Best Management Institute

Alumni Testimonial

  • Name :Suchit Malhotra
  • Course :MCA
  • Batch :1999-2002
  • Achievement :Technical Manager at Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets Jersey City, New Jersey

It was wonderful experience to visit I.T.S after 15 years. Nice Infrastructure. Awesome Faculty & Students.


  • Name :Vikas Sharma
  • Course :MCA
  • Batch :1997-2000
  • Achievement :Account Delivery Manager Apps Associates, India

I have some best memories of my life from I.T.S. I can say that I.T.S gave us best education to pursue our dreams with limited resources as we joined I.T.S at the time of inception. And I can see that I.T.S achieved best position in the market and established as a brand in the field of technical education I wish all the best wishes to I.T.S faculty, all students and all alumni’s.


  • Name :Yash Mendiratta
  • Course :MCA
  • Batch :2012-2015
  • Achievement :Project Engineer Wipro, India

It was great time at I.T.S. I always feel like my Institute as my second Home. Thank you I.T.S.

  • Name :Ashish Bhatia
  • Course :MCA
  • Batch :1999-2002
  • Achievement :Senior Data Science PM, AzureCAT , Microsoft, Bedford, Massachusetts

It is nice to see that I.T.S has changed a lot in 14 years.  Nostalgic feeling after visiting I.T.S almost more than decade. All the Best I.T.S..


  • Name :Piyush Goel
  • Course :MCA
  • Batch :2004-2007
  • Achievement :Mobility Technical Lead TCS, India

I.T.S is like a second home for me. I learned everything to be here for successful professional

  • Name :Shubham Vashishth
  • Course :MBA
  • Batch :2014-2016
  • Achievement :Young Entrepreneur

" I.T.S has a lot to offer, it has great atmosphere, great faculty, extra-curricular activities and many opportunities to excel you."

  • Name :Alok Chaurasia
  • Course :MCA
  • Batch :1999-2002
  • Achievement :Director Cognizant Technology Solutions, Brussels Area, Belgium

It was memorable 3 years of my professional learning wherein we were inculcated with the corporate principles. I would love to prop up my proximity with the Campus forever. I recently visited ITS campus and it was fascinating to see all the positive changes

  • Name :Manjim Mukul Sharma
  • Course :MCA
  • Batch :2000-2003
  • Achievement :Associate Director, KPMG, Singapore

It was really an enriching experience in I.T.S. The kind of support and bonding which we had with the faculties was amazing. I still feel proud to be associated with this brand name

  • Name :Manisha
  • Course :MCA
  • Batch :2014-2017
  • Achievement :Software Engineer IBM, India

ITS gives a great opportunity to me as students to broaden my knowledge beyond my field of studies within an multicultural environment. The friendly attitude of the professors and their willingness to always offer a helping hand has made me feel a part of the ITS family. I.T.S helped me to grow better professionally and personally. Finally, I got placed with IBM India Pvt. Ltd.

  • Name :Mittali Chauhan
  • Course :MCA
  • Batch :2013-2016
  • Achievement :Software Engineer ( NIIT Technologies)

I always feel proud to be part of ITS. My Institute will remain with me at every Success point of my life.


  • Name :Mr. Amit Choudhary
  • Course :MCA
  • Batch :2001-2004
  • Achievement :Customer Success Manager Red Moki Limited Auckland, New Zealand

Transform I.T.S Information Technology to Digital Technology by opening avenues for Students to learn, develop own systems of action across IT group of Institutions.


  • Name :Anand Rai
  • Course :MBA
  • Batch :2004-06
  • Achievement :Manager - ICICI Bank

" Looking back, I can see I.T.S college was extremely important platform in my career. It allowed me to develop my interpersonal skills, which are extremely important in my field of work. I have received great support from faculty who will go out of their way to help you. "

  • Name :Vibhor Bansal
  • Course :MBA
  • Batch :2004-06
  • Achievement :Manager- Nasscom

“An Alma mater that brought a transformational change from a graduate to professional within me. I.T.S gives a great platform to experiment and fall which is crucial element to success... "

  • Name :Om Prakash Rai
  • Course :MBA
  • Batch :2005-07
  • Achievement :Key Account Mnager - Abbott

" I.T.S has a lot to offer, it has great atmosphere, great faculty, extra-curricular activities and many opportunities to excel you."

  • Name :Vivek Sachan
  • Course :MBA
  • Batch :2006-08
  • Achievement :ASM- Arizon Pharma

“ I.T.S truly build managers who are not only updated with the present, but also capable of adapting themselves quickly to the future...”

  • Name :Pushpank Aggarwal
  • Course :MBA
  • Batch :2013-15
  • Achievement :Manager - GE Capital

“I.T.S is an Institute where I have learned beyond the books. Supporting faculty and personality development programmes were always the best part of my course. Being ITSian is always a matter of proud for me."

  • Name :Kamal Dodeja
  • Course :MCA
  • Batch :1998-2001
  • Achievement :Global Pre-Sales Consulting Manager Oracle, India

It was a wonderful experience studying master degree at I.T.S because of the fact that each and every member of faculty and management was extremely helpful and cooperative. There are very few colleges in India having actve Alumni programs running and when you attend Alumni meets which has been organized by I.T.S gives anyone an experience of close association and opportunity to relish old memories with college classrooms and faculties. I was telling my 5 year old son with proud that this was the place where your Dad has completed his last academic education and then he had so many question to ask...Thank You every one @ ITS”