Faculty Participations & Contributions


Prof. Ashwini Kumar, successfully completed 3 Days FDP on "Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills" organized by ICT Academy.

3 Days FDP on "Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills" organized by ICT Academy from Jan. 29 to Jan. 31, 2024.

During the FDP the Resource Person discussed topics like Problem Identification, Root Cause Analysis on Day 1. Root Cause Analysis through 5 Why's and Fish Bone Technique followed by Decision Making through Facione Model was discussed on Day 2 and on Day 3 the Victor Yetton Jago Model for Decision-Making was covered. The pedagogy used was ice-breakers, activities, case studies and presentation techniques.

Overall, the FDP was quite interactive and a good learning experience. The techniques learned can be implemented in our personal as well as professional lives.We are thankful to the management of ITS- The Education Group, Director Sir and Vice Principal Ma'am for providing us with this great learning opportunity.

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FDP on Shaping an AI and Machine Learning Curriculum

Dr Indraneel Mandal and Dr Vinay Kumar Srivastava from the Institute of Technology and Science, Ghaziabad attended a four day online FDP on “Shaping an AI and Machine Learning Curriculum for Business” organised by SAS.


The programme was based on the SAS Viya platform. SAS describes Viya as “The quickest way from a billion points of data to a single point of view.” It is the newest software architecture designed to enable a distributed in-memory analytics. The resource person for the FDP was Mr Akshay Dixit, trainer on behalf of SAS.

Day 1 of the FDP set the ball rolling with the orientation regarding SAS and the application of Viya to analytics; the second part of the day focussed on the statistics of machine learning. Day 2 began with a discussion on the concept of analytics in the modern age; a part of it related to AI and machine learning. The afternoon session dealt with the use of machine learning in cloud analytics. Day 3 was dedicated to the interesting case of the use of SAS Viya in text analytics, while Day 4 wrapped things up by considering the forecasting applications of SAS Viya.

The FDP was a very fruitful endeavour as it exposed the participants to diverse aspects of applying a cutting edge tool like SAS. The experience of hands on sessions with SAS via the website access was a priceless opportunity. Being from the academic fraternity, most of the participants were familiar with statistical software; nevertheless, the knowledge of concepts like pipelining was a revelation. The takeaway for the participants was the confidence of applying statistical approaches to newer phenomena like AI and machine learning.

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Prof. Shikha Aggarwal successfully completed Foundation Level International Program

Prof. Shikha Aggarwal, successfully completed Foundation Level International Certified Career Coach Program offered by Mindler during June 23 - 24, 2023.



The ICCC program offered by Mindler is a 3-level credentialing program with emphasis on global best practices, experiential learning & state-of-the-art tools. The foundation level of this program was conducted in virtual mode consisting of 8 sessions of 15 credits scheduled over a span of two days. An assessment test was successfully cleared for the certification. This course offered a hands-on approach towards learning the basics of career guidance & coaching.Career guidance coaching, also known as career counseling or career development coaching, is a process that helps individuals explore and navigate their career paths with the support of a trained professional. It focuses on providing guidance, advice, and tools to assist individuals in making informed decisions about their careers. The key aspects in career guidance coaching involves self- assessments, awareness and exploration about various available options, goal setting, skill development and decision making. 

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Management faculty attended a Five Days Faculty Development Progamme

Prof. Shikha Aggarwal successfully completed five days Faculty Development Programme on “Systematic Literature Review” organized by G.L. Bajaj Institute of Management from June 12-16, 2023.



A systematic literature review (SLR) is a rigorous and comprehensive method of conducting research that aims to identify, evaluate, and synthesize existing literature on a particular topic or research question. It follows a predefined and systematic approach to minimize bias and ensure transparency in the selection and analysis of relevant studies. The workshop provides a step-by-step guide, practical tips, and hands-on exercises to help participants navigate the various stages of conducting an SLR, from developing research questions to synthesizing findings. The workshop successfully assisted participants to enhance their understanding of SLR methodologies, promote best practices, and enable them to produce high-quality systematic reviews. The workshop also provided hands-on training on SLR tools like R Studio &VOS viewer. 

The various resource person for the FDP included Dr. Enid Masih, Head- DBS, Joseph School of Business Studies & Commerce, SHUATS, Prayagraj; Dr. Prasenjit Chatterjee, Professor & Dean, MCKV Institute of Engineering, West Bengal; Dr. Dhaval Mehta, Professor, DBIM Veer Narmad, South Gujurat University, Surat

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Dr. V. N. Bajpai participated in Discussion Forum on “Generative AI in Classroom Learning”

Dr. V. N. Bajpai, Professor of Institute of Technology and Science, Ghaziabad participated in an online discussion forum on “Generative AI in Classroom Learning” organized by AIMA Vice Chancellors Council on 9th June, 2023 with an objective to discuss the practical implementation, benefits, and challenges of Generative AI in education.


In the last few years, Generative AI with its immense potential has revolutionized the education industry. Higher education is at the verge of  disruption, as artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT have the potential to revolutionize the way students learn and interact with course material. It can help create personalized and engaging learning experiences for students along with real-time feedback. But, will it replace human teachers? Will it hinder development of critical thinking and problem-solving in students? Will it remove the creativity and originality in education? What does it take to design and develop an inclusive programme?

In a panel discussion Prof Souvik Bhattacharya, Principal Advisor, TCG, CREST and Former Vice Chancellor of BITS, Pilani, Prof. Sougat Ray, ISB, Mr. Raghav Gupta, MD – India and APAC Coursera talked about many of the issues associated with Generative AI and its impact on education industry particularly in higher education. Dr Rajan Saxena, Chairman, AIMA Vice Chancellors Council moderated the session. Vice Chancellors, Directors and Senior academicians from various Universities and institutions have attended the discussion and shared their concerns and valuable insights on the topic.

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Management students and faculty attended “Masterclass on Generative AI and Blockchain Technology for Startups”

Students of MBA Batch (2022-2024) along with faculty members Dr. Shailnedra Kumar Dube and Prof. Shikha Aggarwal attended “Masterclass on Generative AI and Blockchain Technology for Startups” organized by Enterprise Incubation Centre, IIM- Lucknow (Noida Campus) sector 62, Noida on June 08, 2023.

The event aimed to provide valuable insights and practical knowledge about the intersection of generative AI and blockchain technology. Attendees had the opportunity to learn from industry experts, gain a deeper understanding of these new technologies, and explore their potential applications in various industries.The distinguished resource person for the day wereMr. Anil Arora, Data Analytics & AI Specialist in Microsoft and Mr. Ajay Singh, Co-founder, DLT Labs, Chief Mentor Officer of HBX.

The first part of the masterclass focused on Generative AI (Next-Gen AI, Bringing Generative AI to life with Azure Open AI), putting technologies into production. The session provided an overview of the fundamentals of AI and its application in various industries.  The partnership of Microsoft with Azure Open AI, about family model of Azure Open AI i.e., GPT-3 Model including Ada, Babbage, Curie and Davinci and Codex Model including Cushman-Codex and Davinci Codex. He also mentioned the difference between these two models, deeper understanding of ChatGPT and their limitations. He showcased how Azure Open AI is different from Open AI and how it is providing benefits in real-world.

The second part of the masterclass on Blockchain Technology and its relevance to startups. The speaker provided a comprehensive understanding of blockchain, emphasizing its decentralized and immutable nature. He discussed the key elements of blockchain like Hash, Nodes, distributed ledger technology, smart contracts, and consensus mechanisms. Entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts, and industry professionals from diverse backgrounds had the chance to connect, exchange ideas, and explore potential partnerships. The event fostered an atmosphere of knowledge sharing and entrepreneurial spirit.

By embracing generative AI and blockchain technology, startups can unlock new avenues of innovation, enhance efficiency, and gain a competitive edge in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. The masterclass served as a catalyst for entrepreneurs to explore these technologies and leverage their potential to drive success in their ventures.The masterclass workshop was followed by visit to the incubation centre of IIM- Lucknow.

The students found the entire session insightful and encouraging towards developing an awareness about the startup essentials and ecosystem.

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Faculty Member attended a workshop on Self Transformation through Mind Management

Dr. Vivek Pachauri and Dr. Indraneel Mandal from I.T.S Ghaziabad attended a workshop on Self Transformation through Mind Management on May 27, 2023 


at AKGIM, Ghaziabad. The workshop was organized by GMA. The objective of the workshop was to make the participants aware about how to manage one's mind which helps  individuals explore their “unlock immense untapped potential and enabled them to lead more enriched lives with a firm commitment towards true upliftment of 'the self”. The workshop mainly focused on the Life Transformation Program with the following take away and significant benefits.

At the Life Transformation Program, the facilitator helped participants to embark on the journey to grow from within, and discover the universal principles behind creating a life filled with peace and joy.

The resource person Dr. Pradeep Saxena of Hens Berger Centre for Mind Management & Growth, Lucknow is MBA and Ph.D in Business Administration from Lucknow University, with a vast 28 years of work experience in the government and prestigious private sectors enterprises such as U.P. Electronics Corporation, Reliance Communications, ESSAR India, Birla Group of companies at senior positions.

It was a very awe-inspiring workshop with free and fair exchange of thoughts for all the participants.  Many of the participants had specific queries relating to this vast area, which were adequately handled by the dignitaries. It was an enriching experience to hear from experts that mind is the singular most important factor determining the quality of our life. It has the potential of being our greatest comrade or our worst adversary.

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Dr. Anusha Agarwal invited as an Eminent Panelist in Roundtable Discussion at National Law University, Delhi

Dr. Anusha Agarwal , Professor, I.T.S School of Management was invited as an  Eminent Round Table Panelist  for Roundtable Discussion on one of India’s G20 priority area, titled ‘Sustainable Investments & ESG: An Exploration of India's Role’ on    20th May 2023,  

conducted by National Law University, Delhi. In India ESG investments are gaining traction rapidly, reinforced by policy pushes.

In the inaugural session Prof. (Dr.) Harpreet Kaur, Professor of Law & Registrar, NLU Delhi launched  the India Chapter of the Daughters of Themis-International Network of Women Business Scholars. The purpose of the Network is to foster a community of women business scholars from all areas of scholarship pertaining to business, including law, economics, management, sociology and natural sciences.

Dr. Anusha Agarwal focused on the issues related to growth of sustainable investments in India” in the panel discussion.  She highlighted on the growth of socially responsible investing in India, the role of ESG investments in fulfilling India’s SDG goals, the need to integrate climate & financial policies, and the emerging emphasis on sustainability in Indian corporations.

The entire event was an eye-opener and opened new dimensions on India's Role in Sustainable Investment and ESG. 

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