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Special Session “Service Centric Cloud Campus Network Solution”


With an objective to create best learning opportunities to MCA Students, Department of IT, I.T.S Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad organized session on “Service Centric Cloud Campus Network Solution” through Video Conferencing on 12th September 2019 at Institute premises.

In Session, Mr Michael MacDonald Chief Digital Officer, Huawei and  Mr Victor Lapian, Renowned Speaker & Executive Product Manager, Huawei SEA Enterprise focused along with various examples on Agile based Campus and Cloud Based Campus using 6 Wifi AP and its implementations in real scenario. In this session, Mr MacDonald told about how Campus networks support digital transformation across industries. Award winning proven success cases were also discussed.

It was overall good experience for all participants.

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Guest Lecture on “India-China Cross Cultural relationship And Business Negotiations” By Mr. Ashish Ahuja


Dr. Garima Srivastav (I.T.S Marketing Faculty- Management Department) organised Guest Lecture for the MBA-III Semester students (subject area of International Marketing) on “India-China Cross Cultural Relationship and Business Negotiations” by Mr Ashish Ahuja- Chinese Language Expert at NITI AYOG, PMO-Vibrant Gujrat 2019

,Intentional Energy Forum 2018,Visiting Faculty at Chengdu University-China, DU-India. Mr Ahuja has around 7+ years of experience in giving his expertise in Chinese language at various National and International platform which includes PM Modi’s speech during Vibrant Gujrat-2019, International Energy Forum-2018 and at NITI AYOG. He has enriched experience in interpreting Chinese Language at various high level Conferences/Meetings/Seminars. He is also regularly visiting Chengdu University-China and DU-India for his sessions. He, very vividly shared the concept of PESTEL and aligned the concept with various examples from the Chinese culture. He described the value system, Communication pattern, social set up, Political, Legal, Ecological Environment, EXIM policies, Historical Silk Route vs Modern Silk route in China with students. He also highlighted the reasons for China’s development ahead of India in various sectors. He also laid emphasis on various aspects of Sales and Negotiation from Chinese perspective. He supported the concepts by showing various Chinese items like Chopsticks, Chinese fans and picture of their eating habits. The session was highly interactive and interesting.

Dr Garima Srivastav (International Marketing Faculty) shared the vote of thanks to Mr Ahuja for wonderful deliberation and imparting the complete insight of Chinese culture and discussing the Indo-China Trade relationships with the students.

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Corporate Talk on Investing in Financial Markets and wealth creation


Speaker was Mr. Varun Malhotra, Director - EIFS Pvt Ltd., an Alumnus of Washington University in St Louis, USA and IIM-Ahmedabad, who has successfully completed all 3 levels of CMT (Charted Market Technician - the only Technical Analysis Program recognized by New York Stock Exchange) and CFA Program (Charted Financial Analyst, USA)

Mr. Varun encouraged students to start investing in the Stock Market for building Wealth and contributing to the economy as a whole. This talk was a true enabler for equity market enthusiasts and for those who believe in the power of equity markets to create long term wealth. 

Mr Varun discussed how to solving the Stock Market puzzle: What to buy, when to buy & when to sell. Speaker emphasized the importance of buying ETF’s and holding it for long duration to reap handsome gains.

He talked about Investment Psychology. Identifying bubbles in financial markets and remain cautious during the times of extreme euphoria that leaves lot many investors trapped in the market.

He discussed how investing in the stock market can create passive income and can be alternate to fixed pension plans. How small investments with the help of compounding can create substantial wealth through compounding technique.

During his discussion, he shared his diverse experience with students. At the end of the corporate lecture, a special vote of thanks was given to him.

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‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme


With the 5th of September celebrations still fresh in the mind, it was an apt occasion for recalling the contribution of teachers in our lives. Alongside this, Parivartan decided to focus on the building blocks of grammar.

Aviral started off the programme prior to prayer by explaining to the children the significance of India’s attempted moon landing. In the process he tried to simplify the technicalities of Chandrayan-2 and its components. As the main classes resumed following the prayer, he took to speaking about the Parts of Speech – the starting point of English grammar. He deftly explained the seven elements with appropriate examples so that the learners understood the purpose fulfilled by each.

Next it was the turn of Tulika to delve into the history behind and the significance of Teachers’ Day. She discussed how the birthday of Dr Sarvopalli Radhakrishnan came to be observed as Teachers’ Day.

The by now statutory quiz followed as a means of revision. The volunteers had taken the initiative of donating the books, copies and stationary among the kids on this occasion. This was followed by the handing out of Britannia Good Day biscuits and Parle Kachcha Aam toffees before the children dispersed homewards.

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DELL Technologies Forum


Prof. Puja Dhar along with Prof. Saurabh Saxena attended one day Forum on “Real transformation” organized by Dell Technologies on 6th September, 2019

at The Leela AmbienceGurugram Hotel &Residences. The objective of this forum was to have discussion on “Changing needs of workloads as driving cloud strategies”. The Forum was conducted by the members of Dell Technologies. There were many sessions going parallel. The forum had discussions about many topics including the differentiation between existing workloads and cloud native workloads. It was also suggested by the speakers that organizations require multiple clouds. Every organization is having its expectation but in reality they get something else. The Dell Team also IntroducedDell Technologies Cloud. They said that Dell Technologies Cloud Data Centre is as a Service for their customer. In this forum VMWare Cloud on Dell EMC was also introduced.

It was also discussed that speed is the new currency of business, an intense pace of innovation is continuing. Today’s network speeds are not only millions of times faster, but carry millions of time data persecond. They said that 96% of the world’s banks , airlines, and retailers run over Fibre Channel which is the most trusted widely deployed network infrastructure for enterprise storage.

Overall the sessions in this Forum were informative and addition to our knowledge.

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Guest Lecture on Contemporary issues in Banking by Mr. Gopal Chandra Mondal


Department of Management at I.T.S, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad organized Corporate Talk on the topic “Contemporary issues in Banking” on 5th September, 2019 for PGDM (2019-21) and MBA (2019-21) Batch.

The guest speaker was Mr. Gopal Chandra Mondal (CFO & Director -Financial Control, Tax & Regulatory in IDFC).

Mr. Gopal shared that India’s banking sector is expanding rapidly and has the potential to become the fifth largest banking industry in the world by 2020 and third largest by 2025.He shared how Services provided by banks have expanded rapidly in the last decade. In addition to the traditional “savings and loans”, banks started providing a wide gamut of financial services likes insurance, investment, asset management, etc.

Mr. Mondal explained how in amidst the signs of progress; the Indian banking sector has been facing multiple challenges in recent times like - Non Performing Assets, Losses in Rural Branches and over-dues, Competition from Non-Banking Financial Institution, Advance to Priority Sector, Political and Bureaucratization pressure.

Mr. Gopal has also explained that through partnerships and acquisitions, banks are trying to integrate financial services, wallets, payments, shopping services etc., there by adding depth to their financial services.

In order to achieve the goal of faster and inclusive growth, it is high time the government and banking industry undertake a comprehensive relook into the existing policies and structures.

During his discussion, he shared his diverse experience with students. At the end of the corporate lecture, a special vote of thanks was given to him.

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Teachers’ Day Celebration on 5th September 2019


PGDM and MBA students from Management Department of I.T.S Ghaziabad organized Teacher's Day Celebration which marks the birth of the great teacher, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishan on 5th September, 2019 

at Chanakya Auditorium of the Institute. The celebrations reverberated with formal Lamp Lighting by Shri Arpit Chadha, Vice Chairman, I.T.S - The Education Group, Dr. Vidya Sekhri Director Management, Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey, Director MCA and Director UG Campus, Prof. Nancy Sharma, Vice Principal – U.G Campus..

On this auspicious occasion our Vice Chairman, I.T.S - The Education Group, Shri Arpit Chadha, appreciated the faculty members for working tirelessly in shaping the dreams of the students. Director Management, Prof. (Dr.) Vidya Sekhri also talked about the significance of the day for both the students and the faculty. The students presented gifts, as a token of respect, to their teachers. Cultural programmes were organized by the talented students which enthralled the faculty and the students present in big numbers. The event concluded with a lovely video compilation of the fond memories of faculty and students.

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Guest Lecture on Digital Transformation in HR by Ms. Manvika Sharma


A Guest lecture on the topic “Digital Transformation in HR” was organized by Management department of I.T.S Mohan Nagar on 4th September,2019

at 11.00 AM in Management Learning Center for MBA 2nd year students. The session was conducted by the distinguished speaker Ms. Manvika Sharma, Associate Vice President (HR) BIS Research, a versatile human resource speaker at multiple business school and empanelled as an HR consultant with multiple corporate.

She shared her views on contemporary HR practices and the role of IT and HRIS, social media, HR analytics. She judiciously explained digitalization of HR functions quoting various live examples and enlightened students with her wonderful interaction. She conducted group activities during the session and engaged students with zeal and drive and ultimately students were highly delighted with new insights and experiences.

Vote of thanks and felicitation of Guest speaker by Dr. M. K. Jha.

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Digital Vidya Webinar on “Epic Growth Marketing Strategies from JessieMcDonald”


On the 4th of September, 2019 a webinar on the topic “Epic Growth Marketing Strategies from Jessie McDonald” was held at the New Seminar Hall, AB-IV Building . The session was attended by MBA First Year students along with faculty members from the Management department.

As part of the webinar an interview of Mr McDonald was conducted by Craig Campbell. During the course of the interview Mr McDonald demonstrated his experience in digital marketing vis-a-vis Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and local SEO. The interview touched upon agency work and in house marketing in the corporate world. MrMcDolnald spoke about his experience in IBM developing best SEO practices. He also shared insights on Google algorithm in this context. The interview demonstrated the the relevance of quality content, good weblinks and keywords for enhancing the overall ranking.

The webinar gave insights to the students regarding the potential and necessity of searchengine optimisation. All in all it turned out to be a very informative session.

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Utthan Activity organized


Utthan, A CSR initiative of Department of Management at I.T.S - Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad Organized session on Computer literacy.

The day was started with the motivational speech of Dr. (Prof.) Vidya Sekhri, Director Management. In her address she talked about importance of computers in today’s world. She also emphasized that every person in the country should have the basic knowledge of computer as India is becoming Digital India.

In the first segment of the activity, students were familiarized with “MS Word” in computer lab. In this session they were asked to write a paragraph and then format the same with MS Word tools like – Alignment, Bold, Color, Highlight etc

 In the second session students were divided in groups according to their class standard. Each student was motivated to participate in activity as per their class standard. For Class 1st to 5th picture identification competition was organized, for class 6th to 8th Name, Place, Animal and Things was conducted, and for 8th to 12th class sentence passing game was organized.

At the end of the session students were awarded for their performance in respective competition with stationary gifts. Total 90 students participated in the speech competition and 25 were awarded with the prizes.

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The objective of guest lecture was To know about cancer disease, Types of cancer, Treatment of cancer, Palliative care for cancer, Need for palliative care and  Benefits of palliative care.

Cancer, also called malignancy, is an abnormal growth of cells. There are more than 100 types of cancer, including breast cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and lymphoma. Symptoms vary depending on the type. Cancer treatment may include chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgery.

Most cancers form tumors, but not all tumors are cancerous.

There are many types of cancer treatment. The types of treatment that you have will depend on the type of cancer you have and how advanced it is. Some people with cancer will have only one treatment. But most people have a combination of treatments. Cancer gives most people no symptoms or signs that exclusively indicate the disease. Unfortunately, every complaint or symptom of cancer can be explained by a harmless condition as well. Some cancers occur more frequently in certain age groups. Palliative care is care given to improve the quality of life of patients who have a serious or life-threatening disease, such as cancer. Palliative care is an approach to care that addresses the person as a whole, not just their disease. The goal is to prevent or treat, as early as possible, the symptoms and side effects of the disease and its treatment, in addition to any related psychological, social, and spiritual problems.  Palliative care is also called comfort caresupportive care, and symptom management. Patients may receive palliative care in the hospital, an outpatient clinic, a long-term care facility, or at home under the direction of a physician.

The lecture was very informative.

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Alumni Session “Corporate Expectations”


Department of Management at Institute of Technology & Science, Mohan Nagar organized session on “Corporate Expectations from Management Graduates”. This session was organized as a part of Orientation program “Aarambh” for MBA 2019-21 Batch.

For this session speakers were Mr. Rohit (MBA 2009-11), Senior Manager, SME Loans, Axis Bank, Mr. Rohit Sharma (MBA 2010-12) Head Key Accounts, Sona Beverages, Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal( MBA 2010-12), Manager CT & Tavel Alliance, HDFC Bank, Mr. Rahul Bhardwaj (MBA 2014-16), Territory Sales Manager, Oppo Mobile Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Kapil Kumar (MBA 2015-17), Sales Manager, Aditya Birla Cement and Mr. Rahul Kamboj, (MBA 2015-17), Sales Manager, L’Oreal India Pvt. Ltd.

The session was started with the speech of Director Management- Dr. Vidya Sekhri, where she signifies the importance of Alumni interaction session. She asked students to ask each and every question in their mind related to academic, corporate challenges, choosing a field and about attitude towards future.

After the welcome speech of Director Management, Prof. Durba Roy shared her memories with each alumni. She also motivates the newly admitted batch to learn the skill and behavioral aspects from each alumni present for the session.

Each alumni shared their views on skill set required for different activities. Each one of them emphasize on the keeping updated on current affairs. Also they have shared that marks scored during MBA will work as entry ticket for good profile in industry. Mr. Rohit shared with students that industry is very dynamic and to survive in such changing environment, one needs to have positive attitude and also updated about changes to come.

At the end of the session students ask their queries which were answered by Alumni.

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The last day orientation program "ARAMBH 2019” started with the first session by Prof. Shilpi Rana who interacted with the students and made them familiar with various social media platforms of ITS.She informed the students to give their reviews on various social media pages about their experience at ITS.

Second session was conducted by Prof. Parul Gupta and Dr. Anusha Agarwal. They enquired from the students about their expectations from the MBA Program. Students shared their views and expectations from the MBA programme.

Third session was conduct by Shri Ved Prakash (Founder Program Your Mind & NLP Coach). It was an interesting session, where heemphasised on the importance of memory and the role our mind plays in enhancing our capabilities. Through a practical demonstration he made the students learn about the various exercises related to the mind and memory.

The fourth session was conducted by our esteemed guest, Ms. Shobha Kulshretha (Teacher at NIFTEM). She motivated the students about the various life stages of human and the challenges being faced by them.It was an interesting and interactive session, wherein the students participated in the discussion and tried to clear various doubts pertaining to “Live Skills”.

The last session was an interesting session with I.T.S Alumni on the topic: “Corporate Expectations from the Management Graduates”. 6 Alumni shared their experiences about corporate expectations from the management graduates. They vividly shared their experiences of I.T.S and about their professional life.They guided the students about the various challenges which they may face during their MBA program.

The students could learn immensely from the orientation program and the programme ended successfully, with great learning for the students.

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Orientation Program for 23rd Batch of MCA Programme


Department of I.T organized seven days Orientation Programme of its newly, admitted 23rd batch of MCA (2019-2020) at the Institute from 16th August to 23rd August, 2019.

The formal inauguration and opening ceremony for the above mentioned batch of MCA Course was on 19th August, 2019. Opening & Inaugural ceremony was formally inaugurated with the lamp lightning by Vice Chairman, I.T.S-The Education Group, Sh. Arpit Chadha, Chief Guest , Dr. M. M. Pant, Former Pro-Vice Chancellor, IGNOU and Founder & Chairman- PlanetEDU, Keynote Speaker, Air Marshal P.K. Roy (Retd.), Indian Air Force, PVSM AVSM VM VSM, Member - USI Council of India, Guest of Honor, Mr. Upkar Singh, Director (Technology), FIS Global, Director-IT, Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey, Chairperson- MCA Programme, Prof. Puja Dhar and Coordinator-MCA, Prof. Smita Kansal.

Chairperson-MCA, Prof. Puja Dhar while welcoming the students of 23rd Batch of MCA said that the I.T Department believes in the process of learning by doing and hence the University prescribed curriculum is well supplemented with various value added Modules, continuous industry interaction, different IT Clubs, industry visits, CXO Meet, CEO Meet, SAMAGRA, IT-Summit, Conferences and many more

Vice Chairman, I.T.S-The Education Group welcomed the newly admitted students of MCA and said that students will get ample of opportunities to interact with the Leaders of Industry which will help them to corelate their university syllabus with the real corporate life.

While addressing the students Director-IT, Dr. Sunil Kr. Pandey said that Department always provide the Opportunity to students of MCA to work on Industry Projects during studies. In house Skill Development Cell for overall development and Placement preparation modules. He said that Department of I.T organizes many Industry visits for MCA students to leading IT Companies like TCS, SOPRA, Data Centers and the Organizations who have adopted Technologies including Narora Atomic Power Plant, AMD, Smart Health, Apple Center of Excellence, Mother Dairy, ITS-CDSR for CAD & CAM System used in Dentistry

Chief Guest of the inaugural ceremony, Dr. M. M. Pant talked about the shaping minds for the new millennium. He said that success happens when preparation meets opportunities. He also discussed about the Top 10 skills of year 2020 and technology mega trends in the 4th Industrial revolution.

Keynote Speaker, Air Marshal P.K. Roy wished all students best luck for the new beginning of their professional career and advised them to work hard and be updated as per the demand of the Industry.

 Guest of Honor, Mr. Upkar Singh said that students have to come out of the shell and make the road map for their career. He very nicely explained about the VUCA world which means Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. He also advised students to follow 10-E Keys starting from Enthusiasm to enjoying the successful life.

This was followed by four days Orientation Program to sensitize students with MCA Program, Course requirement & structure, industry orientation through invited Industry people and other basic technical skill sets which are required for their professional development.

From 20th August to 23rd August, 2019 some special sessions were also scheduled after the inaugural day. The objective of these sessions was to make the new students aware about requirement from the industry so that they can prepare themselves accordingly.

In continuation with the Orientation Programme, on 20th August, 2019, Students were involved in a Meditation Session where the team members from Heartfulness Meditation centre were invited. Students enjoyed many mind games and they also gave them some tips to sharpen their mind while they are in stress.

In the series of Invited talks by eminent alumni of repute by Dept of IT of the institute with an objective to provide the detailed insight of the latest developments in interpersonal skills, technology, research issues and futuristic development.

On 21st August, 2019 Ms Nidhi Kapur (Batch 2001), Founder & Director, was invited to conduct the session and to address the MCA Students. Ms. Kapur guided as how to prepare for a career of choice and succeed. Mentioning about the latest current scenario–Attributes of High Performers in Technical Skills & Soft Skills. It was truly mesmerizing to listen her and her thought process.

Mr. Pramod Joshi, Co Founder- Director, Winning Myntra, Mr. Sudhanshu Hajela, Corporate Leader Education & Management Trainer and Mr. Dhiraj Kr. Sharma, Founder & Director Mr. IncBit Integrated System Pvt Ltd. was invited to conduct a workshop on “Corporate Expectation & Etiquette(CEE)” in Orientation Programme of  23rd Batch of MCA Students, at Institute premises. It was truly mesmerizing to listen speakers and their thought process. During the session, student centric activities were performed to make session more interactive & informative for better understanding of concepts.

On 22nd August 2019 to bridge the gap between industry and academia, Leading Industry Expert Shri Ashutosh Chadha, Group Director (Public Policy & Government Affairs), Microsoft India was invited to interact with the students. Mr. Chadha  started his session by explaining students the need of positivity and confidence in life. He also said that how fear makes you perfect to achieve goals. It was wonderful and interactive session.

Dr. Shailendra Kr Sharma, Professor at KKPG College, Etawah was invited to conduct session on  “Self Confidence/Reliance and Motivation” Mr. Sharma gave various encouraging examples from his own life and inspired students to be a self-motivator. He motivated the students to excel in study and career. During the session some useful videos were also played to motivate the audience. He gave some most important points and tips to the students to focus on studies and to fulfill their dreams.

On 23rd August, 2019, The Day-05 of MCA Orientation Programme of 23rd  batch of MCA  started with “A Panel Discussion on Cyber Security & Threats” by the experts. It was a Great Session by the leading experts of the Country including:
Mr. Bharat Anand, Chief Technology Officer, Ministry of Home Affairs, Mr. Golok Kumar Simlii, Ministry of External Affairs, Mr. Vineet Love, Director - Cyber Security, Mazars India,  Mr. Balvinder Banga, CIO, Varuna Integrated Logistics Pvt. Ltd. The discussion included an Overview of Cybercrimes and Cyber Security such as Electronic Commerce Crime, Economic Espionage, Infrastructure attacks, Defamation, Obscenity, discussion about Indian Cyber Law. The seminar was ended with full of Information and vision of being safe and secure in the virtual world.

It was followed by the Alumni interaction where MCA alumni including Mr C. K. Singh(MCA Batch 2004), Software Solution Architect, Hitachi Consulting, Mr. Abhishek Aggarwal (MCA Batch 2015), Sr Technical Specialist, HCL Technologies, Mr. Nitish Bhardwaj(MCA Batch 2015), Data Engineer at Paytm, Ms. Manisha(MCA Batch 2017), Software Test Analyst, Mercer. It was an eye open session where students asked many queries to the invited alumni and they too made this session interactive.

Overall the session was very interactive and informative for the students and faculties too.

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Day III of MBA Orientation Programme


Day 3 of the MBA Orientation Programme opened at the Dronacharya Auditorium with a movie based case study conducted by Dr. Nitin Saxena.

The movie used for this purpose was Sully starring Tom Hanks and Aaron Eckhart based on the real life incident of pilots of the US Airways Flight 1549 Chelsey Sullenberger and Jeff Skiles being forced to land a flight in the Hudson river in the USA. The aim of this exercise was to enlighten the gathered students on how to improve their decision-making skills. Sheets were distributed for recording the views of the students, with the best two to be rewarded with prizes.

One of the most interesting sessions on was the session by Dr. Archana Tyagi – Professor, Coach, Trainer, Clinical Psychologist and Career Counsellor – during the post lunch section.Dr. Tyagi indicated at the outset she would utilise the session for concentrating on emotional intelligence.  She highlighted the fact that rather than talent, it was attitude that determined the degree of success that a person achieved in life. In other words, it was not talent, but the way that it was used that decided success. She used a video of a speech by renowned commentator Harsha Bhogle to make the point. While knowledge and skills are visible to others, attitude is a more hidden element as it reveals itself gradually with time.

Dr. Tyagi also spoke about the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth based one. In this context she referred to the real life story of Sri Lankan cricketer Marvan Atapattu, who made a spectacular comeback in spite of repeated failures. She also held forth on staying motivated by expecting better results from efforts, being flexible by using obstacles as a means for growth and managing oneself as the first pillar of emotional intelligence.

The session turned out to be very interesting as well as informative for the students. The ensuing Q&A session threw up several thought provoking questions which were met with educational responses from Dr. Tyagi. 

The final session of the day was under the guidance of Prof. Durba Roy, where she spoke about the role of the CRC at ITS, and how the students needed to develop themselves in order to match up to the requirements of the corporate world. 



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