Student Announcement

Alumni are the real strength of any Good Academic Institute!

It is always an honor for a teacher seeing their Students competing, excelling and succeeding in their Professional Career and coming back to their own Institute to share their experiences, learning and work with their Faculty and guide & mentor existing students. We feel privileged to have wonderful Alumni with us who have always extended their all support in growth of the Institute.

Commemcement of MCA II & IV Semester Classes

All the students of MCA-II & MCA-IV semester are informed that their Regular Classes are commencing from 22nd Januray, 2019. All the students are required to report in full uniform alongwith valid Identity Cards.


You all are required to report at 09:10am in the below mentioned class rooms :


MCA-II              Section-A              Room No. 4, AB-III

MCA-IV            Section-A              Room No. 5, AB-III

MCA-IV            Section-B              Room No. 6, AB-III

"ANUBHAV-2018" Summer Internship Project Competition on Saturday, 29th September, 2018

ITS PG Management department is organising SIP competition on 29th Sept 2018. For the same pl run the following on the institute web site :


A workshop on Java technologies, Java Core Concepts, Overview of J2EE, JSP, with concept MVC was conducted for MCA IV semester and BCA VI semester students on 16th February, 2018. The workshop was aimed to provide concepts of OOS and core java including elaboration of components of J2EE.