of Covid-19 and the fact that now people are looking for safe places for work rather than great places for work.

During the sessions, many pertinent queries and doubts were raised by the students which were handled and satisfied very effectively by the all distinguished speakers.

At the end of the session Prof. (Dr.)Vidhya Sekhri, Director (Management), I.T.S Mohan Nagar put on record her concluding remarks and presented a digital plaque to each of the guests as a token of gratitude and remembrance.

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I.T.S Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad organized Fourth Edition of “Business Summit-2020”

Business Summit-2020 was inaugurated with ceremonial Lamp Lighting by Vice Chairman, I.T.S-The Education Group, Shri Arpit Chadha

the Chief Guest Mr. Rajesh Gulati, CFO IZEX Lenses and Ex-President Hero Cycles Limited, Guest of Honour Mr. Shankar Goenka, Managing Director, WOW Factors India Private Limited, Dr. Vidya Sekhri, Director (Management) and Summit Convener Dr. Anusha Agrawal at I.T.S Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad. This summit was conducted in three sessions of panel discussions in different streams of management based on Innovation and Marketing Strategies for Global Competitiveness, Innovative Financial Strategies in BFSI Sector, Human Capital for Transcending Organizational Capabilities: An innovative Approach


 On this occasion, Shri Arpit Chadha highlighted achievements based on innovations adopted by various segments, Dr. Vidya Sekhri, Director (Management) introduced and welcomed all the dignitaries on the dais and shared her thoughts on Business Summit and its relevance in contemporary times. Dr. Anusha Agrawal presented an overview and the basic purpose behind organizing this summit... Guest of Honor Shri Shankar Goenka inspired the young generation with his enlightened speech and motivated them to be successful business leaders. Chief guest Shri Rajesh Gulati made aware of ongoing changes out of new innovations in different sectors.

The Media Partner of the summit was BUSINESS STANDARD.

The Summit was organized in three sessions of a panel discussion on three diverse areas. The first session was based on the theme “Innovation and Marketing Strategies for Global Competitiveness”. Sr. Prof. C. K. Sabharwal (ITS- Mohan Nagar) moderated the session and shared his birds-eye views on the topic. Sh. Sanjay Chitkara, Head Corporate marketing (LG Electronics), Sh. Sushant Dubey EVP (Sify Technologies), Sh. Amit Sharma National Head (DAIKIN) participated in panel discussions and delivered their thoughts on the subject. 

The theme for a panel discussion in the second session was on “Innovative Financial Strategies in BSFI sectors. Sh. Bharat Anand Sr. Director (DSCI) & Chief of Technology, Ministry of Home Affairs, Sh. Jyoti Prakash Gadia, MD (Resurgent India Limited) and Sh. Gurusharan Roy Bansal, CGM ( India Post Bank Payments Limited) shared their insight about the BFSI sector and role of Fintech in the financial services and enlightened the audience with their experience.

The third session was related to HR Perspective and the theme was “Human Capital for Transcending Organizational Capabilities: An innovative Approach”. Sh. Arun Prakash, Executive Director (KMPG), Dr. Rajesh Mohan Rai, Strategic HR Consultant, and Sh. Pankaj Agrawal, MD (Simply Dhruv) participated in the discussion and threw enriched value-added knowledge with new dimensions to the recipients.

Senior corporate executives participated and shared their views on above mentioned contemporary themes and delegates from different institutions and business houses participated in the Summit.


I.T.S Mohan Nagar has a rich tradition to organize such events based on contemporary social, business, academic, industrial and other developmental issues in addition to its regular academic, professional and research-based activities with its prime objectives of creating a sense of awareness amongst the people and ensuring sincere efforts of the institution for socio-economic development and as a catalyst for nation-building. Business Summit- 2020 is also a part of the same endeavor to strengthen Industry- Institution- Interface to facilitate competitive and time demanding professional education and to produce business leaders and executives to cater to the demand of the industry, business, and society. 


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I.T.S Utkrisht Marketing Awards 2020

Department of Management at I.T.S Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad organized its 4th edition of I.T.S Utkrisht Marketing Awards on Saturday, 1st February, 2020

The much-awaited event marked its beginning with the auspicious lamp lighting in the benign presence of Shri Arpit Chadha, Vice Chairman, I.T.S - The Education Group,  Chief Guest, Shri Pankaj Singh, Member of Legislative Assembly, Noida (U.P.),  Distinguished Guest, Prof. (Dr.) S. K. Kak, Ex Vice-Chancellor, CCS University, Meerut & Mahamaya Technical University, Noida and - Shri Barat Anand, CTO, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

A welcome address was presented by Dr. Vidya Sekhri, Director (Management) and program overview was given by Prof. Durba Roy, event Convener.

Top marketing achievers from reputed business organizations including Indogulf, Trident Technology, Greenlam, Career Launcher, B&R, DCM Shriram, Agarwal Homez, R K Marble, Triveni Polychem, OCS and many more received the Awards under 14 categories in recognition of excellence in Marketing by Shri Arpit Chadha and Shri Pankaj Singh.

Shri. Pankaj Singh shared his words of wisdom and expressed his confidence on the award-winning organizations for their role and contribution in making India a $5 trillion economy in the years to come.

Shri Arpit Chadha emphasized on creating a corporate culture for innovation and creativity to flourish.

Prof. S. K. Kak and Shri Bharat Anand congratulated organizations for their award-winning contributions to the economy and society at a large.

There were presentations by the award winners related to their exciting journey of excellence and achievements. Award ceremony was graced by Shri Surinder Sood, Director (PR) and Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey, Director (IT) and witnessed encouraging participation from delegates from corporate and media.

The award ceremony was very well co-ordinated by Dr. V N Bajpai, Chairperson (PGDM).

The support and trust bestowed on us by the Companies was evident through their participation and nominations under various categories of Awards.

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HR CONCLAVE- 2019 organized on 2nd November 2019.

Department of Management atI.T.S Ghaziabad organized HR conclaveon the focal theme HR 4.0 CHANGING LANDSCAPE” with the objective that how organizations are changing mainly due to technology.

This Conclaveprovided a platform to highlight the various upcoming issues, opportunities and challenges in corporate in coming future. Eminent speakers from Industry and Academia shared their insight and valuable thoughts on various subthemes.  Mr. Dinesh Jain President( Legal& Corp Affairs) Uflex graced the occasion as a chief Guest and Dr. Debi S. Saini Emeritus Professor-HRM , IIM, Ranchi was present as a Guest of Honor. In the very beginning the program was started with inaugural session where Mr. Arpit Chadha (Vice Chairman) felicitated the chief guest and the guest of honour with plant sapling. He also shared words of wisdom and motivation to address the audience. In the inaugural session, Dr. Debi Saini make us aware what AI is actually and how it is helping and intervening in HR and Mr. Dinesh Jain shared their views like what challenges can come with AI listed as which process, Is AI can replace human workforce? He also added no one will be jobless. The Various eminent speakers during the Technical Sessions and Panel Discussion focused on concepts like AI is mainly Augmented Intelligence and we need to work on pace of change. VUCA(Volatile, uncertain, Constant, Ambiguous) is current scenario and how technology will affect various activities by 2030. We need to be ready to unlearn for adapting change. Mundane jobs can be handle by AI. With AI, value plays a key role.In Technical Session 2, eminent speakers gave an insight on topic “Leaders of 2030- Decoding New Paradigm”. Their views were “Leaders will be self, critical & bold.” There are 3 major competencies- Talent development, communication, leading change. The Top Management should be easily reachable for good leadership. Authenticity will have to be come in a big way.In session 3, Panel discussion on topic “Diversity & Inclusive Initiative” speakers enlighten and added in our knowledge by saying that there should not be only Lip Service. We need to be change from D&I to I&D. Inclusion should be worked on as society.At the end Dr.(Prof.) Vidya Sekhri(Director-Management) expressed his gratitude by Presenting Mementos as a token.


Overall session was very interactive and full of practical knowledge and insights shared by them on the topic which we are going to face in upcoming years.

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Induction Seminar in association with AIESEC for PG Students

Department of Management at Institute of Technology & Science organized an Induction Seminar in association with AIESEC in IIT Delhi for PGDM and MBA students on 24thJanuary 2019 in Chanakya Auditorium. This seminar was organized with the objective of giving students opportunities in the areas of Global Entrepreneur and Global Volunteer.

AISEC is a global platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. Since their inception, they have engaged and developed over 1,000,000 young people who have been through AIESEC experience. They are a Non-Political, Independent and Not for Profit organization run by students and graduates of institutions of higher education. Their members are interested in world issues, leadership and Management. The internships offered are in the following broad areas: Marketing, Digital Marketing, Sales, Content Writing, Business Development, Graphic Designing, App. Development, Education, Web Development, Education, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, etc.The recommended countries are: Bahrain, Eqypt, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Mainland of China, Malaysia, Nepal, Poland, Turkey,  Vietnam and many more.

The Post Graduate students of I.T.S interacted with the team with full enthusiasm and zeal. They were looking forward to opportunities like this in our esteemed Institute and are ready to encash on it very soon.

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Business Summit 2018

Department of Management studies at I.T.S, Mohan Nagar organized second edition of Business Summit with a focal theme “New Frontiers of India: Skill, Speed and Startups” on Saturday, 17th February, 2018. This summit was one of the leading platform where business, policy-makers, civil society and academia came together to discuss the current trends and challenges in the Indian business landscape.

This second edition of Business Summit was blessed by Hon'ble Union Minister of Commerce and Industry, Mr. SURESH P. PRABHU with a video message wherein he congratulated I.T.S for organizing business summit on a relevant theme for country and discussed about challenges of a talented individual to become an entrepreneur and then a successful business person in India.


Business Summit witnessed the presence of prominent speakers across the industries on the day. Mr. Hemant. G. Contractor, Chairman- PFRDA addressed the gathering as the Chief Guest and Mr. Pradeep Khanduri ,Procurement specialist, CGN INDIA LTD as the Guest of Honor.
Principal partner of the summit was UN Global Compact and summit was also successful in attracting other partners as Ghaziabad Industries Federation, Centre for Education Growth & Research and Ghaziabad Management Association. Main sponsors of the summit were Cox and king and Eggsperts and co-sponsors were Digiperform, Vision express and Yours pizza. More than 50 delegates from corporate & academia registered themselves. Students from Delhi/NCR showed huge enthusiasm by participating till the last session of the Summit. 
The Summit was designed with an inaugural session, keeping focal theme in mind and three different panel sessions focusing on digital marketing, future trends in BFSI sector and role of leadership in revamping organizations for digital age.
Inaugural session commenced with welcome note of Prof Shikha Arora followed by motivational address of Mr. Surinder Sood (Director PR). Dr. Anusha Agarwal gave a brief overview of Summit. After that, Dr. Ajay Kumar (Director Management) set the tone of summit by giving a warm welcome address to all. Mr. Pradeep Khanduri, keynote speaker, beautifully intertwined all three parameters Skill, Speed and Startups in his deliberation. He spoke about internal and external transformation to create an identity as a successful entrepreneur. He also touched upon Internet of Things & Marketing 4.0 to reflect the journey from traditional to digital. Mr. Hemant. G. Contractor, Chairman- PFRDA reproduced facts about demographic condition of India and discussed about the key areas of improvement in financial sectors, pension policies and related challenges in India due to poor pension policies.
Session I
Mr. Anil Kumar (Founder CEO) LOCOVIDA discussed about types of consumers in today’s market, how decision got influenced by various people, how rapidly data getting transmitted on regular basis on the world wide web and insights about digital and intelligent marketing with a reference to Neuro Linguistic Programming and Artificial intelligence.
Mr. Lakshman Kanuga (President corporate affairs) BOTOIL OIL TOOLS INDIA LTD, shared insights about digital disruptions in Oil and Gas industries. He focused upon disruption drivers in form of market dynamics, geopolitical disequilibrium & environmental concerns. He also discussed government initiatives in last 4 years in the field.
Mr. Harsh Kalra (MD) EGGSPERT NUTRI INNOVATION PVT. LTD, talked about journey of an entrepreneur and role of entrepreneurs in building startup culture in India. He provided deep insights related to various challenges of egg industry and value of risk taking in entrepreneurial journey.
Mr. Vipin Singhania (CEO) LSONIC FOODS & SERVICES PVT. LTD, also shared his experience of setting up a venture and the challenges faced by an entrepreneur in initial stages. He briefly discussed about global leaders like Google and Microsoft and their journey to attain the present level.
Session II
Mr. Ajay Deep Khurana (Founding Partner) McKinley Global Advisors took the audience towards cashless economy, which is an outcome of digitalization only. He specifically pointed out development in last 10-15 years indicating scope of numerous opportunities & innovation in India. He spoke about digital revolution like Jio and innovations in Indian Banking Sector.
Mr. Amit Sharma (CEO) Satin Housing Finance Ltd. stated various facts about Housing sector with a reference of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Urban & Rural Housing Interest Subsidy Scheme. He also mentioned opportunities in housing sector and shared that already Rs 10.8 Lakh cores are invested in Housing Finance in India.
Mr. Kaushal Mehtani (Senior Finance Expert) at McKinsey & Company elaborated various trends in BFSI Sector and the factors to be kept in mind before investing money. He also talked about Skill development in the form of reskill, cross skill and up skill. He emphasized upon customer relationship in era of Digitization & Artificial Intelligence.

Mr. Manoj Kumar Sabat (AVP) IL & FS spoke about infrastructure use in financing sector with a special mention of Hyderabad Airport Project worth Rs 3000 crores. He discussed various problem faced by infrastructure financing and recent innovative financing Methods.
Mr. Gopal Mondal (CFO) at IDFC Foundation painted image of India v/s Rural India (Bharat) in front of audience. He interestingly pointed towards change in the behavior of consumer after Demonetization & implementation of GST. He said even GST changed the Kachaa - Pakka Business (without invoice) scenario. He also shared latest trends in technology impacting consumers.
Session III
Mr. Annirudha Singh, Group President (HR), Monnet Ispat & Energy LTD spoke about digital revolution, virtual organization & challenges related with them. He said that the decision making will be data-driven along with inner gut & feeling in time ahead and intellectual work will be done by machines.
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, Head (HR), IPGCL deliberated upon the digital economy & its impact on life of people. He told about Sweden, 1st Country to adapt to cashless transactions. He stated that transactional HR like EPF, PF etc., would be automated in coming time. He emphasized upon technology updation of HR fraternity in order to imagine the future, design the future & align the future with the present.
Mr. Ashish Pradhan, COO, E-SHAKTI.COM (we design, you customize) highlighted his company’s achievement in getting through the World’s top 100 companies for providing the best quality-customer products. He emphasized upon the role of leadership in making a business successful & addressed the various attributes of leaders that are relevant in digital era.
Mr. Prashant Singh, Vice President, Paytm, gave an insight related to ways of “leading in the times of transformation”. He correlated employability & its potential impact on the several industries, e.g. Google v/s Facebook, Hotel v/s Airlines etc. in the form of first order impact & second order impact by taking the reference of technological advancement in terms of AI, block chain, autonomous cars, foodtech, medicines etc. He advised everyone to rethink about the concept of leaders & the leadership in changing times.
Business Summit 2018 ended with vote of thanks proposed by Prof G K Diwedi.

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ICT Summit 2017

I.T.S National ICT Summit on New India Vision: ICT in Nation Development was organized by Department of IT, I.T.S Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad on Saturday, 18th November, 2017 and event concluded with grand success.

The objective of this ICT summit was to provide a platform to bring professionals from Industry & Academia and professional societies together to discuss and deliberate on the theme of this event “New India Vision: ICT in Nation Development” which is very important in today’s scenario. This event was a good platform for strengthening Academia Institute-Industry Interface. This event was unique opportunity for all the participating delegates to meet, interact, learn, share & exchange the knowledge & information and provided platform to create avenues for collaborative research in future.


The Summit was inaugurated by Shri Anil Swarup, Secretary to Govt of India, Ministry of HRD, Shri Arpit Chadha, Vice Chairman - I.T.S - Education Group, Shri Surinder Sood, Director(PR), I.T.S The Education Group, Dr. Harish Pant - Managing Director (Hampson's Industries), Dr. K.K. Dewan, Vice Chancellor, NIU, Shri Mehraj Dube, Head – Marketing, Zee Media Group, Dr. Sunil Kr. Pandey, Director(IT),I.T.S Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad, Dr Umang, Event Convener, Prof. Puja Dhar, Prof Smita Kansal, Co Conveners.

In starting of Inaugural Session, Shri Arpit Chadha, Vice Chairman, I.T.S-The Education Group welcomed the eminent guests from various verticals including Media, Industry, Academia. He said that this session will provide an in depth insight of different verticals as how ICT is contributing in the development of the nation. Shri Surinder Sood, Director(PR), I.T.S-The Education Group addressed the gathering. In his address, he discussed about the vision sharing of Top Industry Leaders, policy makers, media and academia will help the delegates of this summit to understand the underlying principles of Digital India & New India Concepts, their perspective and how Industry is prepared to contribute towards it an thoughts which will help them in taking a long way. Dr. Sunil Kr. Pandey, Director(IT) also welcomed and address the gathering. He said that this ICT Summit is an initiative of I.T.S Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad is an attempt in series of efforts to create awareness among masses about Digital Resources, facilities and its potential to empower & inclusiveness to deprived segment with
institutions and the take the nation forward together. Dr. Umang, Convener briefed about an event.

On this occasion MCA Students were also felicitated by the dignitaries which included Ms. Sakshi Tyagi who secured 5th position and Ms. Preeti Singh securing 7th position in Top-10 Merit List of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow. These students were felicitated with Memento, Cash Prize of ? 10,000/- and Certificate.

Addressing as Chief Guest of event, Shri Anil Swarup expressed his views on responsible uses of ICT to ensure that objectives of New India Vision is achieved. He emphasized on serious engagement with Technology and understand as how we can contributed to take it to masses. During the session, Guest Speakers spoke about changing landscape of ICT and its significance in all facets & human life including Health, Industry, Technology, Business , Media & Governance etc.

While delivering the vote of thanks Dr. Sunil Kr. Pandey, Director(IT) thanks to the eminent guests for their benign presence and accepting the invitation in spite of their busy schedule. After the vote of thanks National Anthem was chanted in the presence of dignitaries and faculties, delegates and students.

In second session a panel discussion on the theme “Role of ICT, its significance in Businesses and challenges & opportunities in Media, Academics, IT & HR Sector” with Moderater of the Panel Dr Sunil Kr. Pandey, Director-IT. Other experts of the Panel included Sh. Priyank Dubey, Sr. Journalist, Doordarshan, Dr. Anil Kr. Misra, Chief People Officer,, Dr.Sushila Madam, LSR, University of Delhi, Delhi, Shri Manikandan Iyer, Business Head(India), AMD, India.

In this event, post lunch session, following listed four activities were organized:
(1) Paper Presentation (Old & New Seminar Halls in parallel)
(2) Poster Presentation(GCR)
(3) Digital Poster(Lab-7)
(4) Quiz Competition (Prelims - Lab-1, Lab-5 & Lab-6) & Final on Stage in Old Auditorium

In paper presentation activity, Original& unpublished quality papers were invited from prospective authors for including in the Proceedings of the Souvenir with ISBN No 978-81-928555-3-0. All the papers selected, registered and presented in the Summit, were included in Hard Copy of the Proceedings which was released in Inaugural Session of the Summit. In this event, overwhelmed response of student delegates was received from all the courses of our Institute as well as other reputed Institutes in which about 200 Students participated.
The Prizes, Certificates & Trophies were given away in the Valedictory Session to the winners of different activities.

On this occasion, Shri Surinder Sood, Director PR, I.T.S – The Education Group, Dr. Sunil Kr Pandey, Director(IT), I.T.S Ghaziabad, Dr. Umang, Event Convener, Prof. Puja Dhar and Prof Smita Kansal (Event Co-Convener(s)), faculty members, students from different courses of the Institute and also outside the Institute were also present.

It was a great learning for everyone who were present in different sessions and activities of the Summit.

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National Seminar CSIC 2017

National Seminar on Cyber Security: Issues & Challenges (CSIC-2017) organized by Department of IT, I.T.S Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad on Saturday, 18th March, 2017 concluded with grand success. The Seminar was inaugurated by Shri M.S. Vilkhu - Chief of Information Security at IBM, Ms. Karnika Seth, Cyber Law Practitioner, Supreme Court of India Attorney at law. & Founding Partner Seth Associates, New Delhi, Shri. Surinder Sood, Director (PR) - I.T.S - The Education Group, Prof. Ashok Kumar Puri - Director General, I.T.S, Ghaziabad and Dr. Sunil Kr Pandey - Director (IT) at I.T.S, Ghaziabad.

After the Inaugural Session, Experiential Talks Session was scheduled in which The Industry Experts and Practicing Professionals, who are actually into Cyber Security related domains addressed and share their perspectives in different sessions ranging into Legal, Telecom Technology, Data Center, Application Security including Internet of Things (one of the most fast coming up Technology), Financial (HeroFinCorp), Banking domains. This session was graced by the presence of Key note Speakers, Shri Mr. Bharat Gautam, CISO, Hero Fincorp, Shri Sameer Gandhi, Director-Telecom(India & South Asia), Juniper Network, Mumbai, Shri Bohitesh Mishra, Vice President – IT & BI, Simpa Network, Shri Nishith Seth Executive Director - SSPL Mumbai.
With an objective to provide students opportunity to explore, prepare and demonstrate their understanding of Cyber Space, Cyber Crimes, Cybder Security Threats, Cyber Laws, two activities - Poster Presentation and Paper Presentation Contests were organized. It was wonderful to see the kind of work students carried out and presented confidently before the Judges and Industry Experts including Shri, Sameer Gandhi, Director (Telecom) - India and South Asia and Shri Bohitesh Misra - Vice President (BI & IT), Simpa Networks.

It was a great learning for everyone who were present in different sessions of the Seminar.

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Finance Seminar on ‘Volatility Spillover of Each Sector Across Financial Markets’ held at ITS, Ghaziabad.

Institute of Technology and Science, Ghaziabad organized one day National Seminar on ‘Volatility Spillover of Each Sector Across Financial Markets’ on 6th February, 2016. The Institute organizes such seminars in different domains of specializations to update the knowledge and skills of the students with the latest industry inputs and trends.
The event started with the Inaugural Session opening by Dr. Anusha Agarwal, Convener of the Seminar, welcoming the honorable Vice Chairman, I.T.S. The Education Group, Mr. Arpit Chadha, Director Management, Dr. Sapna Rakesh, Chief Guest Mr. Shailendra Bebortha, Chief Operating Officer, Sunborne Energy Technologies and Keynote Speaker Mr. V.K. Raina, President AVR Consultancy, Ex Chairman, Bank of Aldofar, Dubai and giving an overview of the Seminar. Director Management Dr. Sapna Rakesh addressed the students that such events give an opportunity to interact with the industry experts. Vice Chairman, I.T.S. The Education Group, Mr. Arpit Chadha also addressed the students and wished them a day full of learning with new insights. Thereafter the Chief Guest for the Seminar Mr. Shailendra Bebortha, not only shared the recent developments in finance but also advised the future managers to remain updated and poised as there will be increased demand of financial experts in future. The Keynote speaker was Mr. V.K. Raina also shared his vast experience and gave valuable insights into the various factors leading to the crises in the financial markets. His speech invited various interesting questions from the students which were duly addressed.

Then there was a Technical Session on ‘Personal Finance in Turbulent Times’ where the experts were Mr. Prashant Sharma, Senior VP, ICICI Securities, Mr. Abhishek Pradhan, Director, Financial Consulting Firm, Ex. VP IndusInd Bank and Ms. Kavita Rai, Senior Manager, Delhi Stock Exchange. Mr. Prashant Sharma discussed the various factors leading to crises including economic factors and political factors, reasons for Chinese market crash and how such factors impact the wealth and financial assets of any person. He suggested that one should not simply buy stock but invest in promising and growth oriented companies. Mr. Abhishek Pradhan deliberated how the crises have always been there and one should not be pessimistic but rather always focus on managing the crises to overcome it successfully. He also stressed how as managers one is always required to view problems not as problems but as opportunities for doing new things. Finally the last speaker of the session Ms. Kavita Rai shared her vast experience of twenty five years in the stock exchange and advised students that they should not jump into the market without any information only for speculating or trading purposes but rather acquire the right information and correct details and then think of investing in the market for better returns.

Later there was a Panel Discussion on topic ‘Impact of Global Financial Crisis on Indian Financial Sector’ where the experts were Mr. Vikas Arora, VP, Yes Bank; Mr. Gursharan Rai Bansal, Senior VP, UTI Asset Management Company; Mr. Manoj Kumar Sabat, AVP, IL&FS Energy; Mr. Vikas Gupta, Director, Compark Ltd. and Ms. Anju Sethi, AGM, Punjab National Bank. The moderator of the panel was Dr. Deepak Tandon, Professor, IMI, Delhi. The eminent speakers from industry discussed the various causes of the current financial crisis such as the Chinese market crash, crude oil crisis, political unrest and gave valuable insights how one thing is related to the other. The speakers also deliberated on the challenges and opportunities in the current scenario for the start up companies. Ms. Anju Sethi highlighted how the spillover effect is natural as adversity in one country affects other nations as well and how bankers have to be a little more cautious and follow the credit ratings strictly. Mr. Manoj Kumar Sabat discussed that financial crisis has majorly affected the private sector and public sector is not much affected as there is not much problem of debt. Mr. Gursaran Rai Bansal very interestingly brought the concept of ‘VUCA’ (V= volatility, U= uncertainty, C= complexity, A= ambiguity) situation which is presently the scenario. Mr. Vikas Gupta explained how financial crisis affects an entrepreneur or startup further stressing that financial crisis comes after every 3 years and so one should be prepared for it. Also stating that such crisis is the ideal time to initiate a startup become one is more creative and innovative at that time and talent availability is also more. Mr. Vikas Arora, explained Chinese market crash stating that the country’s exports are reducing and so China went ahead with devaluating its currency to induce an increase in exports.
Toward the conclusion of the event vote of thanks was given by Prof. Nitin Saxena thanking all the speakers, faculty and the students for successfully organizing the seminar which greatly benefitted the participants and the students.

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National HR Seminar on “Unleashing Human Capital in the Era of Disruptive Innovation

The Seminar proceedings began at 11.00am with Prof Shikha introducing and inviting the ITS group Vice Chairman Shri Arpit Chadha, Chief Guest Mr.G.P.Rao, Management Advisor & Motivational Speaker, Founder, GPHR Consulting, Key Note Speaker Dr.Kavita Singh, Professor-OB, Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi University(DU), Dr.Sapna Rakesh (Director-Management, Dr.Anita Mathew, Professor – OB/HR &Convenor- HR Seminar for the lighting of lamp and floral welcome to the Resource Speakers of the session.

The inaugural session opened with Dr.Sapna Rakesh’s address on the 11th edition of National Seminar of HR at ITS, Ghaziabad. She talked about organizations being about people and technology and the how organizations are innovating to be connected with the youth of today followed by Dr.Anita Mathew’s highlight on the theme of the seminar. She talked about the changing mindset of millennials with entrepreneurial orientation, setting an era of innovations that has disrupted the established market leaders. Essentially the theme of the Seminar was to address and prepare the young minds for a changed organizational scenario.

The dias was handed over to Dr.Kavita Singh for her keynote address and she talked about the shift from command and control to consultation and participation era in organizations. She also build around the concept of Disruptive Innovation with examples of organization in the lead. LEAPS model and psychology of disruptive innovation through S shaped curve wasefficiently explained by her while mentioning about associated mindest, behaviour, uncertainity, inevitable future and the human capital competencies required for disruptive innovation.

Mr.G.P.Rao in his address mentioned various ways to unleash human capital. Some of them were finding the potential in self, vision, doing a SWOT, having a strategic mindset with inclusive orientation and business acumen. Also emphasized on developing faith and practicing ethical values. He also talked about what organizations could do to develop human capital of the organization like providing an enabling climate, being flexible, encouraging risk and experimentation among employees and designing supportive policies.

The Second session at 1400hrs was a Panel Discussion on “Career vs Compensation-Perspectives of Millenials and the student anchors were Ms.RenuAdhikari (PGDM14-16)and Mr.AnimeshSaraswat (PGDM-15-17). The Panelists were Mr.RajnishJhulka, Founder-Thought @ Work, Mr.Indranil Gupta, CEO & Director- Meritt Consultants, Mr.ManmohanBhutani, Head-HR & VP-Business Operations, American Cyber Systems (ACS) Inc. and Mr.Kaushik Chakraborty, Director-HR, Business Partner, Head-L&D, Jones Lang LaSalle. The session witnessed a research presentation on a global research study on millennials and what they expect from their respective organizations. The key points that came out of the discussion were issues like the integration of generation gap that existed among Baby boomers, GenX and GenY, millennials affable nature towards technology, transparency and openness, leadership, work life balance, shift from compensation to total rewards and life-long learning. Three important competencies on behavioural, technical and business related skills were identified as important factor for millennials. The need to face VUCA was also discussed and the session was facilitated by Mr. RajnishJhulka.

The third session at 1630 hrs was a Panel Discussion on “ Changing Paradigm of Recruitment” and the session anchors were Ms. Nishtha Tiwari (PGDM 14-16) and Mr.Khushpreet Singh (PGDM 15-17). The panel members were Ms. Wilma Dadel Gupta, Director & Principal Consultant, Qwest HR ServicesMr.Yuvraj Bhatnagar, Global Leader (AVP) – Talent Acquisition, Evalueserve, Mr.ArunavBannerjee, President and Chief Researcher,Mr.Prateek Dubey, Head-HR, Coca Cola and Mr.Murleedhar Sharma, Director-HR, RJ Corp. The session highlights included discussion on the shift from traditional to web based hiring. The format of interviews and some of the commonly used platforms for search by recruiters and thereby the students’ imperative to be present and allied to latest technology to make the best use of medium was discussed at length. An activity of mock interview session with frequently asked questions through an activity titled “HOT SEAT” was effected to sensitize the students on the veracity with which they should prepare and present themselves in front of recruiters. The session was moderated by Mr.ArunavBannerjee.

The Seminar was also graced by aluminus of ITS, Mr.ArnabMustafi( EA - MD ) Eastman Auto & Power Ltd., Faculty members of other institutes in NCR and industry representatives – Mr. Vijay Kumar Bhatt, HR Manager, Albert David Limited, Mr. Kaushik Basu, Business HR, PI Industries Ltd., Mr. ParveenNagpal, AM- HR Continental Carbon India Ltd., Mr.Sudhir Singh Bisht, Asst. Mgr, Continental Carbon India Ltd, Mr. BabuKhan, AGM- RCEL, CEL/Aura Green Technologies, Mr. Asish Das, Director, AKD Infotech (P) Ltd.

The Seminar concluded with the valedictory session and the student anchors thanked all the panelists and mementoes were presented on behalf of ITSparivar to all the resource speakers and vote of thanks was proposed by Dr.Anita Mathew.

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I.T.S Ghaziabad Organized Two-Day National Seminar on Managing Finance during crisis

Institute of Technology & Science, Ghaziabad organized a two-day National Seminar at its Mohan Nagar campus. The Seminar took of in the morning of 7th February, 2014 and ended in the evening of 8th February, 2014. The Seminar was organized in the area of Finance. The theme of the Seminar was ‘Managing Finance during crisis. The first day of the Seminar was devoted to the research paper presentation by the researchers from industry and academia. Two dozen research papers were selected for publication out of total six dozen research papers received. All the selected research papers were published in a book which was released in the inaugural session of the second day of the Seminar. The first day of the Seminar was inaugurated by renowned professor of Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, New Delhi. In his inaugural address, he presented the nitty-gritty of financial crisis in an interesting manner.
The focal point of this Seminar was 60 delegates from 35 different countries who whole-heartedly participated and enjoyed discourse on various aspects of Indian financial system.

The second day of the Seminar was devoted to the discussions by the industry captains in different technical sessions. This day observed extensive discourse on understanding nuances of and required skills needed for making Indian financial system robust. Mr Rajesh Gulati, President, Hero Motors was the Chief Guest, Mr Ravi Prasad, Director, NHAI, Govt. of India was the key-note speaker and Mr. Rishi Raj Singh, Director, NIESBUD was the Guest of Honor.
In his welcome address, Director General of I.T.S, Prof Shekhar Ghose express happiness over the presence of delegates particularly 60 representatives of 35 different countries. Expressing his views on Indian Financial System, he said during 2008 meltdown, India was least affected; reason being its robustness via wide regulation. What should be done to prevent sporadic crippling of our economy by frequent attack of crises would be the focal point of discussion during technical sessions of the day. He hoped the delegates will certainly enrich their knowledge on Indian financial system.
In his Inaugural address, Chief Guest Mr Rajesh Gulati present a blueprint of the working of Indian Government, industrial houses and management institutions to make India fastest growing economy of the world. He was of the opinion that financial system gets robust by the progressive thinking of the policy-makers. Not only this, the growth rate also much depends on the working style of the Government. Fast and feasible policy making brighten the financial system and thereby the benefit reaches to even last man and also enriches the creditworthiness on the global platform.
In his keynote address, Mr Ravi Prasad talked at length the role of infrastructure and its finance management to speed up the growth of economy.
Guest of Honor, Dr Rishi Raj Singh presented a bird’s eye view on financial crises happening from time to time.
The theme of the first technical session was ‘Crisis management in financial services’. In this session, Mr Gursharan Rai Bansal, Sr VP, UTI Asset Management, Mr Ashutosh Chaturvedi, VP Bonanza Capital and Mr Dayanand Koushik, AO, LIC were the eminent speakers. Speakers discussed at length the challenges and opportunities of management of financial services.
The theme of the second technical session was ‘Financial crisis in Real Estate Sector’. In this session Mr Zafar, Sr VP Upal Group and Mr Amarendra Kumar, PNB Housing Finance were the speakers. They discussed about the working of real estate sector and were of the opinion that there was no crisis in this sector, it is just demand and supply mismatch.
Third session was panel discussion. The theme of the panel discussion was ‘Indian financial system in global context’. Mr Vikas Gupta, Delivery Head, RBS, Mr Vikas Arora, VP, Yes Bank, Mr Manoj Kumar Sabat, AVP, IL & FS Energy and CA Aman Chugh were the panelists. Panel discussed the nitty-gritty of Indian Financial System vis-à-vis global financial system.
In the Valedictory Session, Dr Namita Srivastava, Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation, Ms Neelam Raghav & Ms Tanu Khare Srivastava, ABES Ghaziabad and Dr H S Shyam, Sharda University were given away the first, second and third cash prizes respectively. In a separate student category, Ms Priya Khare, ITS Ghaziabad, Mr Navdeep Singh, ITS Ghaziabad and Mr Ravi & Ms Manya, ITS-IM Greater Noida got trophies of first, second and third prize respectively. All paper presenters also received certificate of the same effect.
Prof Anusha Agrawal was the convener and Prof Manju Lamba was the co-convener of the Seminar. Seminar ended with the concluding remark and vote of thanks by Director-Management, Prof( Dr.) B S Hothi.
Including 60 delegates from 35 countries about 250 people from industry and academia participated in the Seminar.

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National IT Seminar EAIT-2013

National Seminar on "Emerging Advancements in Information Technology (EAIT-2013)" was organized by Department of IT of I.T.S, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad campus on 16th March, 2013 in association with CSI Ghaziabad Chapter & ACM Delhi-NCR Chapter. The Seminar was organized with an objective of creating a forum for experts from academia, industry, practioners and research community playing crucial roles in formulating conceptual, applied, technological and legal dimensions to come together and share their work, wisdom, experience and explorations. The Seminar was inaugurated by The Chief Guest & Vice Chancellor - S.M. University Vadodra, Famous Cyber Crime Expert & Guest of Honor Shri Pavan Duggal and Chief Editorial Adviser - Cyber Media Group & Key Note Speaker of the Seminar Shri. Prashanto Roy, Vice Chairman ITS The Education Group Shri Arpit Chadha, Director General - I.T.S Ghaziabad and Director - ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida Dr. Vineet Kansal.
Addressing as the Key Note speaker, Mr. Prashanto K Roy, The Chief Editorial Adviser of Cyber Media, spoke on the technological advancements and research trends in the field of information technology and said that in spite of all ups and down, still IT industry is marching ahead with new applications and thus heading towards creating more employment opportunities and taking the technological developments to the common man and in a sense it is itself a social service. In his address he uncovered the most sought after buzzword Big Data & Cloud environment with the emerging advancements in interface design and the powerful multiprocessing systems enabling mass storage, efficient processing and quick response to the users.

In his address the guest of honor, Shri. Pavan Duggal focused his discussion on challenges and issues with the increased usage and adoptability of technology and its enabled applications. While addressing the gathering Mr. Duggal cited the examples from industry and the social usage of the applications. Referring to social media websites, he said that careful assessment and usage of these applications are the need of the hour otherwise these applications have vulnerable impact too. He said that we need to understand the pros and cons of the applications we are using and take appropriate measures so that users are not tapped and land up in a situation which can lead to unbearable implications.
In his address, Chief Guest of the seminar Prof. Yogesh Singh said that now convergence of different streams of sciences are creating way for emergence of newer technologies and applications. He emphasized on the need of rigorous and focused collaborative research. In his address he said that we have to be committed in our efforts with understanding of what we want to achieve and then with positive attitude we need to put ourselves in action in this era of advancements and progression so that we are ready to exploit the advantages and ensure the reach of technology to the last man of our society.      
Earlier in his address, Vice Chairman of I.T.S The Education Group Shri. Arpit Chadha said that communication technologies have changed the way we interact, communicate and transact. These developments and reach of these technologies are revolutionizing the functioning of almost every organization irrespective of their domain in which they are operating into. He expressed his happiness and greeted each of the members of Dept of IT for the success of this event.
In his welcome address, Director General – ITS Ghaziabad Dr. A.K. Puri said that with the increased applications of information and communication technologies, there are inherited challenges and concerns are also rising out about securing and providing seamless connectivity among the users. He expressed his serious concerns over research initiatives in the country and emphasized on the need of identifying thrust areas those may lead to a direction which could have potential to work and explore about.
While delivering vote of thanks, Dr. Vineet Kansal expressed his sincere thanks to the Chief Guest, key note speaker, guest of honor and distinguished speakers of this seminar. Dr. Kansal also thanked to HBS for sponsoring the event.
Professor & Chairperson of MCA Programme, Prof. Sunil Pandey presented brief and structure of the Seminar. Prof. Saurabh Saxena, convener of the Seminar, coordinated the inaugural session. 
After the inaugural session two technical sessions on different themes were planned. First technical session was planned on the theme – “Impact of IT on Societal” in which Dr. Vijay Rao – Sr. Scientist of DRDO, Ms. Gayatri Partsarthi – Sr. Manager of Accenture, Bangalore, Dr. D.P. Vidyarthi – JNU New Delhi and Dr. Parag Singla – IIT Delhi addressed the gathering and expressed their views on related issues including Societal impact of IT, availability, Applications & usage in Rural Areas and challenges of it, Research directions and other areas like Communication infrastructure, Data Integration, Security and management of communication technologies, databases in mobile environment etc.
In the post-lunch session the theme was kept on “Emerging Technologies in IT” in which Dr. Arun Singh – Head (Expert Services) of Lumata Communications, Mr. Bharat Agarwal – Head (MTS Data Centre) at UTIBA Software Solutions and Dr. Sangay Gupta – Head (Cognitive Sciences) at NIIT Technologies about application, research and developmental dimensions of Information technologies in various domains including Telecommunications, Mobility, Data Centers and Cognitive Sciences.
The seminar was attended by the delegates from far off places, guests and faculty members & students of ITS, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad. In all approximately 300 delegates attended the Seminar.

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National Seminar “Emerging Trends in HR” 15th September 2012

To deliberate on the intricacies of modern HR challenges and practices and to gain a deeper insight into emerging trends in HR, a one-day seminar was organized by ITS, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad on 15th September (Saturday), 2012. The discussion revolved around the ‘EMERGING TRENDS IN HR’. It was organized by the students under the able guidance of HR faculty Fraternity. The chief guest of the seminar was Mr. Debaprasad Bhattacharya, who is the Advisor (Learning & Development) at Corporate Office of Indian Fertiliser Cooperative Limited ( IFFCO), New Delhi. The key-note speaker of the seminar was Dr. Aquil Busrai, who is the CEO of AQUIL BUSRAI CONSULTING.

The Seminar was demarcated into three sessions: Inaugural Session, Technical Session-I and Technical Session-II. During the Inaugural Session, Director General of ITS - Mr A. K. Puri; Director Management of ITS - Dr. A.K.S. Suryavanshi, Chief Guest Mr D. Bhattacharya and Keynote speaker- Dr. Aquil Busrai inaugurate the seminar with the ceremonial lighting of lamp and chant of mantra by student. This was followed by felicitation of guests with bouquets duly presented by Director General-Mr. A.K. Puri and Dr. A.K.S. Suryavanshi. The Director General of ITS- Mr. A.K. Puri then gave a welcome address to all the dignitaries, Faculty members, guests and students present in the auditorium. After that the key-note speaker initiated an enlightening talk on the current scenario in HR.

In the Inaugural Session Dr. Aquil Busrai,CEO Of AQUIL BUSRAI CONSULTING, in his deliberations touched major issues concerning HR, such as: why HR is becoming important in corporate?, how should HR overcome the challenges ?, how do we upgrade HR?, and how do companies hire candidates? He also shared the mantra ‘CAR’, which was the abbreviated form of the three basic attributes and skills an employer looks for in a candidate : C- Capacity of mind (How much one absorbs and comprehend), A-Application of knowledge (How much one learns and applies it in various situations) R- Relationship (how well does one connect at work and networks.)

The chief guest of the seminar Mr. Debaprasad Bhattacharya, Advisor at IFFCO gave his views on how Indian population is booming and it is expected that 40% of total population will comprise of citizens less than 25 years by year 2020. Also more than half of total population are not studying. He informed about 17 Countries which have been counted as successful and China is no. 1 whereas India stands at no. 17. He also took the example of Japanese organisation who adopted Indian values .He also talked about our culture which is highly inspired by the principles and values of Mahatma Gandhi. In today’s world Intellectual skills can be built easily, but it is difficult to build values.

The objective of this session was to analyse the role of HR as a strategic partner for ensuring organisational excellence. HR practices can resolve and address real business issues of the organisation.

First speaker Mr. Murli Dhar Shyam the HR Head- India, ATC Tower Corporation Pvt. Ltd. shared his knowledge on the topic “Strategic Alignment in Human Capital”. He said that, the organization should focus on the strategic planning to achieve the goals as strategy creates friction in our work. So, the work force planning in the organization should be strong and enough to achieve the target. Customers are the most important assets of the organization. As there are 2 sets of employees – one belonging to Generation X and the other to Generation Y, they both are different from each other in their thought process and working but their main objectives are the same. They should be co-operative but need for transparency and ethics stand at different pedestals for Gen X and Gen Y. He quoted the example of Mr. Ramcharan. He stressed that an essential leadership characteristic in management is managing people.

The second speakerMr Sharad Aggarwala (Sr. Vice President- Godfrey Philips India Ltd.) shared his experiences with the audience on the topic “Strategic Alignment in Human Capital”. He said that Human Capital is the stock of competencies, knowledge, workforces etc. He also talked about his company & discussed Core Values of Godfrey Philips India Ltd.He concluded his speech by sharing that Long Term Agreement with employees should be appreciated by HR and the ‘Mantra’ should be to “Give & Take”.

The third speaker Ms Harpreet Dutta, Executive Director & Chief People Officer (ABC consultant) shared her experiences and knowledge on the topic “Strategic Alignment in Human Capital”. She enlightened us about 6 steps towards strategic alignment in HR.She concluded her speech by saying that HR department needs to align its working with employees needs.

The TECHNICAL SESSION-II is titled as “INNOVATIVE HR FRAMEWORKS” The purpose of this session was to provide an insight into innovative practices being followed to meet the challenges in HR such as managing a diverse workforce, integrating impact of new technologies on business, parameters of fulfilling the rising customer expectations etc.

MR. SUBHASH JAGOTA, Managing Director, of Jabro Advertising & Marketing Pvt. Limited, informed the gathering about three principles which one should cherish and follow relentlessly - are (1)Never underestimate yourself, (2)Have a fire in your belly and(3) Learn to challenge yourself He reiterated that we have to be best otherwise somebody else will replace us to win in life. He concluded by adding that all Organisations need positive managers who can generate wealth.

MR.RAJNEESH SINGH,Managing Partner of Simply HR Solutions, said that HR has the beauty of being holistic and not just an individualistic concept. He also said that HR personnel should behave responsibly as they are the role model for the entire world of people.He told us that flexibility leads to Innovation. In the ensuing discussion it was emphasised that preparing for challenges by promoting a flexible and agile workforce, should be a recurring theme.

MR. ARUNAV BANERJEE, Director, Executive Education and Chair, HR Leadership Programme at SOIL, shared that PEOPLE are the most important resources in an organisation. HR is the platform where PEOPLE deal with PEOPLE. An Employer & Employee in HR are both people. He also added that the HR personnel should be very innovative in thoughts and action. He elaborated on the difference between Creativity & Innovation. Innovation is the action of creativity.

The Seminar culminated with a Valedictory session wherein Dr. Mona Sahay, Chief Seminar Convener, gave an overview of the proceedings of the entire seminar. Then Dr. A.K.S. Suryavanshi, Director Management of ITS, addressing to all those present, expressed his gratefulness to the speakers for sharing their views and opinion, thereby leading to value addition. The Seminar thus concluded on a satisfying note with valuable and enriching knowledge sharing.

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10th National IT Seminar on Recent Trends in Software Technologies (RTST-2012) in I.T.S., Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad

A one-day 10th National IT Seminar “Recent Trends in Software Technologies (RTST-2012)” was organized by Department of IT (NBA Accredited MCA Programme) in association with CSI-GZB Chapter & ACM Delhi-NCR Chapter at I.T.S., Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad on Saturday, 07th April, 2012. Dr. Pankaj Jalote, Director-IIIT, Delhi was the Chief Guest in this Seminar. Sh. Sunil Asthana, General Manager & Global Delivery Partner, CSC, Noida, India was the Key Note Speaker in the inaugural session of the Seminar. Seminar formally began with Lamp Lighting by above Guests, Director General, I.T.S, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad Dr. A. K. Puri and Director – IT, Dr. Vineet Kansal.

In his welcome address, Director General – I.T.S, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad, Prof. A.K. Puri welcomed the Chief Guest, Key Note Speaker, Invited Guests, & delegates from various institutions and spoke about the emerging trends in software technologies and its future directions. Prof. Puri said that gradually computers and their applications have started taking important place in our day to day life: be it mobile, laptops, smart-phones & may other daily appliances and it is becoming a necessity for all of us. In his address, Chief Guest Dr. Pankaj Jalote discussed the definition of engineering and differentiated it with software engineering & explored the skills required in this profession. He discussed the role of science based researcher and engineering researcher, abilities of researcher, difference between research & research manager. He also made aware the delegates the research opportunities in India and motivated them towards research career. He said that now India has been recognized by the rest of the world as an IT Power. Addressing as the Key Note Speaker, Sh. Sunil Asthana Ji spoke about the latest developments taking place in the IT Industry and covered various aspects of Mobile Commerce, Mobility, and Mobile Applications & Cloud Computing. Sh. Sunil Asthana, in his address, said that in true sense to make any technology available, is the availability of its benefits to the masses, i.e., to a common man. He further said that in present almost everybody has the access to Mobile Phones / smart-phones and if we can exploit these mobile phones as the vehicle for enabling these services and make them available, it would be really useful.

After inaugural session the seminar was divided into two technical sessions Emerging Trends & SIG Role in Software Developments and then Recent Advances in Software Testing, maintenance and quality assurance. In pre-lunch session Mr. Amit Goenka, Co-founder & CEO, Ariose Software Pvt. Ltd., Noida, Ms. Swati Mehra, Business Analyst, NIIT Limited, New Delhi and Ms. Vibha S. Sinha, Manager-Productivity Tools, IBM Research Lab India, Delhi addressed the gathering and expressed their views on related issues including Emerging Trends in software developments, agile methodologies, mobile computing, smart-phone applications and how SIG are playing an important role towards achieving the same.

In post-lunch session, Mr. Navneet B. Gupta, Program Manager - Aviva Testing Services, CSC, Noida, Mr. Virendra Singh Karakoti, Project Manager, Amdocs, Gurgaon and Dr. Ruchika Malhotra, Assistant Professor, Department of Software Engineering, DTU, Delhi talked about recent advances in software testing, maintenance & quality assurances related issues and disclosed the fact that software testing has now become a challenging profession as equivalent to software development.

The technical sessions were followed by the concluding session. In the concluding session, Sh. Rakesh Misra, Sr. Project Manager, CSC, Noida & Author, The eMedha Paradigm delivered a talk on the development of emerging trends in software engineering and shared the audience some hidden facts of Industry applications of new technologies related to software development.

While delivering his concluding remarks, Dr. Vineet Kansal, Director – IT thanked to all the speakers, invited guests, delegates present and participated from various institutes and organizations of far off places in the seminar. He also thanked the Computer Society of India (CSI) – Ghaziabad Chapter & ACM Delhi-NCR Chapter for promoting the event & for providing the support in their capacity. Dr. Kansal said that this seminar must have provided enough inputs to identify, explore and carry out meaningful research in the area of Software developments, mobile applications, cloud computing, software testing, maintenance & quality assurance.

After the Concluding Session, all the delegates/ participants were issued with the certificates of attending the seminar. The event was organized by Dr. Rabins Porwal as convener along with Prof. Ashish Seth and Prof. Saurabh Saxena.

The seminar was attended by the delegates from far end institutes such as I.M.S., Dehradoon, Vira College of Engineering, Bijnor, K.L.S.I.T., Bijnor, NIMS University, Jaipur, D.I.M.S., Meerut, SRM University, Modinagar, Vaibhav Institute of Mgmt & Technology, Bulandshahar, Ch.N.S. Group of College, Gothany, Khurja, V.I.T., Dadri and guests & delegates from nearby institutions such as Jamia Hamdard, Delhi, KEC, AKGEC, RKGIT, ABES, MIPS Morta, Suderdeep Engineering College, Ghaziabad, IILM Gr. Noida etc. and faculty members & students of ITS, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad approximately more than 250 persons.

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A Session on “Digital Marketing & Social Media

A session on Digital Marketing & Social Media was organized by Management Department of I.T.S- Management & I.T Institute, Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad on 21st May 2011.  Mr. Shyam Malhotra, Executive Director, Cyber Media India Ld. was the Guest Speaker for the session. The session revolved around the increasing role of technology in Marketing. Mr. Malhotra discussed how digitization and web space has created different world for marketers to understand, play and win.  The speaker emphasized the fact that technology can leverage all the marketing initiatives and bring profits to the company. Mr. Malhotra proposed that Digital Marketing as a field is very dynamic and technology once prevalent becomes obsolete in short period of time.

The deliberation on Social Media rose issues of immense importance for marketers and practitioners. Mr. Malhotra put forth that Social Media is very strong vehicle to reach customers. The underlined issues related to low- cost, vast reach and unparallel speed of the Social media were also raised. Mr. Malhotra discussed that Technology, although can be imitated, definitely is a differentiator. The interactive session provided a platform to the faculty members to discuss the importance of Digital Marketing and Social Media in Marketing.
The session was coordinated by Prof. Swati Singh.

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9th National Seminar Convergence of Database & Communication Technologies (CDCT-2011)

A one-day 9th National Seminar “Convergence of Database & Communication Technologies (CDCT-2011)” was organized by Department of IT in association with Computer Society of India (CSI), Ghaziabad Chapter & supported by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi at I.T.S., Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad on Saturday, 30th April, 2011. Prof. S. K. Kak, Vice Chancellor, Maha Maya Technical University (MTU), Noida was the Chief Guest in this Seminar. Sh. Subhash Verma, COO & VP-Engineering, Agnity India as Key Note Speaker, Sh. Manoj Tandon, Director, CSC as Guest of Honor, Chief Administrator Sh. Surender Sood, Director General, I.T.S., Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad Dr. A. K. Puri, Director-IT, Dr. Vineet Kansal were also present in the inaugural session of the Seminar.

After inaugural session the seminar was divided into two technical sessions Technological Advancements & Research Directions in Database & Communication Technologies and then Design & Deployment issues in Database & Communication Technologies in pre – and post –lunch sessions.
Details of the sessions are given as below:

Technical Session – I:
Theme: Technological Advancements & Research Directions in Database & Communication Technologies
Resource Persons:
• Dr. S. K. Gupta, Professor, CSE, IIT Delhi
• Dr. Mukesh Mohania, S.T.S.M. & Master Inventor, IBM India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon
• Dr. Anirban Mandol, Associate Professor, IIIT Delhi
• Mr. Manoj Jain, Head – Applications & Client Relation, Orbis Financial Corp., Gurgaon

Technical Session – II:
Theme: Design & Deployment Issues in Database & Communication Technologies
Resource Persons:
• Mr. Kamal Karnatak, Head-IT, R.J. Corp, Gurgaon
• Mr. Madan Rajput, Head-Airtel Accounts, PAN India, New Delhi
• Mr. Abhinav Agarwal, Principal Engg., Oracle Corp., Gurgaon

These two Sessions were followed by the valedictory session. In the valedictory session, Sh. Bohitesh Mishra, Chief Technology Officer, TIGERS Connect Trans Systems, Noida was the Chief Guest of the session.

The seminar was attended by the delegates from far end institutes such as Vira College of Engineering, Bijnor, Pacific Institute of Technology, Udaipur, Disha Institute of Science & Technology, Dhampur, Radha Govind Engineering College, Meerut etc. and guests & delegates from near by institutions such as KIET, IPEC, KEC, AKGEC, Ghaziabad, Accurate, INMANTEC, Galgotias, IEC, ITSEC, ITSIM Gr. Noida, NIEC, New Delhi etc. and faculty members & students of ITS, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad giving approximately more than 300 persons in the Seminar.
The event details could be tracked on the links below: News & Announcement

In addition to above, the seminar was advertised in Event Calendar of the April Issue of CSI Communications.

Dr. Rabins Porwal, Prof. Rakesh Roshan and Prof. Neeraj Gupta were the members of the organizing committee of this seminar who were well supported by Faculty Members of Dept of IT, students of MCA Programme and Computer lab staff and general administration.

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National Marketing Seminar on “Creating and Sustaining Customer Value: A Path to Glory

The department of management studies of I.T.S Management & IT Institute, Ghaziabad has organized a National Marketing Seminar “Creating and Sustaining Customer Value: A Path to Glory” on 15th & 16th April, 2011. There was a paper presentation contest of faculty members and students under separate category on the first day. On second day, the programme was started with inaugural session followed by two technical sessions and a panel discussion.

On first day the programme was started with inaugural session followed by paper presentation context. Dr D K Batra, Director NIMS, New Delhi was the chief Guest of the day. Thirty research papers were presented by faculty members and students of different institutes from all over India. Three best research papers under both the categories were awarded with the cash prize and certificates.

On second day (16 April 2011), the programmme was started with a inaugural session at 09.30 am. Inaugural session had begun with lamp lighting and Saraswti vandana. Then was followed by the formal welcome of the chief guest and guest of honour by presenting him bamboo shoot. Welcome address was given Dr A K Puri, Director General, I.T.S Ghaziabad. In his inaugural speech, the guest of honor of the day Mr. V. Balakrishnan (V.P and Head MDC,RICOH INDIA) advocated that ‘the real value is when we help at benchmark to our customer’. Chief Guest Mr. L.K.Gupta (Chief Marketing Officer, L.G. Electronics Pvt. Ltd.) said that creating and sustaining customer value takes a long journey from thinking to buy a product to its utilization and enjoyment. In between these two points we go through the number of stages and at each stage value is created. Emotional bonding is very important for creating customer value and value should be measured for sustainable growth. Creating trust by the means of products and services is the main source of creating customer value. Emotional bonding with customers play a very vital role is creating and sustaining customer value. Director – Management Dr Sapana Rakesh presented the overview of seminar. Dr V N Bajpai, Convener of this seminar, organized the inaugural session effectively.

There were two technical sessions and one panel discussion session. In first technical session on “Unleashing the Indian Retail Power: A potential Goldmine”, Mr Rahul Raja Muthaia (CEO, Pantaloon India Ltd.) and Ms Arti Chauhan (Sr. Marketing Manager , Shipra Mall) discussed comprehensively about the retail, its avenues and prospects. In second technical session on “Redefining Rural Leadership: Strategies for Wealth Creation”, Mr Vikas Sinha (Head- Rural Sales, J K Risk) and Mr Amit Sinha (Director, Applied Solar Technology) expressed their view about rural development, its positive exploitation and creating wealth and value. In Panel Discussion on “Innovation and Emotion Connect: A Life long Bonding with Customer”, Mr Vinod Dumlekar (CEO, Mantice), Mr Arun Singhal ( Senior consultant, Hewitt India Ltd), Mr Y K Gupta (Retired GM, L&T) and Mr Sanjeev Malhotra ( Regional Head, Tata Tele Services) talked about various issues related to innovation and emotional bonding with customer

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Revisiting HR Practices in the Current Scenario of Optimism The Department of Management organized a two days seminar titled Revisiting HR Practices in the Current Scenario of Optimism on 31st October and 1st November 2010 at I.T.S premises. Mr.Sanjay Diwan, Director –Strategy, AGC Networks was the Chief guest and Mr. Abhay Saxena, AVP-TQM and Training and Development , Hero Corporation was the key note speaker in the inaugural session. There were two technical sessions, followed by a panel discussion on the first day of the seminar. Mr. Sandeep Tyagi, Director – HR, Haier appliances,Dr. H.S, Sharma, DG, Lord Krishna Group, Dr. A. R.Dubey, Professor, Skyline University, Dubai, were the key speakers in the first technical session on Business Leadership while Mr.AviragJain, VP – HR, R. Systems, Ms. Indrani Nath, Reliance Communication and Mr. Himanshu Saxena, CEO and Founder, Maverik Consulting were the distinguished speakers for the second technical session on Empowering HR through ICT. The facilitator for panel discussion was Mr. Murlidhar Shyam, Director – HR, ATC while Dr.P. U.B. Rao, Senior Professor, Mr.Sunit Saxena, AGM-HR, Idea Cellular and Mr. H.S.Yadav, AVP-HR, DS Group were the other members of panel discussion. There was a paper presentation contest for faculty and students on second day. Compendium was also released during the seminar. Papers were presented and were examined by the senior academicians. More than 40 papers from various Business Schools and Universities were entertained which came from Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Tamilnadu and Delhi. The best papers were awarded with cash prize of Rs.10000, Rs.6000, Rs.4000/- to faculty members and cash prize of Rs.5000, Rs. 3000 and Rs. 2000/- to students.

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National Seminar on Convergence of Information, Communication, Technology and Education

National Seminar on "Convergence of Information, Communication, Technology & Education" was organized at I.T.S, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad on 17th April, 2010. Dr. Ajoy Kumar Ray, Vice Chancellor, Bengal Engineering & Science University, Howrah was present as the Chief Guest and Director - IBM Research Labs India, Dr. Manish Gupta was the Key Note Speaker in the Inaugural Session of this Seminar.
After the inaugural session, the Seminar was divided in two sessions. In the first session Mr. V.K. Jaitly - President Astrowix India, Mr. Raghu Raman - Director PunyaTech Pvt Ltd., Mr. Niraj Prakash - Head, Public Sector Marketing Unit, Microsoft India, Mr. Rajdeep Sahrawat - Head, Initiative - TCS shared their views and experiences. In the second session Dr. M.M. Pant - Former Pro-Vice Chancellor of IGNOU and renowned academician, Mr. Neeraj Aggarwal - Sr. Vice President NIIT Ltd, Dr. B.K. Murthy - Director, Min. of Communication and IT and Mr. Aniruddha Sen were among the speakers. In the valedictory session Dr. K. Subramanian, IT Advisor to CAG of India and former Dy. Director General-NIC was the Chief Guest.

The speakers enlighten and emphasized on some of the latest and emerging issues on the theme of the seminar i.e. there is a need of improving the quality of education and creation of efficient and effective learning technology which can ensure the employability of the upcoming generation. The initiatives taken by the Government in the area of education and promotion of research activities by establishing and connecting research centers with the universities through National Knowledge Network plan. There is a need of paradigm shift in the current education system and shift the focus from teachers-centric approach to the learner-centric approach. There is a need of understanding the underlying mechanism of exploiting the technology in proper information processing. The development is taking place in the industry to cope up with the dynamically changing requirements particularly High Performance Computing and its application in current computing environment. We are living in an era where there is no place for isolated technologies or domain but this is the time of collaborations and whether it is technology or education systems or ICT everything has to synergize to give a way for newer framework which can be better utilized for human beings.

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Winning Mantras for Marketing in Current Times I.T.S- Management & I.T Institute Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad organized the Fifth National Marketing seminar on the topic Winning Mantras for Marketing in Current Times. The guest of honor was Mr. Rajiv Lal, CEO, Percept Media.

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Thriving in Today’s Economy: Indian Financial Sector Management Department, I.T.S, Mohan Nagar organized a Seminar (22 to 23 January, 2010) on the topic Thriving in today's Economy: Indian Financial Sector. Ms. Padma Iyer Kaul (IAS)Director, Economic Advisory Council of the Prime Minister of India was the Chief Guest in the inaugural session.

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