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Faculty IT attended workshop at JNU


Director-IT Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey, Prof. Puja Dhar, Prof. Umang and Dr. Vidushi Singh had attended one day International Workshop on “Big Data Analytics” on 30thMarch, 2016 at JNU, New Delhi. The objective of this workshop was to analyze Big Data. The details of the workshop are as follows:

The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. MukeshMohania IBM Researcher, Dr. T.V.Vijay Kumar JNU, Dr. D.P.Vidyarthi JNU. Dr. Mohania has delivered his keynote talk on “Big Data Analytics and Application” The workshop was divided into 5 different talks by 5 eminent speakers.
Talk 1:
Topic :“Bid Data and Contextual Intelligence”
Speaker: Dr. L.V. Subramaniam, IBM Researcher.
While addressing the participants Dr.Subramaniam discussed about the sources and characteristics of Big Data with 4 V’s used into it.
Talk 2:
Topic : “An Overview of the Map Reduce Research”
Speaker : Dr. Himanshu Gupta,IBM Researcher.
Dr. Gupta has started his talk by defining HDFS in detail. He also explained why and how replication is done. He also discussed in detail about Map Reduce. He concluded his session by mentioning some research areas of Map Reduce.
Dr. GuptatTalk 3:
Topic : “Scalable Graph Algorithms on Massively Parallel Computers”
Speaker: Dr. Yogesh Sabharwal,IBM Researcher.
While addressing the participants, Dr. Sabharwal briefed about Single Source Shortest Path.He also talked about basic algorithmslike Dijkstra and Bellman-Ford in detail. At the end he has given comparison on between the basic algorithms.
Talk 4:
Topic : “Introduction to Knowledge Graph Stores with Application”
Speakers: Dr. Sameep Mehta,IBM Researcher.
Mr. Mehta discussed about , Apache and about the Challenges for Cloud Computing like availability of service, what happens when the service cannot deliver service, data confidentiality and availability is a serious problem. He said that security is the major concern in cloud computing. He also discussed about the knowledge graph stores with applications. He also gave some live examples of day to day life.
Talk 5
Topic : “Issues and Challenges in Sentiment Extraction from Financial Data”
Speakers: Dr. Ananda Swarup Das,IBM Researcher.
While addressing the participants Dr. Ananda talked about the issues and challenges in Sentiment Extraction from Financial Data. He nicely explained each aspect related to the financial data and how it is extracted from the live data.
At the end of this one workshop, certificates and mementos were distributed among participants.
Overall it was a good and new learning experience about BigData.

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‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme


 27th March, 2016 activity of ‘Parivartan’, the Slum Education Programme, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad was a fresh class that included the practice of tables and the distribution of surprise gifts.

Volunteers of the day – Ayushi Verma, Sachin Panwar, Sher Singh Chouhan, Akansha Saxena, Vikas Babu and Satender Rana started the class with the regular check of the hygiene and personal grooming of the slum children. Those who came bathed, neat and clean were appreciated with the Alpenliebe éclairs and Classic Cream biscuits.
The class started with a brief on the introduction and significance of tables. This was followed by the loud recitation of the tables from 1 to 5. The children also revised the counting from 1 to 100 and practiced the English alphabet.
There was a noticeable surge and excitement among the children for the salty snacks packets which contained Holi special surprise gifts like tortoise, elephants etc.
The class ended with the distribution of biscuits, chocolates and Crax among all the children.

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Management Faculty Workshop on Business Research Methods & SPSS


On 22nd of March, 2016, A half day Faculty Workshop on Business Research methods and SPSS was organised. The resource person for the workshop was Dr Sanjeev K Jain. Dr Jain shared his vast knowledge in the field of Research and its applications in Business Management. Objective of the FDP was to discuss and understand the application of SPSS in various business 

research applications. Dr Jain covered the subject matter while starting with creating a database and simultaneously importing data. Using the same data, he created various scenarios and situations to cover different topics.

There were 11 Faculty participants who attended the workshop. The participants were Dr Anusha Agarwal, Dr V N Bajpai, Prof Nitin Saxena, Prof Ankur Ahuja, Dr A P Tripathi, Dr Charu , Prof Shikha Arora, Prof Neetu Purohit, Prof Kapil Mohan Garg, Prof Parul and Dr Satish Kumar

From this session all participants felt benefited and enlightened.

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Prof. Anuja Roy conducted a two days MDP for Corporate Delegates


Professor Anuja Roy, conducted a two-day Management Development Program on “Corporate Grooming & Business Writing Basics” for Corporate delegates on 21st & 22nd March, 2016 in Hotel Park Plaza, New Delhi.

The training was attended by delegates from the Corporates namely -MDI Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd, Ultratech Cements & Polyplex Corporation. The workshop was organized by GCM Worldwide, India’s leading training company with business in the area of Conferences, Workshops and FMCG products.

The two-day workshop apprised the trainee the importance of business writing and corporate grooming basics. The training emphasized the importance of self-introductions, first impressions, handshakes, effective body language, table manners. Further it highlighted the need for effective business writing, focussing on the importance of correct spellings, grammar & punctuation with the basics of formatting and structuring content.

The session was made highly interactive by means of ice breaking exercises, energizers and other content centric activities.The participants were highly enthusiastic and participative. The participants being from different domains, exchanged their views and opinions on the subject with utmost excitement and eagerness.

At the end of the workshop, the participants were determined to make a positive difference in their respective workplaces.

The session concluded by certificate distribution to the participants. It has been a great learning experience for all present.

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Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme Holi Special Activity on 20th March, 2016


20th March, 2016 activity of ‘Parivartan’, the Slum Education Programme, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad was a grand Holi Celebration with gulaal, pichkaris and a lot of fun.

Volunteers of the day – Ashi Sharma, Amitabh Upadhyay, Amaan Siddiqui, Naman Bhatnagar and Satender Rana started the class with the regular check of the hygiene and personal grooming of the slum children. Those who came bathed, neat and clean were appreciated with the Lays Chips packets.
The class started with the loud recitation of the table of 8 followed by the counting from 1 to 100. The children also practiced the English alphabet.
The second session of the day was the Holi Celebration. Volunteer Amitabh made a brief about Holi and told the slum children the significance of Holi. Later gulaal was put on the cheeks of the children, and syringes (pichkaris) & holi caps were distributed among the children. They were all excited and happy beyond words seeing the celebration and the gifts.
The celebration ended with the distribution of special cream biscuits and chocolates among all the children.

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Utthan Lab Activity : Holi Celebration


19th March, 2016 activity of Utthan Lab, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad was a Holi Special activity during which the little children enjoyed the power-packed Dance Competition and a session on Indian Banking System.

Volunteers of the day – Aanchal Grover, Jayjita Sarkar, Ayushi Nigam, Neha pant, Rohit Thakur, Himanshu Saini, Prashant Singh, Amaan Siddiqui, Priyanka Gupta, Naman Bhatnagar, Nikunj Tyagi, Radhika Solanki, Komal Goyal, Satyapal Yadav, Rudraksh Varshney, Rahul Bhattacharya and Satender Rana started the day with the roll call and the song ‘Hum Honge Kamyab Ek Din’ followed by the brief on the day’s activities and the competition.

The activities for the day included two different sessions. The first session titled as ‘Indian Banking System’ discussed the basics of the banking system in India. The children were told about the importance and functioning of banks. They were also briefed about the types of bank accounts and their features. A short list of private and government banks was also shared with the children. Finally a quiz based on this session was conducted and those who replied correctly were appreciated with prizes.

The Second session of the day was the Holi Special Dance Competition which literally rocked the stage with the power-packed performances. Little boys and girls took amazing interest in the competition and danced to the tune of the super-hit Holi numbers of Bollywood. The infection of excitement soon spread to even volunteers who also availed the chance to test their waists on ‘Rang barse bheege chunar wali’. The best Six children were awarded with fabulous teddy bears and big syringes (Pichkari) while 19 others were also appreciated with the similar prizes.

Attractive prizes and packets of cream biscuits were given to all the children. Dr. Gopal Krishna Dwivedi guided and accompanied the volunteers as the faculty coordinator of Utthan Lab.

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Best Computer Application Institute - 2016" Award


Institute of Technology & Science recognized as "Best Computer Application Institute - 2016" and awarded for Outstanding & Exemplary contribution Higher Education by CEGR (Center for Education Growth & Research" on Friday, 18th March, 2016 at India International Center, New Delhi by Director - AICTE - Dr. Manna, Dr. Arun Kumar - Member of Parliament, and other eminent Guests including Vice Chancellors, President, Vice President of CEGR and Dr. Gurdeep Dhillon I.T.S , Ghaziabad of I.T.S, Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad.

The efforts of last few years for improving infrastructure, facilities, latest upgraded Wi-Fi Infrastructure, Revamped Racked Server Room with installation of Powerful Servers, enhanced Security Mechanism through UTMs, Continuous support, encouragement & engagement of our Alumni present virtually in all leading companies across the World including ORACLE, Microsoft, IBM, AMAZON, SAP, Infosys, TCS, Accenture, CSC, WIPRO, Amdocs, Paytm etc, Excellent Placements this year in companies like TCS, WIPRO, SOPRA, NIIT Ltd, NIIT Technologies, IBM, CSC, Tech Mahindra, JK Technosoft, Paramarsh, efforts of our existing students, The class of unparalleled events like CEO MEET, IT Summits in addition to regular events like Conference, Seminars, FDP, MDPs, Training Programs & Consultancy to the leading organization like Indian Air Force all has contributed in reaching to it.

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Case Writing Webinar was organized for management faculties.


 Faculties of ITS PG, Management Department along with Dr. Sapna Rakesh, Director Management, attended a one-hour webinar session on “Effective Case Writing” on 17.03.2016. The session was delivered by Dr. David J Sharp, Professor Strategy, Ivey Business School, Canada. At the outset, he emphasized the growing importance of case method teaching in Business Schools worldwide.

Followed by which, he explained the framework for writing effective teaching cases. The speaker discussed the various aspects of writing a teaching case, from a meaningful case title to building a story featuring a business issue that has a learning outcome for students. He further explained that the case should have clear teaching objectives. He also highlighted that cases need to be accompanied by teaching notes. Teaching notes provide a guideline for the teacher to introduce and analyse the case in classrooms. It should comprise of the case synopsis, key issues, teaching scheme, discussion questions.

Dr. David also addressed several questions on the topic put forward by the audience from several parts of the country.

Faculties present in the webinar posted several questions on the subject which were very clearly addressed by the speaker. The session was well received by everyone present.

The team looks forward to be a part of such sessions in the near future.

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Dr. Sunil Kr Pandey was invited to chair a technical session


Dr. Sunil Kr Pandey was invited to chair a technical session on "SUSTAINABLE COMPUTING" INDIACom – 2016; 10th INDIACom; 2016 & 3rd IEEE International Conference on “Computing for Sustainable Global Development” being organized during 16th – 18th March, 2016, technically sponsored by IEEE Delhi Section and Technically supported by GGSIP University, New Delhi, ISTE Delhi Section, CSI Region – I, Csi HQ Divisions - I, II, III, IV & V, IETE Delhi Centre and IET (UK) Delhi Local Networks. It was really a wonderful platform for exchange of knowledge, research & works by researchers across the country from leading organizations and institutions.

The grand success of this event is credited to the able mentorship & able leadership of Prof. Mn Hoda and his team,

The session was kept on the theme of “sustainable Computing” total 18 papers on the theme related to High Performance Computing.

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Expert Talk on Mantras for Success” by CSI-Student Branch @ ITS


An “Expert Talk on Mantras for Success” was organized by CSI-Student Branch@ITS, Dept. of IT, ITS, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad on 16th March, 2016 (Wednesday) in Seminar Hall-1 (AB-IV) during 01:45 pm – 04:30 pm for the students of MCA Course. Looking the relevance of the topic in present scenario, the Invited Talk was initiated & coordinated by Dr. Rabins Porwal (CSI-Student Branch Counselor@ITS) by inviting renowned academician & researcher Dr. Narendra Kohli Ji, Professor & Head @ Department of CS/IT, HBTI, Kanpur with the objective of making students aware of tips & introductory rules for getting success in their life for the purpose of filling the gap between academia & industry requirement as a little contribution towards it. Faculty members from the department were also present in this Talk.

Dr. Kohli has rich experience of 25 years in teaching a very renowned institution of national repute HBTI, Kanpur and has contributed a lot in several roles for spreading the knowledge in technical & non-technical domain at several places.

While addressing students, Dr. Kohli started with basic meaning of Success for different people in the world. He gave several examples of successful people in the world in different dimensions and shared stories on how these people attained success in their life or particularly in the domain of their interest. Dr. Kohli also shared some famous quotes spoken by Successful people who have set a benchmark in their achievement. He also motivated the participating students with what is important in the present scenario to get a success in their life by sharing facts about daily routine and not to rely on fate rather than be dependent on what they can do, i.e., Karma. He also mentioned that every student should identify their Goal of life as per their capabilities and abilities and the skills they are having at present. He elaborated the famous shaloka of The Geeta: “Action is thy Duty, Reward is not thy Concern”. 
Towards the end of his talk, Dr. Kohli discussed about several books available on this topic. The Resource person discussed the whole gamut of getting Success very nicely and effectively in a very short span of time staring with very basics and taking everybody present in the session towards the real life examples at present.
In the beginning, Director-IT welcomed Resource Persons by presenting him a growing plant as a symbol of progress. The Talk ended with vote of thanks to Eminent Resource person, participating MCA Students and present Faculty members by CSI Student Branch@ITS. This was, indeed, a true talk on a very demanding topic of these days. All participating students enjoyed learning something new with which they were not aware of before attending this Talk.

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Dr. Vijesh Jain & Dr. V. N. Bajpai conducted FDP at KIHEAT, Delhi.


Prof. Vijesh Jain, Associate Professor at I.T.S, Ghaziabad, conducted a technical session cum faculty development lecture as invited speaker at Kamal Institute of Higher Education and Advance Studies, Delhi (Affiliated to I.P. University, Delhi), as part of a National Seminar cum FDP on "International Business and Strategic Management", held at the college campus on 15th March, 2016.

It was also a pleasure for Prof. Vijesh Jain to be welcomed at Institute campus, as chief guest and keynote speaker for the inaugural ceremony of the National Seminar. Faculty and selected students of several IP university affiliated colleges attended the inaugural ceremony followed by a half day technical session cum “faculty development lecture” by him on the topic "Current Geopolitical Environment for Business".

Later in the day, there was another half day technical cum faculty development lecture by Prof. V.N. Bajpai, Professor of Marketing at I.T.S. The topic of the lecture was – Blue Ocean Strategies. The lecture was conducted in an interactive manner with a process focusing on experiential learning. The program was also attended by a number of faculties from Kamal Institute as well as other colleges affiliated to I.P. University, Delhi.

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Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme


13th March, 2016 activity of ‘Parivartan’, the Slum Education Programme, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad brought a surprise test and a revision class for the slum children which concluded with chips, chocolates and cookies as usual.

Volunteers of the day – Varsha Nehra, Sanjay Kumar Barik, Monika Gupta, Ravine Singh, Astha Saluja, Satender Rana, Vikas Babu and Sher Singh Chouhan started the class with the regular check of the hygiene and personal grooming of the slum children. Those who came bathed, neat and clean were appreciated with the Lays Chips packets.
The class started with the loud recitation of counting from 1 to 100. This was followed by the practice of English alphabet.
The second session of the day was a quiz on ‘Ten Good Habits’ which was effectively conducted by the volunteer Astha Saluja who revised the lesson done on the last turn. Those who replied promptly and correctly were applauded with the prizes. Later ‘Identification of number’ game was played to help the children revise and retain the lessons done so far.
This class ended with the distribution of cookies and chocolates among all the children. This class was effectively coordinated by Mr. Sher Singh Chouhan, President, Parivartan Club.

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ITS, Ghaziabad Organised WYSIWYG 2016- Annual Management Cultural PG Fest.


WYSIWYG (What You Say Is What You Gain) is the annual management cultural PG fest of Institute of Technology and Science. The Institute conducted its most awaited annual fest event called WYSIWYG on 11th & 12th March, 2016. The purpose of organizing this fest is to provide platform for students to explore their skills and provide invaluable learning and knowledge sharing opportunities, appreciating and encouraging the outstanding performances of fellow students. 

INSPIRATION AT WORK is the theme of “WYSIWYG-2016”. It refers to unleashing the power to dream big and realise their dreams through rational and innovative means for the betterment of humanity. Being different is a revolving door in our life, and that's why we intend to make it different from any other year. Just think big and aim for the big, that's where the difference lies. So come and be a part of this incredible experience where values and fun will reach their epitome. It's time for you to draw upon your utmost vigour and talent and aim for nothing but your personal best. 

Dignitaries present for the Inaugural were, Shri Arpit Chadha, Vice Chairman, ITS- The Education Group, Shri B.K. Arora, Secretary, ITS- The Education Group, Dr. Sapna Rakesh, Director Management, ITS Mohan Nagar, Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey, Director IT, Dr. Vidya Sekhri, Director UG campus and Prof. Alok Singh, WYSIWYG Convener and Faculty members. The event witnessed participation close to 800 students from more than 30 Institutions. Multitude of events were organized from Nukkad Natak, T-Shirt Painting, Dance, Business Quiz, Buisness Plan, Extempore, Group discussion, Case Study, LAN game, the Fashion Bash and many over. Each of the events witnessed huge participation.  Students expressed their joy of participation by being actively involved in the respective events.

Medals and certificates were awarded to winners in the presence of Madam Latika Chadha, Vice Chairman- ITS The Education Group, Dr. Sapna Rakesh, Director Management, Prof. Durba Roy- Head CRC and Prof. Alok Singh, WYSIWYG Convener. To boost their morale, certificate of participation was given to everyone.

Skills such as planning, coordinating and implementing amongst students were enhanced due to the Event. Overall the event was well coordinated and planned by students. The winners of few of the events are as follows: 

1.      NFS: Sandipan Chatterjee (ITS, Ghaziabad)
2.      CS : Himanshu Bhardwaj & Team (R D College, Ghaziabad)
3.      Fashion Bash: Team led Rajashri and Group (ITS, Ghaziabad)
4.      Business Quiz: Ayush Vats and Abhijeet Adhikari (Vidya Knowledge Park, Meerut)
5.      Debate: Pritish Kumar (ITS Engineering College, Grater Noida)
6.      Solo Dance: Shilpa (Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad)
7.      Group Dance: Team led by Antara Dey (Keshav Mahavidyalaya)
8.      Ad Mad Show: Manoj Kr. Sharma and Group (ITS Ghaziabad)
9.       Business Plan: Akansha Saran and Subrato Chaudhary (ITS Ghaziabad)
10.  Extempore: Anshul Dhaka (ITS Ghaziabad)
The ITS Parivaar congratulates each of the participants and wishes them Good Luck in their future endeavour!!

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Awareness Program by E-Cell


Entrepreneurship Development Cell (E - Cell) of Department of IT, Institute of Technology & Science, Ghaziabad organised an Awareness Programme on "Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial development of SMEs through Incubators", in collaboration with Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India, on 9th March, 2016.

The Event was inaugurated by the invited Guest Shri K. K. Goyal Assistant Director Ministry of MSME, Government of India Okhla New Delhi, Dr. S. P. Mishra – A well known expert in Entrepreneurial Development, Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey - Director-IT, Speakers Shri Anil Kumar MSME, Shri Shanshank Saxena Young Entrepreneur, Shri Sanjay Kumar Head-Incubator Center, Hitech, Ghaziabad, & Event Coordinator Prof. Saurabh Saxena & Prof. Varun Aroa. Faculty from Department of IT & 110 students of MCA IV Semester attended this Awareness Programme.

Dr. Sunil Kr. Pandey Director-IT while address the gathering shared the importance of entrepreneurship in respect of education & economy of the coutry. He very well said Entrepreneurs are frequently thought of as national assets to be cultivated, motivated and remunerated to the greatest possible extent. Entrepreneurs can change the way we live and work. If successful, their innovations may improve our standard of living. In short, in addition to creating wealth from their entrepreneurial ventures, they also create jobs and the conditions for a prosperous society.

Dr. S. P. Mishra A well known expert in Entrepreneurial Development discussed the role of Incubator for the students in any institute. He said that if we define an Incubator, It is simply an enclosed apparatus in which premature small babies are placed and which provides a controlled and protective environment for their care this gives them a chance to adjust to outside environment, and grow stronger before they face the outside world. In a similar way the startup entrepreneur’s business idea is incubated in the incubation centers. Entrepreneurship has been conventionally rated as risky career, to break the myth and to augment the supply of new entrepreneurs through education; research training the incubation centers has been established, their goal is to help create and grow young businesses by providing them with necessary support and financial and technical services.

Prof. Saurabh Saxena Coordinator-E-cell briefed the participants about the primary objective of this program was to make the participating students aware about the different areas of skills where they can establish themselves as Entrepreneur and create the job for others. He shared the objective of E-Cell of Department of IT:
To create a strong Network of Successful Entrepreneurs who would like to guide budding entrepreneurs.
Starting Innovation incubation center
Starting Campus Companies
Ecosystem for early stage entrepreneurs “STARTUPS”

Shri. K.K. Goyal, Assistant Director, Ministry of MSME, Government of India, addressed the students and explained the various opportunities that are available to budding entrepreneurs. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector has emerged as a highly vibrant and dynamic sector of the Indian economy over the last five decades. MSMEs not only play crucial role in providing large employment opportunities at comparatively lower capital cost than large industries but also help in industrialization of rural & backward areas, thereby, reducing regional imbalances, assuring more equitable distribution of national income and wealth. MSMEs are complementary to large industries as ancillary units and this sector contributes enormously to the socio-economic development of the country.

Shri Sanjay Kumar, Head Incubator, Hi-Tech Institute Noida shared the facility provided by his center in the institute.

Shri Shashank Saxena, Founder of Atrim Electron Pvt Ltd shared his own journey & experience. He explained with audience the significant role played by MSME in his startup days.

Session was very interactive & informative for the students & faculty. Session was ended with vote of thanks followed by high tea.

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ITS Celebrated “International Women’s Day” with Great Enthusiasm & Zeal.


ITS Mohan Nagar celebrated the International Women? s Day on 8th March, 2016, under the guidance of Dr. Anita Mathew & Prof. Anuja Roy, in which faculties, students, staff and delegates from different industries participated.
The event started with lamp lighting which was followed by a welcome dance performed by Dwiti Lal & her team of students. The dance portrayed women as energetic, enthusiastic and empathetic. It was a soul touching performance by students of ITS.

Then after started the panel discussion comprising of speakers such as Ms Sujata Menon Kapila, an Entrepreneur and a Life Coach, Ms. Dilshad Master, Director- Operations & Business Dev, MHE, Ms. Vibha Gupta, Strategic Planner at McCann Worldgroup, Ms. Rajashree Sengupta, Campus Director, GE Alstom. Also present were Dr. Sapna Rakesh, Director Management ITS Mohan Nagar and Dr. Anita Mathew.

The first session focussed on the theme “Women poised for leadership” and the second session was that on “women being an S(Hero) at workplaces”.

The session was well received by one and all present as it touched every aspect of being an women, the challenges she faces and how well she manages keeping her head high. The discussion was an awakening for many present.

The panel concluded with a lot of interaction between students and panellists as well as the faculties and the panellists.

After the panel discussion, lunch was arranged for faculties, staff and the delegates. Post lunch a cultural session was organized. The session started with a song performed by Ms, Jayjeeta student. Followed by which several activities and games were organized by the students, Deepanshi Mehta, Dolly and Akansha Saxena.

The event concluded with a dance performance by the staff and faculties present for the session.

Staff, faculties and students of ITS enjoyed a lot as they celebrated their being as a “Women “. As ITS celebrated this momentous occasion, each one carried with them good memories.

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