I.T.S - Mohan Nagar, Department of Management organized a Guest Lecture on "Hire ability: Skills-based approach in Corporates" for MBA (2022-24) Batch on December 14, 2022, by Ms. Priti Shroff Singh, Master Corporate Trainer and Motivational Speaker. 

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Wednesday, December 14, 2022
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Ms. Priti talked about competencies like communication, conflict resolution, and problem solving underpin almost every facet of business operations. She gave a deep insight of the skills required to be hired in companies and the ways to improve the hire ability. She also explained the importance of appropriate profile updation on social media platforms like LinkedIn, etc. She explained that across organizations, in every business unit and employee role, soft skills are crucial for gaining new clients, improving customer service metrics, and building a stronger team dynamic. She talked about the importance of effective communication at the workplace. She also gave tips and guidelines for attending HR interviews and what companies expect from candidates were also dealt with in detail. 
Many frequently asked questions and the effective answers for those questions were discussed in detail.
Overall, the session was highly interactive and informative for the participants.