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Dr Umang, Asstt Professor, Department of IT chaired a session in International Conference


Dr Umang, Asstt Professor, Department of IT was invited to chair a technical session on on “Track 4.5: Software Engineering and Emerging Technologies” in Third day of International Conference INDIACom 2017 during 1st – 3rd March 2017 Technically sponsored by IEEE Delhi Section and Technical supported by GGSIP University, New Delhi, ISTE Delhi Section, CSI Region-I, CSI Divisions- I,II,III,IV & V, IETE Delhi Center and IET(UK) Delhi Local Networks at BVICAM, New Delhi.

INDIACom 2017 was aimed at providing an effective platform to the researchers from all over the world to show-case their original research work, have effective exchange of ideas and develop a strategic plan for balanced and inclusive growth of economy through IT in critical areas like E-Governance, E-Commerce, Disaster Management, GIS, Geo-spatial Technologies, Nano-Technology, Intellectual Property Rights, AI and Expert Systems, Networking, Software Engineering, High Performance Computing and other Emerging Technologies. 
This session “Software Engineering and Emerging Technologies” was presided by Dr. Sachin Sharma, MRIU, Faridabad. Original contributions were solicited for this track on the third day of INDIACom 2017.

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‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme


26th February, 2017 activity of ‘Parivartan’- the Slum Education Programme, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad was a combo of Singing Competition and a class on Geography.
Volunteers of the day – Richa Sharma, Konika Tyagi, Soma Roy, Mayank Chaturvedi, Nainsi Yadav, Lokesh Kumar, Arif Hussain and Satendar Rana (Dev) started the class with the prayer ‘Itni shakti dena humein data’.
The talk of the day was on the theme ‘States and Capitals in India’. The children were told about the important states of India, their location in the map and their capitals. Many children did not know what a state is and what a capital is. The same and their importance and purpose were explained with examples and elaborations. The purpose was to help the children understand the geography of their country better.

The attraction of the day was the Singing Competition in which the confident participants tried their throats on the musical notes. The best singers were appreciated with on the spot prizes.
The detailed revision of previous lessons also took place as routine.
The class and the competition for the day concluded with the distribution of Namkeen and eclairs among all the children. Mr. Arif conducted the activity effectively as the President of the Parivartan Club.

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Educational Visit to Narora Atomic Power Plant, Narora, Bulandshahar for Students & Faculty members


Department of IT organized an Educational visit for a group of 40 students accompanied by Director-IT, Dr. Sunil Kr. Pandey, Prof. Smita Kansal, Prof. Saurabh Saxena, Prof. Varun Arora, Dr. Vidushi Singh, Prof. Nancy Sharma, Prof. Yogita Chauhan and Prof. Shreyta Raj to Narora Atomic Power Station (NAPS), a public sector undertaking under the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India which is located at about 176 kms from Ghaziabad on 25th February, 2017. 
The trip started from I.T.S, Mohan Nagar campus at about 6.30 AM. A small briefing was made by Dr. Sunil Kr. Pandey, Director-IT related to the visit. The journey lasted about 3 and half hour. As soon as the bus entered the outskirts of NAPS, a scenic view was everywhere with blissful greenery. 

Students were taken to a stack block by a bus. A guest lecture was delivered by Mr. Mukesh Sharma, Training Officer, NAPS. He gave a brief description about the power plant through an interactive presentation. He explain about the growing need of nuclear energy in the near future. Narora Power plant has two units which produce 220MW units of power. Later, the group was taken to Nuclear Energy Information Centre, where the process of nuclear power generation was clearly explained through a schematic flow diagram. Nuclear applications in various fields were visually explained for a better understanding. 
Later, students were divided into two groups headed by Mr. K. Singh, visit coordinator from NAPS and Mr. Mukesh Sharma & taken to Turbine building. Safety measures were taken before witnessing the functioning of turbine. Students keenly observed the entire process and raise their queries which were resolved by the instructors accompanying them. Control room, the much awaited place for all as many devices that were controlling overall system were witnessed. An internal view of the reactor (Calandria) was shown through cameras. A working view of twin units with many functioning devices created a sense of inquisitiveness amongst the students. 
It was indeed an unique experience to visit the entirely automated Control Room and see how IT is helping in such a critical system and to see and experience of having Uranium Channels, operations of Turbine, Environmental Science Lab. It was a wonderful learning experience for everyone.

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Prof. Anuja Roy presented a paper at 2nd Global Leadership Research Conference organized by Amity Business School , Greater Noida.


Prof. Anuja Roy of ITS Mohan Nagar presented a paper titled “Healthcare Services At The Doorstep: A Conceptual Insight To The Indian Home Healthcare Market” at the 2nd Global Leadership Research Conference organized by Amity Business School , Greater Noida on 23rd -24th February 2017.

The conference theme addressed the issues and solutions surrounding Innovation, Sustainability and Change in marketing of goods & services.

The Inaugural session commenced with lamp lighting, followed by a welcome address by Mr. Vivek Singh Tomar, the conference co-chairperson. Dr. Thomas Mathew, IAS, Additional Secretary to the President of India was the guest of honor for the inaugural. Other eminent speakers from the industry were also present for the inaugural.

The speakers emphasised the need for innovation in an ever changing marketing environment.

The Inaugural Session ended with a vote of thanks by the session co-chair. The next course of the conference was divided into three technical sessions. During the first session, distinguished speakers from the Industry discussed on the “Contemporary Issues Challenges in Marketing”. The session was chaired by: DR. Hemendra Dangi, Faculty of Management Studies University of Delhi.

The technical session II was on “Innovations in Health Care and Services Marketing” which was chaired by DR. Sanjay Dhir , ‎Professor, Strategic Management Area, DMS, IIT Delhi. The technical session III was on “Sustainability in Social Media and Online Marketing”. This session was chaired by Dr. Rakesh Singh, Professor IMT Ghaziabad. Delegates across Industry and Academia presented their research during the two day Conference. The seminar attempted to arrive at a course of actionable points that accurately described the path to follow and how to meet the challenges.The conference was well received by the participants.

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Sports Club organized 'REUNION ATLETICA’ The Annual Sports Meet.


PG Management Sports Club "STATESMAN" organized one day Sports Activity 'REUNION ATLETICA', The Annual Sports Meet on 24th February 2017 for PGDM & MBA Students at Institute of Technology & Science, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad.
Following events were scheduled for the day;
For Women’s: For Men’s: Other Event:
Tug of war 100 Meter Flat Race Couple Race
100 Meter Flat Race 400 Meter Relay Race Musical Chair 
300 Meter Relay Race Tug of war
Sack Race Sack Race
Tug of war
Spoon Race
The event started at 11:00 a.m. with the inaugural session in the presence of teams, students and sports officer Mr. R. S. Chawala & Faculty coordinator Dr. D. K. Pandey. Matches were played in the ground infront of sports complex.

The results are as follows:

100m Flat Race(Boys) : Winner- Avinab Mukhherjee (PGDM), 1st Runner-up - Shashank Chadda (MBA), 2nd Runner-up- Atul Jaiswal (PGDM)

100m Flat Race(Girls): Winner- Shreya Chaturvedi (MBA), 1st Runner-up - Shivi Gautam (PGDM), 2nd Runner-up- Shalu Gupta (MBA)

Spoon Race (Girls): Winner- Shefali Tyagi (MBA), 1st Runner-up - Parul Dey (MBA), 2nd Runner-up- Swati Yadav (PGDM)

Sack Race (Boys): Winner- Gautam Barrichwal., 1st Runner up- Rohit Kumar, 2nd Runner up- Buddhabdev Hazra( PGDM)

Sack Race (Girls): Winner -Parul Dey (MBA), 1st Runner up- Shivi Gautam (PGDM), 2nd Runner up- Shalu Gupta (MBA)

Couple Race: Winners- Swati Yadav and Dipankar Pramanik (PGDM), 1st Runners up- Parul Dey and Atul Jaiswal ( MBA,PGDM)

Tug Of War (Girls):: 1.Anneshya, 2.Shivi, 3.Ruchi Singh.4.Parul Dey.(MBA)5.Novika Chadda.6.Sudha Singh.7.Swati Yadav.

Tug Of War (Boys):1.Abhijeet, 2.Jaydeep, 3.Ashwini Kumar, 4.Adarsh, 5.Abhisek Annand
6.Siddharth , 7.Bikram Parajuli.

Relay Race 300m (Girls):Winners- Shalu , Shreya & Shivi, 1st Runners up- Ruchi Singh, Swati Yadav & Anneshya Ghosh, 2nd Runners-up- Parul Dey, Priya & Poorvi

Relay Race 400m (Boys): Winners- Ranit Banerjee, Ashish Pandey, Dipankar Pramani & Avinab Mukherjee, 1st Runners-up- Yogesh, Shashank Chadda, Bikram Parajuli & Atul Jaiswal, 2nd runners-up Souptik Burman, Basab , Buddhadeb Hazra & Tanoy Lodh.
Musical Chair: Winner- Ruchi Singh
The event came to an end at 3:30 p.m. the students enjoyed a lot with great enthusiasm and participation. The event was a grand success.

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Series of Workshop conducted by Department of IT


Department of I.T.has conducted a series of workshops for the students on different current technologies for making them aware about the new trends which will help them in their future from 14th -24th February 2017. Technology for the workshops were Java, Data Structure using C, Python, Oracle Database and Implementation, Importance of Mobile Application and Mobile Application Development.

Java Technology
The workshop on Java Technologywas conducted on 14th -15th February 2017” in association with CSI Student Branch. The objective of the workshop on Java technology was to familiarize the students with the Java technology and to make them understand Servlets, JSP and JDBC. Prof. Gaurav Midha and Prof. Varun Arora were the resource person for the 2 days session.
Data Structure Using C
In continuation of this, next two days’ workshop on Data Structure Using C in association with CSI Student Branchwas conducted during 15th-16th February, 2017.The resource persons for the workshop were Prof. Rakesh Roshan & Prof. Chandra Mani Sharma. In the workshop, the programming constructs in C was discussed along with overview of Data Structures and their applications.

Next two days’ workshop was conducted on Pythonin association with CSI Student Branch during 20th-21st February, 2017 for the student. Prof. Rakesh Roshan was the resource persons for this workshop. Introduction to Python, Datatypes, Variables, Strings, Multiple Assignment, List, Tuple, Dictionary, Decision Making, Looping, Functions and Module and File Handling were the contents discussed in the workshop.
Oracle Database and Implementation
Two-day’s workshop on Oracle Database and Implementation in association with CSI Student Branch for the students was conducted on 22nd February to 23rd February, 2017. The objective of this workshop was to make students aware about the basic concepts of Oracle Database and how it will help them in their higher studies and job too.Prof. Puja Dhar and Prof. Saurabh Saxenawere the resource person for this workshop. They discussed about the Oracle History, Overview of Oracle Grid Architecture, Developer Tools, Differentiation between File Processing System and Database Processing System, Database Structure including logical & Physical structure, Security mechanism, Overview of data types, Functions of DBMS, DDL & DML statements.
Importance of Mobile Application &Mobile Application Development
Five days’ workshop on Importance of Mobile Application and Mobile Application Development under DST sponsored Women Entrepreneurship Development Program" for the girl students with Science & Technology during 20/02/2017 to 24/02/2017 has been conducted successfully. Prof. Puja Dhar, Dr. Umang, Prof. Abhay Kumar Ray and Prof. Rakesh Roshan were the key resource person for this workshop. Prof. Puja Dhar and Dr. Umang discussed about the importance of mobile application in the today’s scenario and also the security issues and challenges in the usage of mobile application for the women.
Prof. Abhay Kumar Ray and Prof. Rakesh Roshan discussed about the architecture of android mobile application development and also encouraged to develop some sample applications on android using different features.

Overall it was an interactive and new learning sessions for the students.Students found the workshop very informative and helpful for their career.

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Young Talent Hunt- 2017


Management Department witnessed an exemplary success of Grand Finale of Young Talent Hunt 2017 – 6th Inter College Quiz Competition with a huge participation of approx 300 students from 46 Colleges of Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Meerut, Hapur, & nearby areas over a period of last five months.

The Sixth sequel of this competition was initiated in the month of October with an Intra College Quiz Competition (level 1) for College students’ at the premises of colleges and concluded with a GRAND FINALE at I.T.S, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad. The mega show- GRAND FINALE- YOUNG TALENT HUNT- 2017 begin in the morning of 23rd February, 2017 with registration of approx 300 students, 24 teachers & parents from 46 participating colleges.

The Inaugural started with lamp lighting of Maa Sarawati by Director General Dr. A.K Puri, Prof. Nitin Saxena & Prof. Ankur Ahuja, Event Convener and faculties of other colleges & institutes. Dr. A.K.Puri Addressed the Gathering at Inaugural ceremony. Students from participating colleges were very enthusiastic; Dr. A.K.Puri in his address shared his views on the spirit of quiz & how it is going to be beneficial for the participants & advised them to focus on their goal to make their dreams come true.

After the inaugural ceremony, 03 Elimination written rounds progressed in class rooms. Quiz masters Mr. Rahul kamboj & Md. Razi Ahmad, conducted two semi-finals, 12 semi finalist were at the edge of their seats. The crowd energized 06 finalist with a loud applause for their out of the box skills and showcased the event as a great mix of talent, energy and enthusiasm.


Top 03 winners were awarded with:

1st Prize: Rs. 10,000/- +Trophy +Certificate of Merit
2nd Prize: Rs. 7,500/- +Trophy +Certificate of Merit
3rd Prize: Rs. 5,000/- +Trophy +Certificate of Merit

Consolation Prizes of Rs. 1000/- each was also given to the next 7 Winners.

Also, a letter of commendation with appreciation certificate was awarded to all the semi-finalists & finalists participants, also all the participants were awarded with certificate of participation.

This quiz contest enjoyed unprecedented public support and has turned itself into a mega event which was also covered by media. The event was coordinated by Prof. Nitin Saxena & Prof. Ankur Ahuja with a joint effort of all the Management Faculty & Staff Members & Student Volunteers.

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‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme


19th February, 2017 activity of ‘Parivartan’- the Slum Education Programme, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad was another segment of the science series ‘Aao Seekhein Vijnan’. This Sunday the children learnt about the three states of substance.
Volunteers of the day –Shivani Jain, Radhika Solanki, Kaushik Dey, Himanshu Saini, Rakesh Dam, Arif Hussain and Satendar Rana (Dev) started the class with the prayer ‘Itni shakti dena humein data’.
The talk of the day was on the theme ‘Padaarth Ki Avasthaayein’ (States of Substance’). The children were told about the basic features of the substance. They were also told that there could different things made with the same material and there could be many materials used for making the same thing. Like wood is used for making different things as table, chair, pastry roller, bat etc. On the other hand we have to use many materials like iron, wood, cloth and foam for making a cushioned chair or sofa. Three states of substance were explained with the examples of water, ice and vapours and some other day to day items.

The children were also told about the mixture i.e. putting different materials together and none of them loses its own properties. Examples shared included Chaat and the mixture of concrete, sand and cement used in construction of buildings. The session of the day concluded with a poem which concluded all the concepts discussed on this day.
The class for the day ended with the distribution of éclairs and biscuits among all the children. Mr. Arif conducted the activity effectively as the President of the Parivartan Club.

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Business Summit-2017 India- Towards Global Leadership


18th February, 2017 Institute of Technology and Science, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad fortuitously organized the first business Summit of year 2017.The day was special as ITS witnessed great personalities and global leaders from corporate and ministries who enlightened us with their knowledge and views.
We got to hear from prominent faces such as Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman, Union minister of Commerce & Industry (Chief Guest), Mr. Avnish Sabharwal (Guest of Honor) and other prominent dignitaries. 
The summit was fragmented into four sessions.
Curtain Raiser (Overview of business summit)
The session took off with a welcome speech by Prof. Shikha Arora followed by a welcome address from Director General Dr. A.K. Puri. Dr. Puri gave an insight pertaining to how India is moving towards attaining the leadership position in business “Globally”. 
A brief overview of Business Summit was given by Dr. Anusha Agrawal followed by an encouraging speech from Prof. C.K. Sabharwal which set the tone for the summit. He beautifully gave an insight on how Services, Agriculture and Manufacturing Industries are drivers of India. 
Mr. A.V. Surya- (CEO of Kantar public-IMRB International) took over the dice and shares his critical opinions and views. He mentioned that India has a tremendous potential to compete in the global market having Political and economic climate in favor. In next few years India is going to have the largest workforce in the world, but not preparing to use potential that we have. The concern about the quality of education, 65% of the population requires training and need to have sustainable growth. Though smallest entrepreneurs have the full accessibility to the government policies yet we are facing problems to utilize them at our full potential. He also mentioned that we have potential in women but they still have to face stereotyping, dominance by the society.

Mr. Sandeep Lakhina (Executive Vice president, Dentsu Aegis Network) explained how Dr. Man Mohan Singh liberalized India and encouraged entrepreneurship. From the last 15 to 10 years India’s potential is growing, telecom sector has grown rapidly, previously we have to wait for 3 years for a land line phone connection but now 90% of us have accessibility to Mobile phones, but big area for concern is that we are not investing much on grass root level of education; still many children don’t have the accessibility to get the primary education.
Mr. SP Arora (Managing Director, Tourism Finance Corporation of India) enlightened about the scope of tourism. The key points discussed by him were about the scope of sector which can create a large employment as tourism sector contributes 8% in our GDP. As local economy flourishes with tourism, hence one of the key foreign exchange earner for the country is Tourism sector.
Prof. C.K. Sabharwal concluded the session by giving a vote of thanks and presenting the momentos to the dignitaries as token of gift and remembrance. 
Session 2 The Inaugural Session
Commenced with lightening of the Saraswati lamp by dignitories, Dr. B.B.L Madhukar, Mr. Avnish Sabharwal, M.D. at Accenture (Guest of Honor), Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman, Union Minister of Commerce & Industry (Chief Guest), Honorable Chairman I.T.S- The Education Group, Dr. R.P Chadhha and Dr. A.K Puri, Director General, I.T.S Ghaziabad.
Dr. B.B.L Madhukar talked about various steps taken by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi like Demonetization, Digital India, Skill India, Jandhan Yojna and their impact on our economy.
He stated that despite of demonetization the FDI has increased comparable to last year.
Mr. Avnish Sabharwal, M.D. at Accenture (Guest of Honor), shared a few facts regarding his company. He also discussed the enabler of Indian growth such as government policies and reforms, The Indian Stack, innovation and startup ecosystem. Pillars of Indian Stack on JAM-Jan Dhan, Adhaar & mobile were also discussed with the audience. Accenture’s vision towards the cause of digital revolution which are also discussed, which are Cloud Mobile, Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Machines.
Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman, Union minister of Commerce & Industry (Chief Guest) 
Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman sspoke about the uncertainties in terms of politics & Economics. Uncertainty in relationships among countries where there is global turmoil India on the other hand is growing due to present stable political scenario. She spoke about how Prime Minister Modi is helping India to rise above all nation, how his leadership brought certainty and reduction in corruption.The goal of government is to make the country as one market for which they have come up with the GST plan to aid their agenda. She talked about each and every step that has been taken by the government has a purpose be it SWACH BHARAT ABHIYAN or establishment of commercial courts. She also mentioned that the strength of India lies in people’s belief in frugal living, savings and sacrificing.
Session 3 (Panel Discussion)
Session started with a formal address by Prof. Santosh V. Sood on India towards global leadership. He emphasized on the leadership definition and its relevance in the global economy.
Mr. Sukesh Jain mentioned about MNCs building products in emerging market to adapt to the global economy. According to him technology coming after the pricing of the product. India is now a major power house of Potential youth. He also mentioned about the consumer taste and preferences are changing globally like economical price, good quality product.
Mr. Anupam Saronwala stated about their company IBM is having 13 lab in 16 countries, IBM is famous for its research science. He mentioned that every product has different characteristics but the basic aspect is consumer favourism. According to him pricing model is important for customer values. Need to design the product as per the specification of platform, market & business.
Mr. Girish Shivani gave presentation which encompasses the future business prospect which is knowledge economy. He talked of company success stories like Infosys, Mu sigma (consulting company).
Session concluded with a Q&A round in which students asked questions to different dignitaries.
Session- 4
During this session, Mr. Munish Vasudeva mentioned about VUCA world – demographic shift, political, furbulences, omnipresence of digital technology, globalization, new competitors. According to him human resource is the most important asset intellect mindset is the human capital to become a global leader. He stated that the trends in India ongoing one explosion of enabling technology & devices, organization became more distributed, flexible, presume for sustainable organization & work styles.
Mr. Sanjay Hallon gave a presentation on India towards global leadership. He stated that India to have 50 largest public firm and 18 Indian companies are global. He discussed that India has evolved as global leader in business & commerce, gender equality. According to him global challenges by developing managerial effectiveness inspiring other developing leading a team.
Mr. M Balaji Venkateshwar talked about success which comes after failure. To absorb the failure to became successful advisor to come out of the protective or comfort level of life to strive, perform & attain what one wants in life. Prof. Anil Kalra concluded the session by reciting few words of the poem “Agneepath” and presenting momentos to the dignitaries.


Dr. Anusha Agrawal gave the final vote of thanks to everyone who made that event successful. 33 delegates from different Institutes in Delhi & NCR attended the summit.

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Industry Academia Collaboration Program with SOPRA


A session for Industry Academia Collaboration Program with SOPRA was held on 18th February, 2017 at 10:00 AM in Room No. 4 (AB-III). The session was taken by Ms.Swati Chawla and Ms.DeeptiBatra, from SOPRA. 19 students who are involed in the project were present during the session. Prof.Varun Arora and Prof.RakeshRoshan were also present in the session.
Following points were covered in the session:

• What is design?
• Why is design important?
• Pros and cons of designing phase.
• Types of designing.
• How to create a good design.
• Design Principle.
• General design consideration.
• Business layer, presentation layer, data layer.
• Architecture overview model1
• MVC Model 1
• MVC Model 2
• Database Design.
• ER Diagram
• Steps to create ER Diagram.
Session was very interactive and students learnt importance of analysis in Software development Phase.

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‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme


12th February, 2017 activity of ‘Parivartan’- the Slum Education Programme, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad was special in many ways. It was special because the Library Club members of PGDM had brought 80 colourful storybooks for the slum children, and it was special because the faculty coordinator of the club Prof. Shikha Arora had also came along with her cute little daughter and interacted with the slum children.
Volunteers of the day – Shivi Gautam, Abhijita Sinha, Vaibhav Pandey, Novika Chadha, Monika Gupta, Prateek Jain, Rajat Verma, Trithankar Mandal, Arif Hussain, Vikas Babu and Satendar Rana (Dev) started the class with the prayer ‘Itni shakti dena humein data’.

The Library Club members had brought 80 big and good quality story books for the slum children. All books had different stories with lovely pictures and a good moral for life. The theme of the day was ‘Story Reading’ from the same books. Three stories from three different books were read by the volunteers for slum children. The paralinguistics, gestures, voice modulations, description and elaboration of difficult words filled this session with the real fun, loud clappings and lasting lessons learnt with great interest. A revision of the previous exercises was also done as routine.
At the end of the activity, active participants were appreciated with prizes by honourable Prof. Shikha Arora who visibly enjoyed the activity as the faculty coordinator of the Library Club. The class for the day ended with the distribution of these story books, éclairs and creamy wafers among all the children. Dr. Gopal Krishna Dwivedi accompanied and guided the volunteers as the faculty coordinator of Parivartan Club.

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Workshop on Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning.


On 10th February, 2017(11:am-1:10pm) C Club of Department of IT in association with CSI Student Branch @ I.T.S Ghaziabad conducted a workshop on Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning for MCA 4th Semester students. The resource person for the workshop was Prof. C M Sharma. Total 62 students of MCA 4th Semester participated in the workshop. 
The objective of this workshop was to prepare students for upcoming placements on Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning. The recruiters coming for recruiting MCA students have the questions on the topics in their written round.
Prof. Sharma started the workshop with the importance of Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning in placement process. He then discussed problems and important formulas on Ages, Average, Boats & Streams, Time & Distance, Mixture, Proportions, Pipers & Cisterns, Series etc. 

Prof. Sharma also told the students various shortcut methods to solve problems and gave many useful tips to improve accuracy and speed. The workshop was a helpful exercise for the students. 

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Marketing Club Organized “Build your own Campaign Competition” for MBA Students.


On 08th February 2017, Marketing Club organized “Build Your Own Campaign Competition” for MBA (2016-18) Batch students. The event provided a platform for students to showcase their marketing skills and creative thoughts under one roof. Students presented their campaign in the form of power point presentations. The main aim of the campaign was to highlight the various promotional tools required to market products & services in present day scenario. Total 10 groups participated. Time given to each group was around 10 mins. Each group presented their ideas in the most creative manner thereby making use of relevant promotional tools.

The activity was well received by students. They were highly enthusiastic with regards to the presentations. 
To engage the audience, fillers in the form of marketing quiz was also used. Winners of the quiz questions were applauded. The event was judged by Prof Anuja Roy.
Winners of the “Build Your Own Campaign Competition” were
· Amandeep & Sailesh – Ist position
· DishaDobriyal & Vikram Sehgal – 2nd position
· Himanshu & Lavi Gupta – 3rd position
The winners were awarded with certificates.
The Club looks forward to organize more such creative, informative and learning oriented programs in the near future.

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‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme


5th February, 2017 activity of ‘Parivartan’- the Slum Education Programme, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad was the beginning of an all new series on Science that started unit wise with the content of a book of Class 6.
Volunteers of the day – Sanjana Singh, Justin Raj, Rohit Chaudhary, Rohit Kumar, Prayag Tripathi, Priyanka Gupta and Arif Hussain started the class with the prayer ‘Itni shakti dena humein data’.
On this important day the volunteers started a new series on science titled ‘Aao Samjhein Vijnan (Let Us Understand Science) through the Science text book of class 6. The talk of the day was on ‘Science in Daily Life’. The children were first told – what science is. The importance of continuous observation, experiments and deriving conclusions from it was explained with the examples like pressure cooker, falling of apple and why a bird flies in the sky but stones fall back on the earth.

A quiz was conducted on natural and artificial items. The correct responses were appreciated with prizes. The harms caused due to misuse or excessive usage of science were also explained with examples of pollution due to cars, factories and loud sounds. A revision of tables and counting also took place.
The class for the day ended with the distribution of éclairs and Crax among all the children. Dr. Gopal Krishna Dwivedi accompanied and guided the volunteers as the faculty coordinator of Parivartan Club.

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IB Club – GLOCAL organized Oratory Marathon for MBA Students.


On 2nd February, 2017 the IB club, popularly known as “GLOCAL”, organized an activity for MBAstudents. The activity was designed to encourage in the students a spirit of seeking and developing an analytical approach. Theactivity was organized in the New Seminar Hall from 3:30 PM onwards. The students took active participation in the activity and their excitement during the various rounds reverberated through the auditorium. 

The first round was a debate competition where in the 15 teams (2 students in each team) participated and expressed their opinion on the topic- ‘‘New political regime in USA will impact India- USA business relations negatively” Top 6 teams reached the second round where both the members of the team were given separate topics for extempore. This round tested their quick thinking and awareness with the latest happenings across the globe as the topics of second round were based on current affairs and general awareness in the field of International Business and Economics. 

The team comprising of Ms. Umama and Mr. Mukul became the champions. Team represented by Ms. Akanksha and Mr. Himanshu stood in second place closely followed by Ms. Akanksha Goyal and Ms. Surabhi third position.

All the winners were awarded with attractive prizes. The activity,under the guidance of IB Club Mentor, Prof. Parul Gupta,was conducted by members of team GLOCAL comprising of Ms. Sakshi, Mr. Prayag, Ms. Ruchika, Mr. Shailesh, Ms. Shefali, Ms. Richa, Mr. Razi and Ms. Anjali.

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