The last day orientation program "ARAMBH 2019” started with the first session by Prof. Shilpi Rana who interacted with the students and made them familiar with various social media platforms of ITS.She informed the students to give their reviews on various social media pages about their experience at ITS.

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Friday, August 23, 2019
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Second session was conducted by Prof. Parul Gupta and Dr. Anusha Agarwal. They enquired from the students about their expectations from the MBA Program. Students shared their views and expectations from the MBA programme.

Third session was conduct by Shri Ved Prakash (Founder Program Your Mind & NLP Coach). It was an interesting session, where heemphasised on the importance of memory and the role our mind plays in enhancing our capabilities. Through a practical demonstration he made the students learn about the various exercises related to the mind and memory.

The fourth session was conducted by our esteemed guest, Ms. Shobha Kulshretha (Teacher at NIFTEM). She motivated the students about the various life stages of human and the challenges being faced by them.It was an interesting and interactive session, wherein the students participated in the discussion and tried to clear various doubts pertaining to “Live Skills”.

The last session was an interesting session with I.T.S Alumni on the topic: “Corporate Expectations from the Management Graduates”. 6 Alumni shared their experiences about corporate expectations from the management graduates. They vividly shared their experiences of I.T.S and about their professional life.They guided the students about the various challenges which they may face during their MBA program.

The students could learn immensely from the orientation program and the programme ended successfully, with great learning for the students.