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Guest lecture on Grooming Session by Mr. Animesh Puri, Management Practitioner and Advisor.


On date 29th January’ 2016, guest lecture on “Grooming for the successful career” was conducted as part of PDP program for MBA (2014-16). Mr. Animesh, a management expert, speaker and trainer, was invited for the session. He has around 20 years of experience with strong professional credentials, including BIT & IMT Ghaziabad. He initiated the session in an interactive way, by asking several questions from the participants. During the session he insisted on many things, starting from hygiene to clothing. 

He gave important tips on grooming for men as well as for women. Session covered nuisances related to seating, hand movement and body language. He sited many examples from his own experience. He shared valuable tips of grooming before interviews or business meetings.

He insisted students to remain positive and confident and look at fine details of non verbal communication. He emphasized students to be active and full of observation. In these two hour session, students learned about importance of self image. Students were able to pick appropriate information for their self grooming

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Three Days Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp


Day-1, DST sponsored Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp
With an objective to promote and create awareness among students of MCA Programme, a Three-days Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (EAC) sponsored by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, New Delhi was organized by Entrepreneurship Development Cell (E - Cell) of Department of IT, Institute of Technology & Science Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad organized from 28th- 30th January 2016.

( Inaugural Ceremony) 
The Camp was inaugurated on 28th January 2016 by the Chief Guest Dr. Rishi Raj Singh Director-UPEA NIESBUD Noida, Dr. S. P. Mishra – A well known expert in Entrepreneurial Development, Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey - Director-IT, Coordinator MCA Prof. Puja Dhar & Event Coordinator Prof. Saurabh Saxena. Total 110 students of MCA IV Semester attended this entrepreneurship awareness camp.

Dr. Sunil Kr. Pandey Director-IT while address the gathering touched the various dimension of entrepreneurship from raw to the actual product. He very well said when a time poses challenge is when the real entrepreneur emerges. He shared with student that in each of us an entrepreneur exists which inspire us to experiment, fail, retry & succeed in our professional & personal life.

Dr. S. P. Mishra who is always the source of inspirations & motivating us for promoting & getting engaged with entrepreneurial activities blessed the student with an informative & motivational talk by taking various live examples.

Dr. Rishi Raj Singh Director-UPEA NIESBUD Noida delivered a wonderful session on Idea sensing & generation. It was very interesting session where the participants are divided into groups where they have to generate new ideas for entrepreneurship. The participants had learned and even delivered their new ideas for being an entrepreneur through presentation.

Prof. Saurabh Saxena Coordinator-E-cell briefed the participants about the primary objective of this camp was to make the participating students aware about the different areas of skills where they can establish themselves as Entrepreneur and create the job for others. Participants were aware about various components of entrepreneurship development process through lecture, panel discussion, interaction and experience sharing by existing entrepreneur.

Prof. Puja Dhar Coordinator-MCA while addressing said department of IT is always trying to give various opportunities to our students to know the best possible career options which are available in the market and this is the need of our that we understand the options, opportunities & prospects available to us.

Panel Discussion

On the second day, a panel discussion was organized. The panel included experts from various domain having expertise in Entrepreneurial Mentoring, Guiding in preparation of Project Report, Evaluation & Assessment of Project Reports, Investors, Government Policies & frameworks, Experienced Entrepreneurs and new start-up. The panel members included the representation from Banking Institutions, NISC, NGO, Entrepreneurs, Government Organization and young entrepreneur.

The Panel was moderated by Dr. Sunil Kr Pandey, Director (IT). In his opening remark, he said that to be successful entrepreneur, one has to have basic understanding of the options available, how to present a conceived idea into a Project Plan which is implementable and how it can be executed in a sustainable manner. He also said there is a risk involved into it and hence until an idea has substantial convincing backing and thorough understanding of the proposed project, its implementation will always be shaky. He expressed his confidence that the panel will address all these issues to make the student understand and think accordingly.

Shri Abhay Pratap Industry Manger, Punjab National Bank having specialized in project assessment shared all the issue related to the bank with the participants.

Shri Amit Bajpai, Vice President DIA Skills presented a detailed discussion on importance of idea and its implementable action plan. He also shared the government schemes & initiative for start-ups and new entrepreneurs.

Shri Manoj Gaur, Branch Manager, NSIC, Ghaziabad spoke about the facilities, policies & the procedure that how NSIC can help new start-ups in their creation, making them self-sustainable and prosper. He presented a detailed discussion about the initiatives and opportunities available at NSIC.

Ms. Shampa Banerjee, Executive Director WASME & Owner of NGO SAVE, Shared her experience that how she created many poor women an entrepreneur. Ms. Banerjee emphasized on the need of repeated assessment of an idea before actually thinking of direct implementation, as at a later stage such approach may lead to difficult situation. She shared many inspirational cases that she encountered and got involve in establishing them successfully.

Shri Jasveer Singh, CEO & Co-Founder of Qik Stay shared his own journey with the participants.

Dr. Sunil Kr Pandey – Moderator of the Panel, while summing –up the panel discussion, said that merely starting-up a new start-up does not guarantee that it will sustain in long run, as any solution propounded is being challenged everyday by many of the competitors who wish to enter in the market every day to create their own space, and thus to sustain in long run, it is very important that one has some feedback mechanism about the solution offered for users perspective and continuously work to fix bugs, if any, improve the features & functionality, addresses the issues left and more importantly does contentious assessment of his/ her creation for any additional value addition. If these things are taken care of, there is always an edge and probably the start-ups can grow & prosper not by taking others together and ensure their prosperity. This would create employment opportunities for others as well and will be a real service to society and nation at large.

Earlier, the moderator of the Panel, Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey, Director-IT at I.T.S, Ghaziabad introduced the Panellists with the audience.

Vote of thanks was proposed by E-Cell Coordinator Prof Saurabh Saxena.

All the faculty members of Department of IT & students were present in the session.

(Day-3 Valedictory)

On the third day of the event, Shri Romy Chopra, Vice President NIIT Technologies was invited as the Chief Guest during the concluding session. In this session, as young lade entrepreneur, Ms Charu Chopra, Business Head – CRACKERwas invited as a special Guest.

The session was formally commenced with the lamp lighting before Goddess Saraswati by Chief Guest Shri. Romy Chopraji, Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey - Director-IT, Ms. Charu Chopra, Prof. Puja Dhar – Coordinator of MCA Programme and Prof. Saurabh Saxena, Coordinator – E-Cell. In the beginning of the session Director (IT) welcomed the Guests and said that entrepreneurship is not something which is developed overnight. To be an entrepreneur, one needs to keep close watch and observe the problems around as small problem may open newer opportunity which can take anyone at a height which may be unprecedented. But whether one becomes an entrepreneur or not, a basic understanding to everyone always helps in increasing ones horizon of knowledge and appreciate other who are on this path. He expressed his happiness on active participation of students & faculty members in this 03-days event.

Shri Romy Chopra, Vice President NIIT Technology Ltd while address the gathering shared the difference between a employee & employer, shared his own experience as a employee from last 36 years. He touch upon various dimensions and nicely differentiated the advantage of both to be an employee or to be an entrepreneur and the challenges present in each. He said that there should be an honest assessment of an idea and its viability in terms of implementation and uses, is key to success. 

Ms Charu Chopra young entrepreneur & head of new business-CRACKER, very illustratively explained various aspects of entrepreneurship using her own journey to be a entrepreneur. It was really one of the best sessions conducted and was very interactive and mesmerizing. She shared her own journey from employee to employer.

Director-IT Dr. Sunil Kr. Pandey congratulated the participants for completing 3Days Entrepreneurship Awareness camp & wished them very best for future end ever.

Vote of thanks was proposed by E-Cell Coordinator Prof Saurabh Saxena and thanked to the Chief Guest and the Special invited guest..

During this 03-days event, all the faculty members of Department of IT and students of MCA IV Semesters were present.

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Marketing Club at ITS PG Campus Organized Ad Mad Show for MBA Students


The 'Advertisement Making Competition' for MBA students was a platform to showcase their creativity in marketing products and services. Its objective was to acquaint them about promotional strategies in marketing through advertisements. It comprised of humorous & conceptual ad presentation by the students.

Students acted out on various advertisement script and ideas relevant for different sectors including FMCG product, white goods, services, automobiles and social awareness etc.

The event was judged by Prof Lalit Sharma & Prof Anuja Roy. The advertisements were judged on the basis of their uniqueness, presentation skills and audience engagement. Dignitary present for the event was Dr. Sapna Rakesh, Director Management. She appreciated the efforts put in by the students and highlighted the importance of creativity in present day scenario.

Students were very enthusiastic throughout the program. Winners were awarded with certificates and gifts. Further to boost the morale, each of the participants were awarded with participation prizes.

The first winning team performed an act on the product, Glue Stick: Winners of the advertisement were, Vimal Prakash Pandey, Trivesh & Aman Pratap Singh, MBA II Sem. The second winning team presented an act on the product: Livon hair oil: Winners were Ziya, Radhika Solanki & Zami, MBA II Sem. The third winning team enacted on the the product Lifebuouy Hand Sanitizer. Winners were, Deepanshi Mehta, Dolly Sharma, Gaurav, MBA II Sem.

The Club looks forward to organize more such events in the near future.

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‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme


24th January, 2016 activities of ‘Parivartan’, the Slum Education Programme, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad brought interesting lessons and a colourful presentation on ‘Colours’ for the slum children along with cookies and chocolates. 
Volunteers of the day – Sumit Kumar, Akansha Saxena, Naman Bhatnagar, Arif Hussain, Sagnick Das and Satender Rana started the class with the regular check of the hygiene and personal grooming of the slum children.

The class started with a special session on ‘Colours’. The elaborations with a very colourful book, pictures and the association of instructions with the domestic items made the lessons not only easy to absorb but also interesting. This was followed by the practice of the table of 2 which was very well explained on the board and recited aloud. The children also practiced and revised the previous lessons of body-parts, counting and English alphabets.
Vasundhara Slum Education Projected had been successfully completed. The volunteers of ‘Parivartan’ made notable contributions at this slum in these three years during which important lessons were learnt and taught along with other regular exercises, awareness campaigns, competitions and felicitations. 17th January, 2016 was the last class conducted at Vasundhara. Recently, ‘Parivartan’ has spotted another big slum at Sahibabad which instantly needs quality contribution for education, awareness, etc. therefore this new project has been taken for consideration and the necessary comprehensive action.
This class at Sahibabad ended with the distribution of cookies and chocolates among all the children. Mr. Sagnick Das, a PGDM volunteer, successfully coordinated this activity.

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Staff Development Programme Conducted on Service Orientation and Professional Excellence


23rd January, 2016 was a very special date for the staff members of Undergraduate Campus at the Institute of Technology and Science, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad as the college had organized an interesting Staff Development Programme for them. The theme of SDP was ‘Service Orientation and Professional Excellence’. The resource persons for the SDP were Dr. Charu Chaudhary and Prof. Gopal Krishna Dwivedi.

The SDP was jointly inaugurated by Dr. Vidya Sekhri, Director – U.G. Campus and Dr. S. Bhattacharya, Vice-Principal, U.G. Campus who in their inaugural and welcome addresses pointed out the importance of the theme of SDP and asked the participants to remain interactive throughout all sessions of SDP. They said that an SDP on Service Orientation will be effective and fruitful only when we have an internal urge to serve people. They wished the participants a great learning and fun.

Soon after the inaugural addresses, the high energy SDP began. Dr. Charu took sessions on Service Orientation while Prof. Gopal elaborated the nuances of Professional Excellence. A variety of tools were used for the effective training and sharing the various aspects of the theme. Staff-members showed unprecedented interest in the tasks like chart preparations, sharing feedback as customer and as an official. Videos on Japanese Culture, innovative customer care and infections of anger and happiness not only attracted the participants but also generated a lot of learning out of discussions after the videos.

At the end of the SDP, the staff members shared their experiences and takeaways. Finally the SDP, packed with fun and learning concluded with the valedictory session.

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FDP on Pedagogy and Outcomes: Experiential sharing of Faculty”


Department of Management Studies, I.T.S, Mohan Nagar Campus organized one day Faculty Development Program (FDP) titled: “Pedagogy and Outcomes: Experiential sharing of Faculty” on January 22, 2016. Total 22 faculty members were part of this session suggesting a reorientation towards learner centric model.

Resource person for the FDP were Dr R A Yadav, Dr S P Mishra and Dr Sapna Rakesh.

Earlier also, in the month of June-July 2015, faculty members attended FDPs on various pedagogy methods. This FDP was in continuation to those programs with an objective of highlighting the issues, dilemmas& concerns faced by faculty members while implementing teaching methods imbibed from previous FDP sessions. Faculty members participated enthusiastically and shared their experiences & methods implemented in the classroom to enhance students’ learning. They reflected over past one year of class room time and shared the changes they observed in terms of self learning, student learning and their plans for next semester. Session began with a motivational address by Dr R A Yadav followed by Dr Sapna Rakesh- Director Management’s vision for MBA/PGDM program and growth opportunities for ITS. CRC head Prof Durba Roy also shared insights on the current placement scenario and put forth the expectations of Global companies from our PGDM students.

Overall, Interactive FDP turned out to be a great learning experience for all session participants and set out a roadmap for next 6 months wrt to organizational focus of enhancing student learning by enabling a more student centric pedagogy. The FDP was coordinated by Prof Charu Chaudhry.

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SMFI Foundation day celebrations at I.T.S Ghaziabad


Department of management studies of I.T.S Ghaziabad celebrated the foundation day of Strategic Management Forum of India on 21st January, 2016. “Make in India: Unlimited opportunities” was chosen to be the theme of celebration. A panel discussion for the students of Post Graduate management programme including PGDM & MBA was organized on the occasion. More than 200 students and 25 faculty members along with the panel experts participated on the occasion.

Mr. Ashish Agarwal, CEO, A N S Steel Tubes and COO , Jai Bharat Maruti, Mr. Kaushal Mehtani , CFO Tata Communications, Mr. Deepak Singh , Director HR, KPMG India, Prof. C. K. Sabhharwal, Professor – marketing, Director- Crop Health Director and a Entrepreneur and Dr. V. N. Bajpai , Professor Strategy , ITS Ghaziabad were the panel experts. Dr. Sapna Rakesh, Director (Management) was the moderator for discussion.

India has undergone a paradigm shift owing to its competitive stand in the world. The Indian economy is on a robust growth trajectory and boosts of a stable annual growth rate in India. Make in India initiative launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25th September 2014 is a major new national programme designed to facilitate investment, foster innovation, enhance skill development, protect intellectual property and build Best - in - class manufacturing infrastructure.

The panel discussion brought out key highlights of the make in India plan and the challenges ahead. The experts brought out key impediments’ and sluggish growth of the targets. However the changes in the policy environment, perception of the intent of the government, positive sentiments of Indian and international investors is a ray of hope in nearing the gap in targets. The panel had expert from different fields that deliberated a well rounded perspective on make in India and discussed how Make in India can really help in making a renewed India. The celebrations extended the thought process of SMF and integrated industry, faculty and students.

The SMF foundation day was celebrated in fourteen institutions, in nine states across India. Apart from enriching the understanding of Make in India, It gave a platform to strengthen the relationship with SMF and it’s associate institutions. The report of the event celebration has been shared with the faculty members, and industry persons of associated institutions. The effort of ITS is well appreciated by the academicians of leading institutions. We have received appreciations and congratulation mails from Prof Krishna Kumar, Founder of SMF, Professor –Strategy at IIM Lucknow & Ex Director, IIM Kozhikode, Prof Atanu Ghosh from IIT Bombay, Prof. Sushil Khanna from IIM Calcutta, Prof Arun Sahay, Professor- Strategy at BIMTECH and Ex CEO of Scooters India Ltd. Prof Subhash Sharma, Director- Indus Business Academy, Bangalore, Prof K Rangarajan from IIFT, Delhi.

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FDP on “Experience Sharing: Pedagogy & Learning Outcomes


A Faculty Development Programme on “Experience Sharing: Pedagogy & Outcomes” was organized by Department of IT on 18th January, 2016 at the institute. This FDP was organized with an objective to discuss, review and identify corrective measures, if any, to improve upon the Teaching - learning pedagogy being used currently. This program was also objectively designed in continuation to the series of programs related to teaching learning processes which were organized in 1st & 2nd week of June 2015 and 1st week of July 2015.

 This FDP highlighted the issues, dilemmas, concerns and problems faced by faculty members while implementing teaching methods learnt from previous FDP sessions. In the inaugural session of FDP, Prof. Puja Dhar, Coordinator – MCA Program, welcomed the Guests and faculty and presented a brief on objectives of this FDP. In the beginning, Chief Advisor – Prof. R.A. Yadav addressed the faculty members and explained the purpose of the program and expressed his desire to understand the changes & their impact in the pedagogy followed in past semester. He emphasized on the need of improving effectiveness and productivity in teaching learning process. Dr. S.P. Mishra spoke about the challenges present in current scenario and expressed his concern on finding out the ways and means to find the solution. In the beginning of the program, Dr. Sunil Kr. Pandey (IT) presented a brief about the Academic Initiatives, events & activities organized, progress & current status of Placements. Thereafter, each faculty of Department of IT made presentations on the pedagogy used in last semester, Changes Observed, Value Addition, Comment upon whether worth changing or not, Changes related to self, Students changes ,things required to be changed, Challenges during implementation and Internal Assessment Experience. Overall it was a good experience for all the faculties.

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‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme


17th January, 2016 activities of ‘Parivartan’, the Slum Education Programme, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad brought brand new slates, Bikano Soan Papdi and really interesting lessons to the slum children.
Volunteers of the day – Radhika Solanki, Arif Hussain, Ravi Nandan Kumar, Haroon Rasheed, Monika Gupta, Prakash Kumar Gupta, Sagnick Das, Satender Rana and Vikas Babu started the class with the regular check of the hygiene and personal grooming of the slum children.

At the Sahibabad slum, the class started with a special session on ‘Body Parts’. The elaborations with a very colourful book, pictures and the association of instructions with the real body parts of the children made the lessons not only easy to absorb but also interesting. The children also practiced and revised the previous lessons of counting and English alphabets.
Sahibabad Slum children got two pleasant surprises this Sunday in the form of approx 50 brand new slates and the Bikano Soan Papdi treat. The slates were sponsored by the PGDM (2015-17 Batch) students who had donated Rs. 1700/- to ‘Parivartan’ through Dr. Charu Chaudhary. Bikano Soan Papdi was especially sent for the slum children by ITS, Ghaziabad.
At the Vasundhara slum, the children had a special session on ‘Colours’. With the help of a glazed and colourful book, volunteer Monika told the children about the Hindi names of various colours and their English substitutes. The children also revised the previous exercises of Counting and English alphabets.
The activities at Sahibabad and Vasundhara ended with the distribution of cookies and chocolates among all the children. Prof. Gopal Krishna Dwivedi accompanied the volunteers as the faculty coordinator of Parivartan Club and enjoyed the visit.

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Sales Orientation” Workshop for MBA – Marketing Specialization Students.


ITS PG Campus organized a one-day sales orientation workshop for MBA, Marketing Specialization Students on January 16, 2016. The main objective of the workshop was to give the students an overview of the sales process and also highlight the importance of communication and grooming in present day scenario.

The session was conducted by Mr. Aman Kapoor, Head Ignite Solutions & Mr. Aditya Bhargava, Corporate Communications Manager at Sahara India Parivaar.

The trainers apprised the student’s right from the stages of getting in touch with customers, meeting them, giving a presentation, handling of customer objections and finally closing of the deal. Further the training highlighted the need for effective communication and grooming in closing sales calls. Also explained were some sales terms and jargons.

The training was made learning oriented by conducting business games such as – “point to the north, win as much as you can, dumb charades, role plays” etc.. apart from the content. The workshop duration was from 9:00 am in the morning to 6:00 pm in the evening. Students were highly engaged and involved during the entire program. They were very enthusiastic and put forward several queries. Both the trainers handled the queries satisfactorily.

Students shared their experience and learning at the end of the session. Overall the session was well – received by the students and the objectives of the session were achieved.

The Institute looks forward to conduct more such informative and educative workshops for its students in the near future.

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Blanket Distribution by ‘Parivartan’ Club.


 15th January, 2016 was published in various newspapers as the coldest day of the season so far and was being celebrated as Makar Sankranti across the nation. On this challenging and auspicious day, the volunteers of Parivartan Club, a CSR initiative of ITS – The Education Group, distributed the blankets to the needy and the poor people struggling to keep themselves alive in the freezing winds.

Volunteers of the day – Aanchal Grover, Amaan Siddiqui, Sagnick Das, Nikunj and Satender Rana started around 3:00 pm with the faculty coordinator Prof. Gopal Krishna Dwivedi and covered almost all directions and corners of the city from Dilshad Garden to Meerut Road, Karehda village, Raj Nagar Extension, Sahibabad Naveen Mandi Sthal, Vasundhara, Lohia Nagar, Patel Nagar, Shastri Nagar, New Bus Stand Ghaziabad, Old Bus Stand Ghaziabad and various other places of the city. The distribution took around 6 to 8 hours, starting in the afternoon and continuing till late night.
Out of countless stories of amazement, tears and blessings, two stories are worth special mention. Near L. R. College, Sahibabad, the volunteers spotted a cobbler, wearing extremely insufficient clothes. They approached him and asked if he would like to have a blanket, free of cost. The cobbler, full of self esteem, smiled and denied to accept it. The volunteers were amazed to see that our country still has such people with this much sense of self-respect in spite of their obvious poverty.
Another emotional moment was when the volunteers went deep down the road and reached a vast plain near Haj House on G.T. Road. There were temporary shelters built of stacked bricks in which ladies were struggling to survive holding their 2-3 years old children in the thin and torn shawls. They moment they spotted the Parivartan volunteers with blankets, they felt like the angels themselves have landed to save their souls.
This noble task ended with the utmost satisfaction, unforgettable experiences and the countless blessings. The blankets were bought with the money donated by the students, faculty and staff members of ITS, Ghaziabad.

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One Week Orientation Programme for MCA II Year Students


 Department of IT, I.T.S Ghaziabad conducted one week Orientation Program for MCA 4th semester students. The program was scheduled from 11th January to 16th January 2016. With an objective to prepare students for upcoming placement drives and boost their performance during placements, various modules such as C & Data Structures, Java, Aptitude & Reasoning, Dot Net, Database etc., were scheduled for students.

In the inaugural ceremony of this orientation programme, MCA Coordinator, Prof. Puja Dhar briefed about the course curriculum of MCA-IV Semester. She also advised students to be regular in their classes and simultaneously prepare for placements. While addressing the students of MCA-IV semester, Director (IT), Dr. Sunil Kr. Pandey emphasized on the placement process and advised students to take advantage of the Orientation Programme which is exclusively designed in a manner so that students will be aware of new technologies and trends being used in the corporate world and they will start preparing for the placements. He also emphasized on the regularity of the students in the classes as well as the activities being organized by Department of IT.In this Orientation Programme, Prof. Rakesh Roshan and Prof. Smita Kansal conducted the Aptitude module. During these sessions various Verbal, Non-Verbal and Mathematical Reasoning were discussed. Prof. Saurabh Saxena had taken session for DBMS with an objective to recap the concept of database. Prof. Chandra Mani Sharma conducted the C & Data Structures module in which he discussed various programming & data structure concepts and problems. Students were apprised the pattern of problems being asked by various recruiters during these sessions. Prof. Gaurav Midha and Prof. Varun Arora had taken the sessions of Java . The objective of these sessions was to prepare students for placements and to review the core java concepts of students. Prof. Abhay Ray had taken session on Dot Net Framework & C# where he discussed about Introduction to Dot Net Framework , ASP .Net. Prof. Abhay Narayan Tripathi, Prof. Chandra Mani Sharma and Prof. Saurabh Saxena had conducted two days Mock GD and PI for MCA IV semester to enhance their communication, articulation and debating skills on the various general topics and agenda. The basic purpose of this drive was to make students aware of the way of conduction of GD & PI, taking the initiative, touching upon the general topics, increasing the newspaper reading habits, garnering the English word power and on top of it to make ready for their placement drives for IT companies.

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Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme


10th January, 2016 activities of ‘Parivartan’, the Slum Education Programme, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad made the slum children familiar with the traffic rules along with other regular exercises and lessons. Volunteers of the day – Aastha Saluja, Swarnima Datwani, Mohit Jain, Ayush Agarwal, Naman Bhatnagar, Vikas Babu, Nipun Agarwal, Satender Rana, Sagnick Das and Sher Singh Chouhan started the class with the regular check of the hygiene and personal grooming of the slum children.

At the Sahibabad slum, the class started with a brief on traffic rules. The children were told about the significance of red, green and yellow light signals at the crossings. The same was elaborated with the help of a poem also - ‘Laal batti kehti thum, chalte chalte rukte hum’. The children also practiced and revised the previous lessons of counting and English alphabets.
At the Vasundhara slum, the children revised the counting from 1 to hundred in Hindi and English both. Later they learnt reading, speaking and writing English alphabets. The volunteers helped them wherever they needed support and guidance.
The activities at Sahibabad and Vasundhara ended with the distribution of cookies and chocolates among all the children. Vasundhara class was successfully coordinated by the PGDM student volunteer Mr. Sagnick Das whereas the Sahibabad class was effectively translated into success by the MBA student volunteer Mr. Sher Singh Chouhan.

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PGDM Sports meet organized by The Statesman Club


The Statesman club, the PG Management sports club of I.T.S Ghaziabad organized one day sports meet for PGDM students on 09th January, 2016. The event was inaugurated by Director Management Dr. Sapna Rakesh. In her inaugural address she motivated the students to undertake such activities in future also. There were approximately ten different sports events like Flat race, Relay race for boys and girls, Kabaddi, Tug of War, Football etc. Throughout the event students were full of excitement, and enthusiasms. The day was started with Kabaddi followed by other exiting events. In the evening winners of various events have been awarded with medals and certificates.

The following students emerged as winners:

100M Flat race Boys - Akram Beg (1st) Ahashaan Korim (2nd)
200M Flat Race Boys - Akram Beg (1st) Ahashaan Korim (2nd)
400M Relay race Boys - Team Akram (1st) Team Shubham (2nd)
Kabaddi Boys - Team Nikunj (Winners), Team Koushal (Runners-Up)
Football Boys - PGDM 2015-17(Winners) PGDM 2014-16(Runners-up)
Tug of War - Team Koushal(Winners) Team Nikunj(runners-up)
100M Flat Race Girls - Swati Sharma (1st) Shilpi Dubey (2nd)
50M Spoon Race Girls - Shilpi Dubey (1st) Shweta Tyagi (2nd)
200M Realy Race Girls - Swati & Shweta (1st) Shilpi & Shalvika (2nd)
Tug of War Girls - Team Shalvika (1st) Team Swati (2nd)

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