Many faculty members and students of management department attended the highly inspirational talk of Dr. Madhuri Kanitkar, Lieutenant General Indian Army with Dr. Abhay Jere on the 2nd of May. 



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Saturday, May 2, 2020
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Dr. Madhuri lauded the efforts of Indian Army during the current corona crisis and said that the first quarantine facility was set up by the army. The army and corona warriors have multi dimensional roles to play that of soldiers, counselors, teachers, doctors etc. Dr. Abhay Jere shared that Dr. Madhuri was the only woman in army promoted to 3 star General rank. He asked her to provide her insights on how she maintained work life balance to which she responded that right prioritization worked for her. Support from spouse and other family members too have a role to play. She stated that today the environment is more congenial for women to work in army. She gave the example of women friendly measures like six month maternity leave. Today women are ready to assume combat roles which is possible at the level of women themselves- their attitudes, initiatives and at the level of the organization which is more women accepting now for such roles. In the final analysis it is not gender but capability that matters. She spoke at length about her posting related experiences in Kashmir valley and emphasized that for converting the youth sentiment to a pro India one, integration into mainstream was the solution. She discussed the “sadhbhavna” initiative of the army in the valley where they were running training centre for women, health camps etc.
The discussion was motivational not just for female but male students as well with the final message on determination and will being the root cause of success.    
With this particular session in the series the MHRD initiative of generating and issuing certificates for participants attending the session after filling the feedback form was welcomed by students and faculty alike.