Prof. Yachna Malhotra, Faculty of Department of Management at I.T.S Ghaziabad, attended a 5- day AICTE Training And Learning (ATAL) Academy Online Elementary FDP on “Emotional Intelligence" from September 13-17, 2021, organized Graduate School of Management Studies, Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad.

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Friday, September 17, 2021
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The online FDP witnessed participation from 100 selected Faculty members from across India. The resource persons of the program and the topics covered are mentioned below:

13th September, 2021

·         Inauguration Ceremony & Understanding Emotional Intelligence : Dr. Deepti Bhatnagar

·         Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – Assessment : Dr. Rabindra Kumar Pradhan

·         Emotional Intelligence ~ The Holistic Perspective : Dr. DarshanaVithalani

14th September, 2021

·         Emotional Intelligence at Workplace : Dr. Nidhi Maheshwari

·         Emotional Intelligence and Leadership: Dr. Margie Parikh

·         Mindfulness and Emotional Stability: Dr. Vishal Gupta

15th  September 2021

·         Self-awareness, Empathy and Resilience from Teachers' perspective : Dr. Pratima Khandelwal

·         Academic Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence : Dr. Ashish Johri

·         Enhancing happiness indices in teaching-learning through EI : Dr. Pratima Khandelwal

16th September, 2021

·         Emotional Intelligence Measurement and relating it to Self-Efficacy : Dr. Reena Shah

·         Cross Cultural Aspects of Emotional Intelligence : Dr. Anil Anand Pathak

·         Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – Mapping : Dr. Rabindra Kumar Pradhan

17th September, 2021

·         Indian Knowledge System: Implications for Management and Emotional Intelligence : Dr. Subhash Sharma

·         Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Balance and Emotional Maturity: Dr. Chandan Kumar Sahoo

This FDP followed a peer-learning approach. It was highly interactive and intensive program which included daily quizzes and project work with 75 % passing marks and 80% attendance criteria  based on which the certificate was awarded. All the resource persons were masters of their own field and seasoned trainer. Hence brought their valuable knowledge and experience to the discussion and created immense learning during the entire program.