The first ever Live Faculty Development Program at I.T.S Ghaziabad was held in the backdrop of the menacing pandemic on the 21st of May, 2020. The programme had received an overwhelming response from different parts of the country, and even beyond, with almost 200 outside participants were   registered   in addition to our regular in house faculty members. 

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Thursday, May 21, 2020
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The Session started in the evening of the 21st May,2020 at 6.30 PM  and  the Director (Management) Dr Vidya Sekhri welcomed all to the enlightening learning exercise. She referred to these difficult times as an opportunity not only for the education sector, but also for the other parts of the economy to rise to the occasion. She succinctly encapsulated the situation as the abnormal becoming the new normal. Lauding the government for its ground breaking revival package, she said that leaders from various sectors needed to deliberate threadbare on the issues involved. That was the avowed purpose of the online FDP programme.

Next the Honourable Vice Chairman- The I.T.S Group, Shri Arpit Chaddha Sir addressed the gathering. He described the faculty as the unsung warriors as they had to respond quickly to the unraveling situation arising from the unexpected lockdown at short notice. He pointed to the major life changing situations arising out of the Corona crisis and added that we need to be  prepared for wholesale changes in the way we conduct our lives. He hoped that the FDP would provide a fertile ground for a fruitful exchange of ideas.

Our resource person of this FDP, Dr. Justin Paul, an internationally acclaimed management professor, University of Puerto Rico, Saun Juan, PR , USA, Editor in Chief International Journal of Consumer Studies and eminent author (International Marketing and Business Environment) started his deliberation on  FDP theme  with wide coverage of various dimensions in research paper writing for premier journals of different category and also discussed types, nature and characteristics  of research papers  (viz Emperical Paper, Behavioral Theory Paper, Conceptual Papers and Case Base Papers). He also shared generalized super findings that are particularly visualized by the experts while grading quality of research papers on the basis of Antecedents, Decision and Outcome (ADO).

Further session was continued with Bruce and Dartenco framework of Do’s and Don’ts and discussion revolved uninterruptedly around plagiarism, hypotheses, interview variety, research paper questions, robustness check, citations, writing conceptual papers based on prior studies, english proof reading and contrast of findings from other research papers etc and emphasized on highlighting Uniqueness, Novels and Abstracts out of research work to capture notice of reviewers.

He cautioned researchers not to avoid citations from local and regional journals, website materials and references and suggested for generalized title of research paper not limited to a particular area, state or country and advised for not spending much time on formatting of the text and not defending reviewers.

Dr. Justin Paul disclosed himself frequently asked questions (FAQ) and clarified doubts of researchers  with respect to listing of journals, selection of journals, length of research papers, duration of publication, degree of plagiarism, features of abstracts (purpose, methodology, findings and originality), and avoidance of long sentences.

Ultimately this was a wonderful, mind blowing, interactive and enlightened session and participants were extremely delighted with the valued inputs that they gained during this FDP session. This is worth highlighting that the resource person answered all questions raised by the participants (more than 15 questions)   judiciously. 

More than 250 participants from different parts of the country were registered for this FDP. E- Certificate of participation was given to all participants.