A guest lecture on the topic “Automation and Digitalisation in Operations” was organised at I.T.S Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad for MBA students on 30th May, 2023.


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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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The session was addressed by Mr. Sandeep Sharma. The objective of the session was to make the students aware about the new trends taking place in the operations field and what are the various job opportunities available in the areas related to it.

Mr. Sharma started a discussion on the automation we see in day-to-day life as a consumer. He provided practical examples to make the point. He traced out the transformation from Industry 0 (Pre-Industrial Revolution) to Industry 1.0 (Mechanisation) to Industry 2.0 (Mass Production)  to Industry 3.0 (Automation) and finally Industry 4.0 (Digitalisation and Integration).

Mr Sharma had an interactive session with the students on the concepts of idea, creativity, invention and innovation. He stressed on how out-of-the-box thinking facilitates digitisation, automation and digital transformation.

In order to provide a practical orientation Mr Sharma further mentioned the areas of operations in different organisations under manufacturing and service operations. He also addressed queries from the students towards the end.

The session concluded with Dr. Indraneel Mandal presenting the Plaque of Honour to the guest as a token of appreciation and gratitude. Dr Mandal thanked Mr Sharma for providing practical learnings to the students.