Programming Club of MCA department organized Spardha 2023 on the spot programming competition on 25 September 2023.

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Monday, September 25, 2023
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Event started with the inaugural ceremony. First of all Director-IT motivated the students for hard and smart work. Chairperson MCA Prof. Puja Dhar congratulated the students for daring to participate in this event. The program was coordinated by Programming Club Coordinator Prof. Smita Kansal.

Total 46 students of MCA-II Year participated in this competition. Total twenty programs were given on the spot and students had to develop the programs in 5 hours. 

Students really worked hard and were able to develop maximum number of programs.

The result of Spardha-2023:

Appreciation award winners are:

Somil Singh Bisht


Gaurav Arora

Vikas Singh

Chirag Gupta

Tanisha Dixit


Arpan Siddhu


Prajjwal Pandey

Merit Award winners are:

Third Prize : Ayush Juyal (MCA-IIIB)

Second Prize: Raushan Kumar(MCA-IIIA)

First Prize: Govinda(MCA-IIIB)


All the faculty members and students were present during SPARDHA-2023.