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Guest lecture on “Talent Acquisition & Performance Management (A Strategic Approach In Current Scenario)” for MBA students.


Department of Management, I.T.S Mohannagar, Ghaziabad organized a guest lecture on 11th November, 2020

for the MBA-III (2019-21) students on “Talent Acquisition And Performance Management (A Strategic Approach In Current Scenario). The expert talk was delivered by MR. SHESHAV GUPTA, Head Human Resource Landmark Group (E-Commerce).
Mr. Sheshav is a creative thinker with expertise in balancing people needs with the goals and mission of the organization through enhanced performance management. He has experience in partnering with business leaders to achieve business excellence. He is well versed in HRBP, talent acquisition, talent management, succession planning, employee relation and retention.

The objective of the expert talk was to provide deep insights to HR students about the key issues in talent planning, identifying and assessing high-potential talent in current scenario and redesigning the performance & reward system in current scenario.

The session started with a warm welcome address of the guest by Dr Vivek Pachauri (I.T.S HR faculty- Management Department). Followed by welcome address, the guest started the session by briefly telling about the different retail formats of landmark group. He highlighted on the need of HR as Business Partners in an organization. He mentioned that HR is an enabling function and not just a support function. He talked in detail about talent planning and its lifecycle process of four stages that include talent acquisition, talent development, talent planning and talent reward. He shared some insightful concepts of HR FOR HR, 9 BOX MODEL, Balanced Score Card Model and the shift of organizations towards flat system from a bell curve philosophy. One of the most interesting was the ABCD MODEL (A- achievement, B-benefits, C- concerns, D- do next) which will help the HR develop in an organization. He embedded all the concepts with his exhaustive experiences in the industry as an HR specialist that helped the students to connect with the topics. At last he ended his talk by highlighting on the statement for HR i.e. “No Generalist only Specialist”.
The session was attended by actively interacting participants. There were many queries raised by the students which were judiciously satisfied by the speaker. At the end of the session Prof Ritu Saxena (I.T.S HR Faculty, Management Department) offered virtual plaque to Mr. Sheshav Gupta as a token of remembrance and gratitude with a formal thanks.
The session was indeed a great success.

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Department of Management, I.T.S Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad organised Guest Lecture for the MBA-III (2019-2021)


students on “Brand Management in Retailing” by Mr Ajay Chhabra, Senior Digital Transformation Consultant & Marketing Head India- Global Consumer Brand on 07th November, 2020.

 Mr Ajay has around 20+ years of experience in Digital Consulting, Brand Mgt & CRM. He has strong experience in working directly with the practice leaders with respect to branding and digital marketing. He very vividly shared about retailing and how it has been shifting gears during COVID-19. He aligned the concepts of e-commerce with various examples from the industry. He supported his arguments with facts and figures on e-commerce. He talked about the relevance of retail branding in Reliance, Tata group and Amazon. The growth segments in retail, like, healthcare products, home essentials, immunity products were discussed. His exhaustive experience with multiple digital marketing agencies including OgilvyOne & McCann MRM Worldwide has been more on the retail branding activities.  He supported and justified the fast growing e-commerce market in India with contemporary facts and figures. Students were highly inquisitive to ask questions on e-commerce and overall retailing process in India and across the globe. The session was highly interactive and interesting.

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Corporate Talk on “An opportunity of Recalibration” for MBA (2019-21) Batch


A Corporate Talk was conducted for the students of MBA (2019-21) batch students by Department of Management, I.T.S Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad in the area of with theme of “An opportunity of Recalibration”.

The Corporate talk was given by Mr. Anuj Saxena, Co-Founder and Director, Skootr Global Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Anuj Saxena said that it has become challenging for most businesses to keep their financial wheels turning during the lockdown period due to less revenue churn and the general uncertainty in the global financial environment. He added that organizations need to transit seamlessly to ensure growth and the answer for the changing business scenario is to be innovative and recalibrate the ecosystem.  

He further explained how the ripple effect of this shutdown will have a key impact on India’s economy, as all business sectors get affected resulting in low revenue generation due to an eventual halt/slump on the sale of products and/or services.

He further said that it is unfortunately, the impact on start-ups or small businesses can be way more brutal as they have scarcer cash reserves and a smaller margin for managing sudden slumps. He said that to ensure the healthy organisation and learning culture you need to develop robustness and adaptability in the organisation. Session ended with the presentation of digital plaque to the Mr. Anuj Saxena.

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Department of Management I.T.S Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad organized alumni talk on the topic “Create opportunities, don’t wait for Them” for MBA 3rd semester(2019-21)students on 31st October 2020.

The Guest speaker of the session was Mr.Ravi Bhatt who is the Senior Project Manager at HP WW Studio and he is alumni of batch 2005-2007 batch.

The session started with the welcome address of Director Management Prof.(Dr.) Vidya Sekhri . She suggested the students to grab the opportunities to become successful in this pandemic as well as she welcomed the Guest speaker with great enthusiasm.

Mr.Ravi Bhatt delivered a very motivating and inspiring session where he shared the valuable lessons to the students which they should implement in their lives to be successful. He talked about personal and professional aspects that how one should focus on their career.

 He added that one should not wait for the opportunity to knock the door if you find it one should grab it. He also added that one should not lose hope. He also told that one should be opportunistic by using the right mindset and one should be aware of the current scenario as it is need of the hour.

He shared his college experience as well. He also told the need and requirements for being the digital marketer with regard to current scenario and he advised the students to take the certification course for preference. He also added to BE DIGITAL GO DIGITAL. At last he also gave the mantra to be successful that “ONE SHOULD NOT BE A BOSS BUT SHOULD BE A GREAT LEADER” and should deliver the best and should be honest whatever they do.

The session was very interactive and informative with students asking various questions. At last the Director Management presented the virtual plaque to Mr. Ravi Bhatt.

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Management students and faculty attended online webinar on “Overview of Export Documentation & Procedures”.


Management students of IB specialization from PGDM and MBA along with Prof. Shikha Aggarwal attended a online webinar on the topic “Overview of Export Documentation & Procedures” organized by EEPC INDIA in collaboration with YES Bank on October 27, 2020.


The eminent speakers in the session included Mr. Gaurav Arora, Cluster Business Leader, Senior Vice President at YES BANK; Mr. Amit Kumar Mishra, Executive VP & Regional Business Leader; Mr. Pradeep Kumar Aggarwal, Dy. Regional Chairman (NR), EEPC India & Mr. Mihir A. Shah, ICC Incoterms 2020 Registered Trainer in India and Advisor & Consultant in International Business & GST.

A number of documents accompany every shipment. These documents must be properly and correctly filled. An appropriate and correct documentation plays a vital role in growth of exports. Highlighting the importance of export import documentation and procedures the speakers discussed crucial including Documentation under GST for Exports, Meaning & Significance of Zero-Rated Supply, Packing List,Bills of Lading, Tax Invoice (sample with essential components), Terms of Payment, Incoterms 2020, Certificate of Origin (sample with essential components), Certificates & Additional Documents in Exports, Checklist for Export Shipping Bill, e-Shipping Bill (sample with essential components), and e-BRC. EXIM procedures are crucial to comprehend because it facilitates the smooth flow of goods and payments thereof across national frontiers. Failure to produce such documentation can hinder the dispatch of products by a manufacturer or supplier, and can ultimately impede the timely receipt of goods by the customer.

The main learning outcome of this very insightful webinar is understanding the importance of export documents in foreign trade. Other pointers include –

·       Export documents required differ from country to country

·       It is advisable for exporter to take the help of shipping and forwarding agents in filling out the documents correctly as well as arrange for transportation. But every exporter should have an adequate knowledge about export documents and procedures.

·       It is also imperative for exporters to bust the various myths related to doing international business

The session was attended by 200+ actively interacting participants from across the nation. It garnered immense enthusiasm from all, followed by an extensive Q&A round where the speaker judiciously cleared numerous doubts, thus making it a huge success. 

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Virtual Guest lecture on “Strategic issues in managing business in prevailing Covid scenario”


Management Department of I.T.S Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad organized a virtual guest lecture delivered by Mr. V Shankar, Director General 

Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Agriculture & Farm Excellence Organization, Former MD and CEO, Rallis India Limited, Tata Group on the topic “Strategic issues in managing business in prevailing Covid scenario” for management students on 27th October, 2020 .

The session started with a warm welcome of Mr Shankar by Prof. (Dr) Vidya Sekhri, Director (Management). In her opening remarks, Dr Sekhri said, that COVID-19 is significantly impacting businesses and the world economy. It presented significant challenges to people and organizations around the globe and the disruption continues to evolve. Organizations particularly in India are now trying to  mobilize, stabilize and return to work path again

Mr. V Shankar shared his experiences and approaches to manage businesses in prevailing COVID-19 scenario. He said that Covid -19 has swept the globe, spreading uncertainty and disorder wherever it goes. He discussed that pandemic has forever changed our experiences―as employees, customers, citizens, humans― and as a result our attitudes and behaviors are also changing.  Suddenly even best of experts realized that most of the forecasting tools and techniques to analyze trends became obsolete. Businesses must navigate the financial and operational challenges of corona virus at the same time rapidly addressing the needs of their stakeholders including employees, customers and suppliers. It also gave businesses, plethora of opportunities to learn the capabilities to innovate, collaborate and succeed at a rate assumed to be impossible. He also discussed about changing strategies across sectors covering Manufacturing, E-commerce, Agriculture and Automotive. He suggested Scenario based planning for running targets, Communication with employees, customers and other stakeholders, Agility, exploring new business opportunity, continuous learning, re-learning and up-skilling as the new mantra to sustain in changed world.

The session was attended by Prof C K Sabharwal, Dr V N Bajpai, Dr. Surendra Tiwari, Dr Ashish Kumar Jha and other faculty members.

It was great to have such deeper insights on one of the most impressing challenges prevailing today by the expert. At the end, Prof Yachana Malhotra , proposed a vote of thanks to Mr. V Shankar for sparing his valuable time and enriching the participants with his words of wisdom.

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Online Expert Talk on “Cyber Security & Cloud Computing” for Management Students.


I.T.S School of Management organized an online Expert Talk on “Cyber Security & Cloud Computing” for PGDM and MBA (IT Specialization) Students on 22nd October 2020. Director (Management) Dr. Vidya  Sekhri welcomed the Guest   and enlightened  whole  audience.

Expert for the session was Mr. David  Linthicum – Chief Cloud Strategy Officer , Deloitte Consulting (Cloud Computing Pioneer, Innovative Executive, Best-Selling Author and Speaker, Globally Known Technology Thought Leader, Radio, TV, and Podcast Personality) (McLean , Ashburn, Virginia, United States) .

 David Linthicum was named one of the top 9 Cloud Pioneers in Information Week 7 years ago, but started his cloud journey back in 1999 when he envisioned leveraging IT services over the open internet. Dave was named the #1 cloud influencer via a major report by Apollo Research, and is typically listed as a top 10 cloud influencer, podcaster, and blogger.

Mr. David is a cloud computing thought leader, executive, consultant, author, and speaker. David has been a CTO five times for both public and private companies and a CEO two times in his 35 year career. He is credited with creating 4 billion dollars in shareholder return in those roles. With more than 13 books on computing, more than 7,000 published articles, more than 700 conference presentations, and numerous appearances on radio and TV programs, David has spent the last 30 years leading, showing, and teaching businesses how to use resources more productively and innovate constantly.

The session started with Cyber Security importance and role. The speaker also discussed the attack methods and threats in cyber operations. He also shared the various measures about cloud computing and how cloud secure the data of individual or company. He also emphasized on what the use of API in cloud computing. Mr. David Linthicum gave a very motivating, inspiring session where he gave important and valuable lessons to the students. He introduced about the various aspects of cloud computing and the whole IAM (Identity and Access Management) process.

The key learning of the session was the whole concept of Cyber security, Cloud Computing and also the introduction of AI in it. Overall session was full of motivation, interactive and students raised many questions.

Towards the end of the session, Director (Management) Dr.  Vidya  Sekhri presented a vote of  thanks to the speaker.

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Financial Awareness and Consumer Training (FACT) programme held on 20th October, 2020


E-Cell, Department of IT, organized an online Financial Awareness and Consumer Training (FACT) programme for students of MCA, BCA and BBA on 20th October, 2020

at 11:00 AM via Zoom platform. This program was the initiative of the National Centre for Financial Education (NCFE), a body promoted by RBI, SEBI, IRDAI and PFRDA with the objective to promote Financial Education across India for all sections of the population. Financial Awareness and Consumer Training (FACT) is a programme by NCFE to provide financial education to young graduates and post graduates, on topics relevant to them, which will positively impact their financial well-being. Dr. Arjun Kumar Solanki from NCFE was the resource person of the program.

Following topics were discussed during the session:

  1. Identity theft protection: What measures can be taken to safeguard your personal data in online transactions?
  2. Responsible use of credit card: How to avoid overusing credit card and get fraud purchase protection?
  3. Education loan borrowing principles : Relaxations and repayment strategies of education loan
  4. How to avoid impulse buying: How to make a proper budget before shopping?
  5. Let's go cashless:  Different modes of digital payments and Know-how of these modes
  6. Your first pay cheque: How to manage your income?
  7. How to set the Financial Goals?

The program was beneficial for the students as  soon as they graduate and join the workforce and take on more financial obligations for the first time, they will be aware of their rights and responsibilities as financial consumers. Total  108 participants attended the session and the session was very interactive. Students enjoyed the session.

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Virtual HR CONCLAVE- 2020


Department of Management at I.T.S Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad organized a Virtual HR Conclave with the focal theme “Redefining the Workplace for Business Continuity "on Saturday, 17th October 2020. 

The objective of the conclave was to understand, how organizations are changing and transforming during the pandemic situation in COVID times. This Conclave provided a common platform to rediscover the paradigms that will help the leaders and policy makers to redefine the future of work and workplace for Business Continuity. Eminent speakers from Industry graced the conclave with their benign presence and shared their insight and valuable thoughts and experiences.  At the beginning, the program commenced with an encouraging deliberation by Shri Arpit Chadha sir, Vice Chairman, I.T.S The Education Group, where he welcomed all the eminent speakers and shared words of wisdom, this address was followed by the Welcome address by Dr.(Prof.) Vidya Sekhri, Director-Management and Prof. Durba Roy (Associate Vice president CRC and Conclave Convener) by introducing the theme of the Conclave. The eminent speakers of the session were:

1.     Mr. Rajan Dutta,  Managing Director - Xstrops Consulting; Managing Partner - Xpert Conexions, Former President HR- Reliance ADA, Lupin pharmaceuticals Limited - Chief Guest of the ceremony highlighted the flattening of the economic curve, migrant labourers issue, organization facing challenges to run efficiently and use the workforce effectively. He further highlighted that Consumer behaviour is also changing these days. Value of the product, convenience and authenticity are driving factors now.

2.     Mr. Lokesh Saxena,  Managing Director - DISA INDIA LIMITED & Sr.Vice President - India, Middle East & Sub Saharan Africa, Norican Group graced the inaugural ceremony as Guest of Honour. He laid emphasis on emotional aspects and workforce management post pandemic era. He said that positive mind and hope for future are the key factors in the new normal.

3.     Dr. Sudhanshu Pathak, Head - HR and OD at JK Tyre & Industries Ltd., delivered the Keynote address of the inaugural session and highlighted the changing functions of HR during the COVID times and issues of  employee engagement establishing balance between Agility and compassion, result and relationship. At the end of Inaugural Ceremony Dr. (Prof.) Vidya Sekhri, Director-Management expressed her gratitude by presenting digital plaque to all the esteemed speakers as a token of gratitude. Overall session was very interactive and full of practical knowledge and insights on the focal theme.

Followed by the Inaugural Ceremony, The conclave highlighted the very prominent issues with the subtheme –Future of Work: Hybrid Workforce via Panel Discussion-1 by eminent speakers from Industry in the next session of the conclave.

The Moderator of the Panel discussion was Mr. Agniwesh Thakur. (AVP, SAP- Success factors Capacity, Accenture) and the eminent panelists were Mr. Biplob Banerjee (CPPO, ABD India), Mr. Atma Godara (Production HR Generalist – APAC, Netflix, Digital Transformation Leader), Mr. Manish Rastogi (Head Capability Development & Talent, Vodafone Idea), Mr. Rohit Shenoy (AVP HR, Sterlite Power) and Mr. Neeraj Mehra (VP, HR, Infogain).

The panel discussion started with an opening question that “How New Normal look Like?. Mr. Biplob Banerjee addressed the question and focused that it is a disruption as everyone is connected through a virtual platform. So, it feels like IPL is going on but in the stadium, there were no audiences who are going to cheer the players.  He compared the situation with the freshers who are going to perform in the empty stadium. Further Mr. Atma Godara addressed the same question and gave few tips to always research and stay relevant according to the market analysis before the pandemic, now what looks like and it would be in near future. The second tip was upskilling and reskilling is most important in every situation. Mr. Manish Rastogi shared that leadership is not only with position/designation. It can be done on a small grassroots level also as it was his experience during this lockdown. He also shared the employee engagement activity initiatives taken by their company in this pandemic situation. Mr. Neeraj Mehra enlighted the audience with wonderful thought that we all should be grateful that we are Happy & Alive, we have Shelter & Food for our survival. In this new normal situation, he got to know what is most important for a human being to survive. Mr. Ronit Shenoy expressed his views that in this new normal situation their company organized many meditation sessions along with many types of sessions conducted by the company for stress relief. At the end of session, Dr. (Prof.) Vidya Sekhri, Director-Management expressed gratitude by presenting digital plaque to all the esteemed speakers as a token of respect and gratitude.

The Panel Discussion II started with the sub theme “Role of HR in Well being, Engagement and Performance in tough times” was conducted.

The eminent speakers of the session were Ms. Rashmi Manshramani , CHRO, The Wave Group , Mr.  Prateek Dubey,  Head ER & HR, IDFC First Bank, Mr. Anand Amrit Raj,  AVP, HR, Okaya Power, Ms. Archna Bhardwaj, Head HR Inter Globe Air Transport (IGAT), Dr. Amit Pareenja ,  Group Associate Director-Global Learning & Development (Group Corporate HR) at Tata Communications & Hon. Chairman at The Institute of Mnagement Consultants of India (Delhi Chapter), Mr. Atul Tiwary ,  Head HR, Oyo. The Panel discussion was moderated by Ms. Rashmi Manshramani. The Moderator started with tough time with respect to infrastructure, technology, organization design, transformation, innovation, business model, destructions during the pandemic situation. Mr. Anand Amrit Raj shared the business experience of his organization during pandemic period on how he converted this time in to an opportunity base and achieved a lot of profit due to his change of mind set and his own strategy during this period. He stressed on the backbones of the organization like R&D, organization design, structure etc.  Ms. Archana Bhardwaj highlighted three terms and these are rethink, reshape, and re-evaluate. She advocated technology friendly and technology connect that enabled connections with persons not just in India but hypo connected with world today. Dr. Amit Pareenja explained that the adaptation may be of two types one is market level and another is individual level. He stressed on increased agility while working from home which is also interlinked with comfort zone but not mind shift and that change of mind is mandatory for better results in productivity. Mr. Atul Tiwari introduced his delivery with ambiguity and reactive thinking process.  He stressed on mind, body and soul and these also work in the organization in a better sense strategically. Mr. Prateek Dubey during the third round of discussion focused on first HR policy and later on technology and transformation.

The session was highly thought provoking and ended with a concluding remark by the moderator. At the end of session, Dr. (Prof.) Vidya Sekhri, Director-Management expressed gratitude by presenting digital plaque to all the esteemed speakers as a token of gratitude. Overall the conclave was full of Knowledge, innovative and thought provoking ideas shared by all speakers. During the sessions, many query and doubts were raised by the students which were handled and satisfied very effectively by the all distinguished speakers.

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Digital Conclave on “Convergence of Science, Technologies and Humanities: A Road Map to Future Technologies”


A One Day Online Conclave on “Convergence of Science, Technologies and Humanities: A Road Map to Future Technologies” was organized by Department of IT, I.T.S, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad.

The Conclave was technically supported by Computer Society of India. The Conclave was inaugurated today on by eminent guests including:

Prof. M. M. Pant, Founder Chairman, PlanetEDU & Ex Pro Vice Chancellor – IGNOU

Padam Shri Prof. Y. S. Rajan, Distinguished Professor ISRO/DSO, Scientists & Ex Scientific Secretary Department of Space, ISRO                                                                                                                   

On this occasion, Vice Chairman- I.T.S The Education Group Shri Arpit Chadha, Professor & Director (IT & UG) Prof Sunil Kr Pandey, Prof. Nancy Sharma, Vice Principal (UG) and the faculty Members were also present.

After Inauguration of the Conclave, in the First Technical Session, Industry Experts shared their perspectives on Convergence of profoundly transformative technologies and technology-enabling sciences in real life perspectives and its future development.

In this Session following Experts shared their perspectives:

Shri Manoj Chugh, President Group Public Affairs, Member Group Executive Board, Mahindra & Mahindra

Shri Arvind Thakur, Member, Board of Management, NIIT University & Former Vice Chairman and Managing Director NIIT Technologies Ltd.

Shri Gautam Hazari, Technical Director, GSMA,UK.  In  in different Parallel Sessions. The Conclave was attended by over 500 Participants form 28 States of the Country and 8 Countries in different sessions of the Days.

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Prof. Ritu Saxena attended online Workshop on “Stress Management ”


Prof. Ritu Saxena, Assistant Professor- Department of Management at I.T.S, Mohan Nagar successfully completed

AICTE Training & Learning( ATAL) Academy sponsored online Workshop on “Stress Management ” from 5th October-9th October, 2020 .

The workshop was focused towards conceptual overview and hands on experience on many facets of stress management strategies, types & practical exposure through activities. There were 14-15 online sessions of 1.5 each, distributed over the 05 days of the FDP.(3 Sessions per day). Assignments and final test was a part of successful completion of FDP.

The objective of the workshop was to learn and assess their personal levels of stress and to determine the root causes of their stress and learners was equipped with practical tips and techniques for reducing & relieving stress, new ways of dealing with stressful situations, people and attitudes can be developed. Though life provides various demands that may prove troublesome to handle, stress management provides variety of how to manage anxiety and maintain overall well-being.

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Technical sessions


To strengthen knowledge and up gradation in technical skills as a continuous learning process, Tech Next Club, Department of IT, I.T.S organized technical sessions on 10th October 2020

for understanding the concepts of Data Analytics and how it is conceptualized in today’s scenario. Further, there is also need to understand what the types of Data Analytics are and how it is implemented. For these sessions, resource persons Dr. T. Lalitha, Renowned Data Analyst & Professor, Shri Sakhti Kailaash Women College, Salem, Tamil Naidu, Mr. Vipin Kr Saini, Technical Project Lead, Wipro Limited, Hyderabad(MCA Alumni Batch 2009-2012) were invited and addressed to students of I.T.S MCA Programme and participants from various Institutes across the 19 states including J&K, Tamil Naidu, Gujrat, Kerala, Assam , Telangana, West Bengal etc.  and abroad South Korea and Mauritius.

 In the starting of the session Dr.  Sunil Kr. Pandey welcome the guest and address the gathering. Dr.  Umang Club Coordinator briefed about the event and objective of Tech Next Club. Prof K. P. Singh, Club Coordinator delivered vote of thanks to the speakers at the end of the session.

Dr. T Lalitha addressed the gathering on session theme “Data Analytics using Python”. It was completely enlightening session and provided awareness about online learning platform in this COVID-19 while keeping students, faculty, and community safe along with an objective learning should not stop.

Mr. Vipin Kr. Saini, Technical Project Lead, Wipro Limited addressed on ML Predictive Modeling with Live Projects. Mr. Saini demonstrated practical demonstration on Jupyter Notebook. Mr. Saini answered the queries raised by the participants during the session.

It was nice learning experience to all the participants …

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online Session on “Career Guidance for MCA Entrance Exam” for undergraduate students


Department of I.T organized an online Session via Zoom on “Career Guidance for MCA Entrance Exam” for the undergraduate students of different institutes of the country on 8th October, 2020.

Mr. Nitin Agarwal, Founder of INPS Classes Lucknow, Prof. Puja Dhar, Chairperson- MCA Program & Prof. Saurabh Saxena were the resource person for the session. Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey, Director-IT, addressed the gathering, .

While addressing the participants he explained the Indian Higher Education System, how the education has changed from offline to online mode during the Covid-19 lockdown. He also emphasised on the accreditations like NAAC, NBA & NIRF Ranking which proves the quality of education and facilities of good institute.

Prof. Puja Dhar, shared the glorious journey of 25 Years of I.T.S. In her session, She said that students should have proper career planning to facilitate more appropriate goal setting. Proper career planning always leads to improve motivation, academic result. Prof. Dhar said that today’s students are having early ambitions, Lack of “I” attitude and fond of collecting degrees. She also discussed about the pros and cons of pursuing education via regular and distance mode.

Mr. Nitin Agarwall, Founder of INPS Classes, Lukcnow shared the mode of preparation for various entrance exam for MCA like NIMCET, JNU, BHU, UPSEE etc. While addressing he focused more on self learning & interest to choose any course. He shared various online options for the preparation of entrance exam. He answered all the queries of the participants.  

In concluding remarks, Prof Saurabh Saxena advised participants to be a smart learner due COVID-19 lockdown. He emphasized on the online certifications, participation in webinars and online contests. At the end the session some of the mantras to be successful in the life was also discussed including respecting parents, talking to ourselves, trying to handle failures, not comparing ourselves with others, love your goal & be smart worker and be what you want to be.

At the end of the session participants were awarded with online certificate. Online Feedback was also taken from all the participants. 

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Guest Lecture on the topic “Amendments in Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20” for Management Students.


Department of Management, I.T.S Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad organized a Guest lecture for students of Management batch (MBA and PGDM) 2019-21

on October 03, 2020. The guest speaker for the session was Ms. Chandrima Chatterjee, Advisor and Sr. Director at Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) and she talked on the topic “Amendments in Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20”. The session was highly enlightening and interesting. She spoke about various WTO processes that are essential in regulation and monitoring of trade. She also briefed the students about the concept of Foreign exchange and what strategies and techniques are used in order to mitigate the risk of foreign exchange.

Furthermore, in the session, she discussed about the foreign trade policy. She told about various incentive schemes and also, she highlighted various suggestive amendments in Foreign Trade policy 2015 – 20 and what will would be their implications on India’s International Trade. Towards the end, students asked interesting questions which were entertained by the speaker competently. The session was a great success and students gained a lot from the experience sharing of the guest speaker. 

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Guest Lecture on “e-Business & Internet Technology” for PGDM (2019-21) Batchand MBA(IT Specialization Group).


I.T.S – Mohan Nagar, Department of Management organized a Guest Lecture by Mr. Naveen Mamgain

, Co-Founder & Design Head at Quick Ride, Bengaluru, Karnataka (Head Office) on the topic “e-Business & Internet Technology” for PGDM (2019-21) Batch and MBA (IT Specialization Group) on 30th  September  2020.

Director (Management) Dr.VidyaSekhri welcomed the Guest and emphasised on understanding the different aspects of e-Commerce and Digital Marketing.

Mr. Naveen Mamgain was previously associated with organizations like, Happiest Minds Technology, Century Link and others as UI designer and architect. He enlightened the students on the business model of very successful car-pooling startup Quick Ride. Quick Ride has got the best Start up award in 2019 by World Tourism Forum Lucerne (WTFL). Quick Ride estimated annual revenue is 20M $ .He emphasized that the key factors of Quick Ride’s success are Cost efficiency, Socializing, Time Optimization & Flexibility.

Ride-pooling apps provide common people with a very simple solution to solve the daily commutation problem through an economical and effective way. In a normal scenario, Quick Ride reduces daily travel costs by nearly 50% compared to a cab aggregator.

People from different organizations get an opportunity to interact which also leads to knowledge sharing and overall productive conversation. Most of the Metropolitan cities which are over-boiled with the menace of traffic, Quick Ride comes as a savior on how an individual can meaningfully use the travel time.

He explained how the advanced analytics capability and ride-matching algorithm of the application ensure that people travelling in similar routes are displayed. Through features such as daily booking, recurring booking, percentage ride match and type of vehicle (two or four-wheeler), these ride-sharing apps ensure that both the parties are in a win-win situation.

There was a student interaction session where the Guest answered and clarified students’ queries. At the end vote of thanks was given by the faculty coordinators Prof. LokeshUpreti and Prof. Mansi Singh.

It was a wonderful session. Participants enjoyed the learning filled experience.

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