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3 Day’s FDP on Problem Solving and Decision-Making Skills by ICT Academy

A 3 Days Off-Line FDP on "Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills" organized by ICT Academy from Jan. 29 to Jan. 31, 2024 at Institute of Management Education, Ghaziabad.


During the FDP the Resource Person discussed topics like Problem Identification, Root Cause Analysis on Day 1. Root Cause Analysis through 5 Why's and Fish Bone Technique followed by Decision Making through Facione Model was discussed on Day 2 and on Day 3 the Victor Yetton Jago Model for Decision-Making was covered. The pedagogy used was ice-breakers, activities, case studies and presentation techniques.Overall, the FDP was quite interactive and a good learning experience. The techniques learned can be implemented in our personal as well as professional lives.We are thankful to the management of ITS- The Education Group, Director Sir and Vice Principal Ma'am for providing us with this great learning opportunity.

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Staff Development Program on “Data Analytics through Microsoft Advanced Excel”

I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad organized a Staff development program on "Data Analytics through Microsoft Advanced Excel” for the staff members on Friday, 23rd June, 2023. The expert for the session was Prof. Sunil Upadhyay, Asst. Professor I.T.S School of Management.

The SDP, led by Prof. Sunil Upadhyay, began with an introduction to the importance of data analytics in today's business world. He then proceeded to demonstrate various advanced Excel tools, such as Conditional Formatting, Index, VLOOKUP, and HLOOKUP, which are essential for effective data analysis. He emphasized the significance of lookup and pivot table functions in Excel for day-to-day operational activities. Throughout the workshop, he provided step-by-step guidance on how to use these tools and their practical applications.

Additionally, he explained the various features and functions of Excel that can be utilized for complex calculations, data analysis, and more. The workshop fostered a highly interactive environment, with staff actively engaged throughout the training.Overall, the workshop successfully achieved its objectives of improving staff efficiency in Excel operations and enhancing their analytical capabilities.

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Incubation Centre at IIML Noida Campus visited by MBA students

Seventeen students of MBA First Year from the Institute of Technology & Science, Mohan Nagar went on an exposure visit to the Incubation Centre at the IIM Lucknow Enterprise Incubation Centre, Noida Campus on the 16th May, 2023. Dr Sanjeev Tandon and Dr Indraneel Mandal accompanied the students on the trip.

The group was welcomed Dr Pooja Pandey, HR faculty and Head of the Enterprise HER initiative at IIML. She started the session with the introductory video explaining how IIML-EIC works, including how it helps the entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas. She went on to explain the various programmes like

Start up Stage Program which includes thePre-Incubation Programme, the Incubation Programme, and the Acceleration program

Market Access Support includingtheCorporate Engagement Programme, the CVC Training Programme and the Global Networking Programme.

Academic Engagement such as setting up incubator for others and other academic associations

Investor Engagement like investopreneur initiatives, venture capital tie ups, etc. Moving forward with the session Mr. Arunodaya Bajpai, COO, IIML-EIC, gave a briefing about the holistic approach of IIML-EICin developing the business ideas. He also guided the participants through the organisational development at startups.  After the interaction it was time to visit the incubation centre. Students were made aware about the latest technology including the use of 3D printers, artificial intelligence and a supercomputer, all of which are available for use by startups at the centre.

It was a very useful session which thoroughly enthused the students. It is hoped that the interaction will lead to positive benefits  including development of individual ideas by the youngsters.

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Faculty member attended UNGCNI Program on Circular Economy for the SDGs: From Concept to Practice

Dr. Rajeev Johari and Dr. Indraneel Mandal faculty members of I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad & Institute of Technology and Science, Ghaziabad attended UN Global Compact Network India’s Sustainability Program “Circular Economy for the SDGs: From Concept to Practice” on 31st January, 2023 at Hyatt Regancy Hotel, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi. 

The programme began with the opening remarks and welcome by Mr Arun Kumar Singh, CMD, ONGC, and President UN GCNI. This was followed by the special address (via video) by René Van Berkel, UNIDO representative and Head, Regional Office in India, where he held forth on the circular economy; take, make and recycle approach; and the replacement of the traditional 3Rs. Then Mr. Hindol Sengupta, Chief Economic Research Officer and VP, Invest India, explained the research done in this area, including the use of materials like bamboo. He also discussed how the circular economy is related to SDGs, using the acronym GST (Gender, Sustainability and Transitivity). The keynote address was delivered by Mr. Sivasubramanian Ramann, CMO of SIDBI. Mr Ramann spoke of the need for a bottom up approach, and how India has had a centuries old relationship with the circular economy. The inaugural address was given by Dr Rakesh Sarwal, CMD, National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation. He pointed out the relation between affluence, consumerism and waste, session ended with the vote of thanks delivered by Dr Ratnesh Jha, Executive Director, UN GCNI.

The inaugural session was followed by a session on the theme Business Commitment: Integration of Circular Economy Practices by Businesses to achieve SDGs.

The panelists of the session are:

·         Mr Ganesh Ramamurti, CEO, Auro Research;

·         Mr Prashant Choubey, Lixil;

·         Ms. Priyanka Tanwar, Leader Communications and Corporate Responsibility Asia, Lixil

The session was moderated by Dr Ratnesh Jha.

The deliberations centred on different aspects of renewable energy and how that played into the circular economy.

Session 2 had the theme Uncomplicate Technology: Technology as a Catalyst to integrate Circular Economy/Waste to Wealth into Business Models and to reach the last mile.

The panelists of the session are:

·         Dr Shilpi Jain, Professor of Data Sciences;

·         Mr Alok Lall, Customer Success Lead – IteS, Microsoft;

·         Mr Mohit Narain, MD, Environmentors Perpetuity Solutions and Services Pvt. Ltd.

The moderator was Ms. Sonia Duhan, AVP, Invest India. The discussion proceeded on how technology can contribute to the circular economy.

Session 3 was based on the theme Policy Framework, Governance and Financing to  strengthen the implementation of Circular Economy Practices.

The panelists of the session are:

·         Mr Ashwin Saxena, CEO, JSW Foundation;

·         Dr Ulac Demirag, Country Director and Representative, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD);

·         Ms. Shuva Raha, Head – New Initiatives Council on Energy, Environment and Water, CEEW.

The moderator for the session was Mr Vishvesh Prabhaka from Accenture, The discussion centred on policy initiatives in this space.

Session 4 had the theme addressing the Challenges: Best Practices and Global Trends in Circular Economy/Waste to Wealth Generation Practices by Businesses/Non-Businesses.

All in all, it was a very comprehensive examination of various aspects of the circular economy, with the practitioners and policy makers providing a ringside view of the thought processes in this field. 

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Prof. Saurabh Saxena attended UPES Education Tomorow Summit on 11th November, 2022

Prof. Saurabh Saxena from Department of IT attended a UPES Education Tomorrow Summit on 11th November, 2022 at the Hyatt Regency, New Delhi. In the summit innovators and visionaries from several fields shared their knowledge & experience on the future of education.

In the summit Keynote session was taken by Prof. Karmeshu, Chairman, Science Computing Panel Naval Research Board, DRDO, Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award winner on Power of Mathematical Modelling and System Approach.

Other speakers of the session were Dr. Madan Gopal, Former Professor IIT, Delhi, Mr. Archie Jackson Sr. Director, Head of IT, Security and Special Initiatives, Incedo Inc, Ms. Usha Srikant Co-Founder, Divershefy CA, USA, Mr. Vivek Gupta, Country Head & Senior Director India, Oracle. Prof. S, Ravi Shanker, Dean, School of Computer Science, UPES was the moderator of session.

Entire day was full of learning.

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Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey ,Director -IT & UG invited as a special guest in International Conference Edu Tech Asia -2022 Singapore

Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey, Director- IT & UG invited as a special guest in International Conference EduTech Asia- 2022, Singapore.

Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey, Director –IT & UG invited as a special guest in International Conference EduTech Asia- 2022, Singapore from 9th to 11th November 2022. Dr. Pandey shared his perspective on Technology evolution –Could, AI &ML,Security: Challenges before Academia, especially in Higher Educational Institutions and adoption of Technology.

The other speakers in the session included:

Mr. CH Ngoh

Director, Corporate Information Centre

HELP University, Malaysia

Mr. Ming Fai Tang

Director –IT Services,

Mr. James Thang

Group Chief Information Officer

UCSI Group Holdings, Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

Meeting and discussion with globally renowned Researchers, IT Professionals , Academicians & top leaders of EduTechCompanies from Singapore, UK, Australia , UK, USA, Malaysia, China, South Korea, Indonesia etc. was a great learning experiences.

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ICRIER Conference on “Taming Inflation”

Dr. Rajeev Johari and Dr. Indraneel Mandal faculty of I.T.S Ghaziabad attended a one-day conference on the theme “Taming Inflation” on the 8th of September, 2022 at the Gulmohar Hall of the India Habitat Centre organized by ICRIER.

The inaugural session was graced by the Honourable Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, along with Dr Deepak Mishra, Director and Chief Executive, ICRIER, and Dr Ashok Gulati, Infosys Chair Professor of Agriculture, ICRIER.

The post lunch session had another panel discussion on the theme of taming inflation in India moderated by Ms. Mythili Bhusnurmuth, senior advisor, NCAER. The other participants included Dr Sitikanta Pattanaik, Executive Director, RBI; Dr Dharmadhikari Joshi, Chief Economist, CRISIL; Dr Ashima Goyal, Emeritus Professor, IGIDR.

With the multifaceted deliberations on the all-important topic drawing to a close, it was time for Dr Gulati to deliver the final Vote of Thanks. The gathered research and academic community has a lot to think about after the enlightening interactions with the assembled experts.

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Management Faculty attended Dataquest- IBM event on “Impact of Digital Skilling On Getting Industry-Ready”

Dr. Nitin Saxena and Dr. Surendra Tiwari from the Department of Management have attended Dataquest- IBM event on “Impact of Digital Skilling On Getting Industry-Ready” on August 30, 2022 at Eros Hotel, New Delhi


Keynote Speakers in the event were Mr. SunilRajguru,Editor-Dataquest,PCQuest&CiOL and Dr. Buddha Chandrasekhar - Chief Coordinating Officer, AICTE,MinistryofEducation, Govt. of India.

Both The speakers suggested various ways and strategies to bridge the gap between education and industry. They were emphasizing about the increased involvement of hands-on experience across platforms, middleware and cloud technologies.Dr. Buddha Chandrasekhar said that great efforts should be taken to make these learning opportunities, such as reskilling and upskilling, accessible, available, and affordable to the workforce.

MonaBharadwaj,GlobalUniversityProgramsLeader,India, IBM emphasized that while the need for digital skills has been growing for years, the research shows that job changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic have accelerated the need for more training for both tech and non-tech workers on digital capabilities in India.

Deepak Gupta - Partner & Practice Leader (Custom &ExponentialTech); IBMMasterInventor&memberofIDT,LocationLeader(NCR-Noida) said that over the course of the pandemic, we have seen organizations of all sizes accelerate their digital transformation plans, driving an increased need for employers and their workers to advance skill training for cloud computing, cybersecurity, and machine learning.

SachinJoshi,IBMResearchsaid that to blossom in a research- oriented digital future, new formats of skilling programs on emerging technologies must be built and delivered at a massive level.

Dr. Mani Madhukar - Program Manager-UniversityRelations discussed the ideas around which companies working to face the impact of the disruptive technologies on their talent development strategies.

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